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Bay Ridge archive

Bay Ridge–Bensonhurst

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mayor Marty? Golden won’t say

Bay Ridge: Is he or isn’t he? Our correspondent sits down with mayoral hopeful, state Sen. Marty Golden. Comments (1)

A Golden city on the hill?

Yellow Hooker: Our columnist imagines a city led by “Mayor Marty Golden.” Comment

Sanitation ‘blitz’ on Ridge block

Bay Ridge: Residents of 73rd Street between Fourth and Fifth avenues returned home from work last Monday to discover litter summonses greeting them at the door — the latest example, some say, of an ongoing ticket blitz in Bay Ridge. Comment

Valet dude, where’s my car?

Bay Ridge: All the crime — including the theft of a valet-parked car — from Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst. Comment

Victory finds partner

Bay Ridge: Victory Memorial Hospital has been saved, The Brooklyn Paper has learned. Comment

Wild meeting over the Green Church

Bay Ridge: Everyone in Bay Ridge believes the Green Church should be saved — everyone except the parishioners at this 100-year-old house of worship, that is. Comment

Vets: War is hell

Bay Ridge: Want to honor veterans? Prepare to hear an earful. Comment