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December, 2007

New Year’s feast

Dining: What do we love about New Year’s Eve? It’s a celebration of everything good about the year with enough booze to blot out what we want to forget. Add a great meal — especially one that someone else prepared — and you’re ushering in the next 12 months in effortless style. Comment.

Flapjacks Rx

Dining: More often than not after a night of drinking, eating is the last thing on your mind. In fact, putting anything besides aspirin into your system often feels like it could have catastrophic results. Getting yourself fed, though, is an important part of the healing process. So where to go for New Year’s Day brunch? Comment.

Traditions of yore

Dining: Whether it’s a feast of seven fishes or antelope au poivre, Brooklyn restaurants have what it takes to ensure that Christmas dining is extra special. Comment.

Tasty restaurant gossip

Breaking Chews: We’re dishing up Brooklyn’s latest food news! Comment.

French Fulton

Dining: So long, Bodegas! Autour du Monde serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in prime Clinton Hill spot.  Comment.

Post-pub grub

Dining: What to eat when you’re drinking on the boozy blocks of Fourth Avenue. Comment.

You scoundrel!

Dining: Tina is taken in by the ‘scruffy’ charm of Park Slope’s Canaille. Comment.

It’s hard ‘Kor’

Dining: In the Columbia Street Waterfront District, Korhogo 126’s French-African fusion hits the spot. Comment.

Mad for madeiras

Dining: Just like Hanukkah gelt and Christmas cookies, madeira wines are a hard-to-resist holiday sweet — as the Greene Grape will demonstrate at an upcoming tasting. Comment.

Diner dash

Dining: Forget tasting menus and wine pairings! Here’s GO Brooklyn’s guide to the borough’s classic diners, where disco fries reign supreme.  Comments (8).

Tasty restaurant gossip

Breaking Chews: We’re dishing up Brooklyn’s latest food news. Comment.

Nogging off

Dining: With the holidays approaching, there’s no drink more seasonal than eggnog. in “Imbibe!: From Absinthe Cocktail to Whiskey Smash, a Salute in Stories and Drinks to ‘Professor’ Jerry Thomas, Pioneer of the American Bar,” David Wondrich revisits Thomas’s recipe for “Baltimore Egg Nog.” Comment.

Food on the side

Dining: Sidecar is one sexy place. Opened in July by brothers Bart and Jon DeCoursy, the bar and restaurant evokes a swanky, classic New York with one well-appointed large room. Comments (1).

Tasty restaurant gossip

Breaking Chews: We’re dishing up Brooklyn’s latest food news. Comment.

Popular with Lokals

Dining: It’s long been the curse of Greenpoint that the neighborhood’s great restaurants — Queen’s Hideaway, Lamb and Jaffy — are in such remote corners that sometimes it’s easier to just grab a slice than trek to a restaurant and wait for a table. Now that Lokal has opened, all that has changed. Comments (1).

November, 2007

More than comfort

Dining: The first thing you should do after entering Brooklyn Label is head straight to the U-shaped bar. If owner-chef Cody Utzman is there (he’s the young, sandy-haired guy with a Brooklyn Label tattoo beneath his ear), say, “hi,” and ask if they’re serving pineapple upside-down cake. Comments (1).

Star’s slice

Dining: Plenty of pizza places are named for their owner — Joe’s in Park Slope and Carmine’s in Greenpoint come to mind — but none have gone so far as Vinny Vella’s, the newest slice shop in Williamsburg. Comment.

Thankfully open

Dining: Thanksgiving is all about family, tradition and togetherness. This year, why not have less stress with a traditional meal with your family at a Brooklyn restaurant. Comments (1).

Tasty restaurant gossip

Breaking Chews: We’re dishing up Brooklyn’s latest food news. Comment.

‘Torchio’ song

Dining: “If we thought places like this would open, we might have stuck around longer,” my husband said. He was referring to Il Torchio, an elegant new eatery that opened on Myrtle Avenue. Comment.

Tasty restaurant gossip

Breaking Chews: We’re dishing up Brooklyn’s latest food news. Comment.

Art by the bowl

Dining: The differences between new Korean restaurant Moim and its Park Slope neighbors begin at the restaurant’s window. Beside the gaudy awning of an old Mexican eatery is the large front window of this newcomer, its panes covered with a screen of dark wooden slats. Peer inside during the day and a room unfolds that is as serene as a lake in the early morning hours, with curved pieces of dark wood forming a subtle wave pattern over a wall of shale colored bricks. Following that undulating surface, the eye is drawn to a room where tables face a quiet garden.  Comment.

’Easy does it

Dining: Most restaurateurs boast that their chef is tops, but few can honestly say they have a “Top Chef” in the kitchen. With celebrity chef Josie Smith-Malave — a former contestant who sliced and diced with the best of them in the popular reality show “Top Chef” — behind the stove, Fort Greene’s Speakeasy has bragging rights.  Comments (1).

Tasty restaurant gossip

Breaking Chews: We’re dishing up Brooklyn’s latest food news. Comment.

October, 2007

Playing squash

Dining: As Halloween approaches, foodies know that October marks the beginning of squash season. The Greenmarket tables, only recently laden with peaches and berries, now groan beneath the weight of butternut, blue Hubbard and, of course, the most famous squash of them all: the pumpkin. For us, the question right now is not what to be, but what to eat and where. Comment.

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Tasty restaurant gossip

Breaking Chews: We're dishing up Brooklyn's latest food news. Comments (1).

Mind your tempeh

Dining: V-Spot sibs hope boro-wide celebration appeals to veggie virgins. Comments (2).

Cake Man is bakin’ good in the neighborhood

Dining: Cake Man Raven’s red velvet cakes will soon be sold at your local Applebee’s. Comments (1).

Veg’ing out

Dining: Adam Rathe chats with the Brooklyn Vegan about what it takes to be animal-free in the borough. Comment.

Tasty restaurant gossip

Breaking Chews: We’re dishing up Brooklyn’s latest food news. Comments (1).

Never say diet

Dining: Our writer attempts to shed pounds & detox with star advisor’s cleansing liquid diet. Comments (6).

Coming to terms

Dining: GO’s glossary for pesky vegetarian verbage. Comment.

Branching out

Dining: One Brooklynite gets hardcore about harvesting apples. Comments (3).

In the grow

Dining: Apple trees can thrive in the borough. Comment.

The apple doesn’t fall far

Dining: GO’s favorite spots for nearby apple picking. Comment.

So ‘Apropos’

Dining: Less is more at this Park Slope wine bar. Comment.

Breaking chews!

Dining: Brooklyn’s up-to-the-minute food news. Comment.

The cookies crumble

Dining: GO hunts down the borough’s best black and white cookie. Comments (6).

Brew dudes

Dining: Park Slope gets a bit sunnier with the opening of a California-themed bar. Comment.

September, 2007

Its got Mex appeal

Dining: New Mexican spot spices up the DUMBO dining scene. Comment.

Don’t pass this torch

Dining: New Fort Greene Italian spot is custom built for taste.  Comment.

Cafe culture

Dining: A rare reopening in Cobble Hill and Tina Barry says, ‘Well done!’ Comment.

One on the side

Dining: At Park Slope’s Sidecar, classics are the main attraction. Comment.

Food delights in the Heights

Heights Lowdown: Our columnist delights in the tastes of fall. Comment.

The snail’s trail

Dining: Very slowly following the best escargot in Brooklyn. Comment.

A Rocky road

Dining: The new bar at the end of Red Hook’s rainbow. Comment.

Autumn’s newest bites

Dining: Get with the ‘Times’: the hottest new restaurants in Brooklyn this fall. Comment.

Eat to the beat

Dining: We’ll have a large coffee with a side of jazz. Comment.

Raw talent

Dining: Nanatori goes beyond just fish and makes a splash. Comments (1).

Seeing stars

Dining: How Franny’s is dealing with its marquee moment. Comment.

Black Rabbit’s hip hop

Dining: Greenpoint’s coolest new bar trades in the ‘hood’s Polish history for a British vibe. Comment.

A good ‘age’

Dining: Epoca adds Northern Italian flare to the Fort Greene dining scene. Comments (2).

August, 2007

High ‘five’

Dining: Five GO Brooklyn guys check out Five Guys Burgers in Brooklyn Heights. Comment.

East of the border

Dining: Chef’s Mexican cafe worth the trip to Williamsburg. Comment.

Roll call

Dining: Tina gets her claws on the borough’s best lobster rolls. Comment.

It’s all relative

Dining: Two brothers open My Hero, a sandwich shop in Windsor Terrace. Comment.

Breaking chews

Dining: Cobble Hill’s Cafe on Clinton to reopen. Comment.

Something’s cooking

Dining: Hot new Oven heats up the Brooklyn Heights dining scene. Comment.

Bet the farm

Dining: Marco Rivero trades pigs for cows and wins. Comment.

Grape expectations

Dining: Greenwood Heights meets Paris with a new wine and tapas bar. Comment.

Wine, cooler

Dining: Boozy sorbet hits Brooklyn! Comment.

July, 2007

Creaming California

Dining: Prospect Heights takes on the West Coast and wins. Comments (1).

Go hog wild

Dining: Little Piggy (Market), let us in! Comment.

Rooftop serenade

Dining: Tina comes back from Italy and gets into the Spirito.  Comment.

From MoMA to Moim

Dining: Manhattan’s loss is Park Slope’s gain with a new Korean eatery. Comment.

Bastille bites

Dining: Celebrate French independence with two of the best new spots in town. Comment.

Get baked

Dining: Can Oven withstand the heat on Henry Street? Comment.

A frosty fix

Dining: What’s the deal with iced coffee? Comment.

This brew’s for you

Dining: The best cold coffee in Brooklyn. Comments (1).

June, 2007

Cream of the crop

Dining: Do we love a good egg cream? U-Bet! Comments (1).

Under pressure

Dining: The last of the seltzer men. Comments (1).

Veg out

Dining: Can a vegetarian diner make comfort food like the real deal? Comment.

Age of love

Dining: Fort Greene’s romantic new Epoca.  Comment.

Sweet ride

Dining: Move over, Mr. Softee, here comes the Treats Truck! Comment.

We’re richer for Po

Dining: West Village mainstay opens a branch on Smith Street. Comment.

Cloak and dinner

Dining: Tina infiltrates the secretive Brooklyn Food Group. Comment.

New guy’s no ‘Soup Nazi’

Dining: The maniacal soup-maker who inspired the Jerry Seinfeld’s legendary “Soup Nazi” character has brought his so-called “best soup in the world” to Brooklyn. Comment.

Old timer

Dining: Gargiulo’s celebrates 100 years in Coney Island. Comments (1).

Judging the giants

Dining: Our ratings of Brooklyn’s best-loved institutions. Comments (1).

Candy bar

Dining: Boerum Hill’s One Girl Cookies after dark! Comment.

Tex message

Dining: Mexicali has a chile summer in Cobble Hill. Comment.

Label Conscious

Dining: Everybody’s stuck on Brooklyn Label. Comment.

Good all over

Dining: In Prospect Heights, Cheryl’s Global Soul has plenty of it. Comment.

DUMBO dish

Dining: The American Cancer Society in Brooklyn throws a foodie feast. Comment.

May, 2007

Babes in soy land

Dining: Cobble Hill’s Hibino is on a roll. Comment.

All beefed up

Dining: Carniceria chef Alex Garcia chats about his past and his future. Comment.

Hazy, hot and hungry

Dining: GO’s guide to the best outdoor eats in town. Comment.

Eating for a cure

Dining: Park Slope’s crusader for breast cancer awareness, Lenore Arons, has now cajoled 14 local restaurants into donating a portion of one night’s profits to the fight against the dread disease. Comment.

Turkish delights

Dining: Mazzat brings a taste of the Middle East to the Columbia Street Waterfront District. Comment.

Team spirit

Dining: How three Italian guys and a dream ended up on Park Slope’s Ninth Street. Comment.

New boite on the block

Dining: Williamsburg’s Juliette speaks French with a Brooklyn accent. Comment.

The whole enchilada

Dining: New Mexican hits Prospect Heights. Comment.

Sean Meenan

Checkin’ in with: The Cafe Habana Outpost mastermind chats with GO Brooklyn about his eco-friendly restaurant. Comments (1).

Her name was Lola

Dining: Chez Oskar’s adventurous little sister sure is a charmer. Comment.

Pig out

Dining: Pigfest comes back to DUMBO. Comment.

April, 2007

Hats off

Dining: Windsor Terrace channels the Middle East with Fez Restaurant. Comment.

The luncheonette that isn’t

Dining: Williamsburg’s Park Luncheonette is back to the future. Comment.

La primavera

Dining: Warm weather ushers in sports, snacks at Red Hook soccer fields. Comment.


Dining: Park Slope wine shop launches ‘Brooklyn’ vintage. Comments (1).

What a pair!

Dining: Stinky helps us pair cheeses to our new favorite wine. Comment.


Dining: Park Slope’s Miriam expands to Court Street, brings along great food. Comment.

Go postal

Dining: Williamsburg’s PT Restaurant has the whole package. Comment.

And the wiener is…

Dining: Tina unleashes her frank opinion on the borough’s hot dogs. Comment.

Amazon adventure

Dining: Smoothie moves at Amazon Cafe in Carroll Gardens. Comment.

Food drive

Dining: Forget the farmer’s market, here’s Urban Organic. Comment.

How Swede it is

Dining: A new chef at Melt makes Tina do just that! Comments (1).

Border crossing

Dining: A new look at the new location of Mexicali. Comment.

March, 2007

Myrtle, Inc.

Dining: The reinvention of Clinton Hill’s Myrtle Avenue. Comment.

Matzo meal

Dining: The best holiday food is the kind that takes you home. Comment.

 B’steeya my heart

Dining: Mediterranean cuisine on the Columbia Street Waterfront. Comment.

Was ‘Dine in Brooklyn’ a deal?

Dining: Our staff on their experiences with the ‘Dine in Brooklyn’ restaurant week. Comment.

Lamb I am

Dining: Wombat’s Charlie Statelman helps GO Brooklyn make an Easter meal with a modern twist. Comment.

Asian Accents

Dining: myThai’s mild Thai misses Comment.

Good chemistry

Dining: Alchemy makes gold for Tina! Comment.

Come-ta Sutra

Dining: Tina hits the Park Slope dessert emporium. Comment.

To Market

Dining: Le Petit Marche teaches the Heights fluent French. Comment.

‘Dine’ on the divine

Dining: ‘Dine in Brooklyn’ enters its fourth year. Comment.


Dining: GO Brooklyn’s in the kitchen with Victoria Gotti. Comments (2).

High Noo Na

Dining: Beyond basic barbeque, Noo Na bring sophisticated Korean to Prospect Heights. Comment.

So Davine

Dining: Tina hits Boerum Hill’s hot new wine bar. Comment.

Gravy train

Dining: A gastronomic tour de force — on the L train! Comment.

Chocolate war in DUMBO: It’s mugs at dawn for Jacques Torres and old pal

Dining: Two friends and bona-fide Brooklyn gustatory legends have become rivals in that most bittersweet of winter businesses: hawking hot-chocolate. Comment.

Hot chocolate smackdown

Dining: A DUMBO bakery has replaced the fine, Jacques Torres hot chocolate with its own brew. Our tasting panel dives right in. Comment.

Faux Farm

Dining: Cooking goes down home — but upscale — in Park Slope. Comment.

Over the hill

Dining: Miriam takes over the old Hill Diner space. Comment.

Pie in the sky

Dining: Gourmet pizza, a slice of life in Brooklyn. Comment.

February, 2007

Burger Brawl

Dining: GO Brooklyn puts five of the borough's most talked about burgers to a taste test. Comments (1).

All colors

Dining: Tina visits Bed–Stuy’s Le Toukouleur. Comment.

Tolerable Taco

Dining: Should you hightail it and run when you overhear a diner ask a waitress, “What is gwa-sah-mole?” Perhaps. Comment.

The cozy cafe

Dining: Prospect Heights gets a new sandwich shop care of a TV chef Comment.

Po crosses the river

Dining: Good news, Brooklyn! Po, that beloved vestige of Mario Batali’s early career, is on its way to Cobble Hill. Comment.

Home cooking

Dining: Have a perfect Valentine's Day at the hottest kitchen in town — yours. Comment.

A real ‘treat’

Dining: DUMBO entrepreneur expands his coffee shop into an empire. Comment.

Brooklyn Bites: Valentine’s Day treats

Dining: The dining guide takes on candy. Comment.

What’s in a name

Dining: A new bistro opening in Williamsburg isn’t generally exciting. There are only, oh, maybe a dozen others in the neighborhood. Juliette though, comes with a pedigree. Comment.

S’mac down

Dining: The Brooklyn Paper takes on DuMont's recipe for mac 'n' cheese. Comment.

All Thaied up

Dining: Love can make you do strange things. Take Eddy Lin, the owner of myThai, a restaurant that opened in Bay Ridge in early December. Comment.

January, 2007

Calling ‘home’: Stonehome Wine Bar revamps menu

Dining: The problem with Top Ten restaurant lists is that no sooner do I file one with my editor, than I discover one more eatery I’d like to add to the roundup. So, I’ll have to make Stonehome Wine Bar in Fort Greene number 11.  Comment.

Australian dining, Brooklyn style

Dining: How do you like your burger: rare, well or covered with beets, pineapple and a fried egg? Comment.

One Girl Cookies

Dining: The Jan. 24 breakfast-in-bed class at One Girl Cookies might be sold out, but you can still scoop up their Lucia bars, made from shortbread, chocolate and caramel, or the Enza biscotti with white chocolate and apricots. Comment.

Barbeque with deja vu: Newly reborn Park Slope grill pit has smoke signals crossed

Dining: The best fried chicken I’ve ever had was in the dining room of a department store in a weird little town in South Carolina. Comment.

Seoul food

Dining: Cathy Palm is turning the border of Prospect Heights into a mini restaurant empire. Comment.

Italian sojourn

Dining: Cobble Hill’s Bocca Lupo wine bar triggers memories of Venice — and a hangover Comment.

Tasters’ choice

Dining: Following the wine bar trend, Tini opens in Red Hook. Their twist: a list of vino that is predominantly organic and biodynamic. Comment.