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Reviews: December, 2013

Kick starter: Tony Roma’s Kickin’ Shrimp kicks it off right

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Come for the ribs, stay for the seafood. Comment.

Alternative oyster: Grand Central Oyster Bar opens its Slope location

Dining: And the Manhattanization of Brooklyn continues – with bivalves. Comments (4).

Hole lotta love: Sweet exhibition celebrates New York’s deep-fried delicacies

Dining: You can bet dollars to donuts that this exhibition will make your stomach rumble. Comment.

Lords of the ring: Brooklyn’s best donuts

Dining: A donut expert shares her favorite Brooklyn dough-fryers. Comment.

Reviews: November, 2013

Batter up! Robicellis take another swing at baking success in Bay Ridge

Dining: Bay Ridge’s cupcake power couple are making another bid to taste storefront success. Comments (8).

Holy guacamole! MetroTech Chipotle is finally happening

Dining: Downtown’s Metrotech is getting wrapped up in chain restaurants. Comments (2).

Sugar rush! A Bay Ridge bakery crawl

Dining: The Robicellis are the latest to the pastry game in Bay Ridge, but they are far from the first. Come on a world tour of baked treats in the neighborhood. Comment.

Gobble grub: Get Thanksgiving to-go at these Brooklyn eateries

Dining: Forget cooking that green-bean casserole — Brooklyn is serving up a cornucopia of unique Thanksgiving eats this year. Comments (12).

The Brooklyn Thanksgiving dining decider

Dining: Don’t be a goose this Turkey Day — leave all the tough Thanksgiving dining decisions to us! Comment.

Call this new theater cafe Shakespeare Shack

Dining: Shake Shack owner Danny Meyer will open a cafe in the Fort Greene Theatre for a New Audience in late November and we are demanding vanilla Shakespeares. Comments (1).

Pok Pok proprietor dishes on Thai secrets in new cookbook

Dining: Pok Pok. Who’s there? Delicious Thai food in the restaurant’s new cookbook, that’s who. Comment.

Thai-ing it all together

Dining: Wondering where can you even get your mitts on Thai spices and dried squid to make the wild dishes in the new “Pok Pok” cookbook a reality? Why, the same places Pok Pok owner Andy Ricker does. True, the Pok Pok NY chef gets most of his ingredients from wholesalers, and even brings back some from his frequent visits to Thailand, but these are the Southeast Asian stores he turns to in a pinch. Comment.

Make your own fried egg salad

Dining: For a taste of the “Pok Pok” cookbook, restaurant owner and chef Andy Ricker has shared the recipe for one of his most popular dishes — Yam Khai Dao, or fried egg salad. Comment.

Slurp’s up: Ganso serves up innovative ramen Downtown

Dining: A collaboration between a Brooklyn-born food writer and a Japanese-born chef has given rise to a ramen joint that takes its craft seriously. Comment.

Go there now! Ferdinando’s Focacceria is a Carroll Gardens mainstay

Go There Now While You Still Can: Documenting the closures of countless neighborhood institutions over the past 34 years has made us firm believers in the wisdom of legendary truant Ferris Bueller, who famously said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Comment.

Reviews: October, 2013

Lights, camera, cook: Brooklyn bites hit the big screen

Dining: New York’s annual Food Film Festival is taking on a decidedly Brooklyn flavor. Comments (1).

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Texans bring barbecue, turkey tails to Prospect Heights

Dining: Morgans Brooklyn Barbecue serves up its specialty the way nature intended — by the pound. Comments (8).

Brooklyn Museum’s latest installation: A fancy restaurant

Breaking Chews: The renowned Smith Street eatery Saul will open inside Brooklyn Museum Friday night after closing its 14-year-old Boerum Hill location in July – and the owner is calling his new digs a work of art. Comments (13).

Atlantic Avenue’s Long Island Restaurant to open this week

Awesome: The iconic neon sign above Atlantic Avenue’s Long Island Restaurant is set to buzz again. Comments (2).

Flatbush Avenue’s Famous: Franny’s hits bookshelves with expansive recipe collection

Dining: These two sure have a lot of baking dishes in the fire. Comments (1).

Don’t be fusilli, do try this pasta with pork sausage ragu

Buon Appetito! Italian Restaurant Week starts tomorrow and we know just where to feast

Dining: Partcipating Italian restaurateurs say that the promotion is the perfect reminder for food-loving Brooklynites to savor the red sauce simmering right under their noses. Comments (1).

Red Hook’s sandwich heroes: Gourmet grocers bring broccoli rabe to Sandy-ravaged section

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Owners of this fancy sandwich counter chose an unfortunate time to set up shop: three months before superstorm Sandy. Comments (2).

Experience swine dining at this battle of the bacon concoctions in Gowanus

Dining: When you’ve got 15-pounds of bacon, anything is possible. Comments (5).

Manhattanites trek to post-industrial Greenpoint for a night out at Glasserie

Dining: The most surprising thing about Glasserie does not have to do with the inventive menu or carefully designed dining room. No, the biggest stand-out when I arrived was how many suit-and-tie-wearing Manhattanites were eating dinner on a deserted stretch of Greenpoint waterfront. I figured that, whatever it was that brought these well-heeled types out to dine in a former glass factory, it must have been good. Comments (9).

Reviews: September, 2013

Taste of the town: Famished foodies tear through restaurant samples at food fest

Dining: They came, they ate, and it tasted good. Comment.

Shut up and eat! Greenpoint restaurant serves meals in silence

Dining: Picky foodies do not have to worry about patrons talking with their mouths full at this restaurant. Comments (10).

Street eats feast! Vendys hit Sunset Park

Dining: A Red Hook food truck took home the top honors at the Ninth Annual Vendy Awards — the Oscars of the sidewalk dining world. Comment.

Food for thought

Dining: Some important questions: is chicken making a come-back? Why is coffee in some restaurants so bad? Comments (2).

Brooklyn wine tour

Dining: Wine-lovers and foodies rejoice! A festival of savory eats and gourmet wines will soon make a plaza in Bedford-Stuyvesant feel like wine country. Comments (10).

Reviews: August, 2013

Packing a punch

Dining: A new restaurant is bringing Korea Town flavor to Bushwick. Comments (18).

Reviews: July, 2013

Gowanus going gourmet

Dining: Delicious things have unappetizing beginnings. Comments (16).

No ‘Kemistry’ — state denies liquor license to controversial nightspot

Dining: The State Liquor Authority shot down a bid for a liquor license from a planned controversial nightspot, called Kemistry Lounge, on Wednesday. Comments (4).

Smith Street eatery Saul is moving to Brooklyn Museum

Dining: Saul, the renowned Smith Street restaurant, served its last meal Sunday before shutting its Boerum Hill location for a move into the Brooklyn Museum later this year. Comments (13).

Ay Caramba! Morton’s empty space to be filled with Mexican restaurant

Dining: Downtown is erupting with Mexican food restaurants. Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar, and potentially Chipotle Mexican Grill, will be opening new outposts near Metrotech. Comments (9).

Glaze of glory

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Greenpoint Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop achieves doughy perfection. Comment.

Famed Marco Polo Ristorante celebrates 30 years in business

Dining: To celebrate three decades of surviving the borough’s rapidly changing landscape, Carroll Gardens’ famed Marco Polo Ristorante threw a 30th anniversary dinner on June 20 for nearly 100 loyal customers. Comments (7).

Flavor factory

Dining: Sausage ice cream anyone? Comments (22).

A pig-headed dish

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Williamsburg Fatty ’Cue encourages you to get your hands on some pork face. Comment.

Reviews: June, 2013

Carnivores Devour Dinosaur, barbecue that is.

Dining: Brooklyn’s barbecue-loving carnivores praised the smoked meat gods when renowned restaurant chain Dinosaur Bar-B-Que opened its first borough outpost in Gowanus last week. Comments (1).

Deals abound at borough’s newest restaurant week

Breaking Chews: The first ever Bushwick Restaurant Week spotlighted 35 bars and restaurants in the quickly-gentrifying neighborhood where a new establishment seems to open every week. Comments (1).

It’s halloumi heaven

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Small Bushwick eatery serves huge flavors in cheese sandwich. Comments (1).

UnDresslered! Upscale Williamsburg eatery closes

Dining: Dressler, the elegant South Williamsburg restaurant known for its burgers and classy American fare, has suddenly gone out of business Comments (1).

Cookie dough talk

Dining: The paper chats with Christina Tosi, the chef and founder of Momofuku Milk Bar. Comments (1).

Ice cream with all the fixings

Dining: Brooklynites looking to cool down with a sweet treat this summer will find two shops focused on one thing: building a better ice cream. Comment.

Revered meat joint will finally open after a year of starts and fits

Breaking Chews: Renowned barbecue restaurant Dinosaur Bar-B-Que will soon open in Gowanus, finally satisfying the mouth-watering longing of Brooklyn meat fans. Comments (4).

Pok Pok perfection

Dining: These sweet, sticky chicken wings fly out the kitchen. Comment.

Reviews: May, 2013

Pieing the competition: Bed-Stuy Saraghina’s coppa pizza joins the greats

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Outside of Naples, Italy, the fiercest contest for best pizza is right here in Brooklyn. Comments (13).

‘War on Brunch’ vote coming

Dining: A law that bans outdoor brunch before noon on Sundays is about to bite the dust. Comments (15).

Souping up business: Hipster bringing the bacon to Brooklyn

Awesome: Not content to bring bacon soup only to the people of Williamsburg, a Williamsburg chef has rented a commercial kitchen in Bedford-Stuyvesant and partnered with an online food seller to bring his delectable dishes borough-wide. Comments (11).

Meat, skin, and fat: Mile End sandwich is a decadent delight

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: It is, amazingly, a chicken salad sandwich to brag about. Comments (8).

Fried chicken the Brooklyn way: New W’burg eatery serves up waffles, vegan option

Dining: A touch of Southern charm has landed on Bedford Avenue. Comments (1).

Reviews: April, 2013

Brooklyn’s backyards: The best restaurants with outdoor seating and eating

Dining: Any minute now — it’s going to be time for some al fresco dining. Comments (1).

Goodbye, Good Food: Classic Italian grocery to close, bank to open

Dining: Say ciao to the fresh mozzarella, veal cutlets, and homemade roast beef. Comments (11).

From fried chicken to pho

Dining: Southern cooking isn’t too far off from Southeast Asian. Comments (1).

Toros! Toros! Toros!

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: The Brooklyn food mantra is local, but the latest and greatest in Williamsburg shows another angle on the culinary culture of the borough: imports. Comments (2).

Get your free grilled cheese sandwich!

Dining: It’s the best thing since sliced bread! Comment.

Bacon soup for the hipster soul: W’burg chef hand delivers broth in Mason jars

Dining: He’s Williamsburg’s jar head. Comments (82).

Noodles in the sky

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: Lunch can be an exercise in carb-dodging and the healthy option, like a salad, pales in comparison to the satisfying option: a steaming bowl of noodles. Comments (5).

Reviews: March, 2013

Not another falafel

The Best Thing We Ate This Week: The lowly falafel sandwich doesn’t have the Brooklyn rep of the bagel or the pizza slice, but when it’s done right it very well might be the borough’s best cheap eat. Comments (2).

Stay up and eat up: Manhattan late-night eatery comes to Williamsburg

Dining: Drunk and hungry? A new Williamsburg eatery can solve one of those problems. Comments (43).

Tapping into beer at Torst

Dining: There’s more than 99 bottles of beer at this new Greenpoint brew bar — but you’re not going to see any of them on the walls. Nor will you see any decoration, for that matter. Comments (27).

Au revoir, dairy! Slope French bistro goes kosher

Dining: When in Park Slope’s newest French restaurant, eat as observant Jews do. Comments (17).

Wake up, sheeple! Bar hosts shepherd’s pie-making contest

Dining: The pie’s the limit. Comments (7).

Fine dining and yoga together? It’s no stretch

Dining: Om … Yum. Comment.

Reviews: February, 2013

New eateries coming to Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: Attention foodies: Brooklyn Bridge Park will be stuffed dining options this summer. Comments (4).

Quaint Greek eatery moves into former home of legendary dive Joe’s Superette

Dining: Arrivederci rice balls, yiasou spanakopita! Comment.

Sandy brings end to Governor’s term in DUMBO

Dining: Hurricane Sandy has blown a well-reviewed DUMBO restaurant out of the water. Comment.

Nets fans getting a Shack attack

Dining: It’s a big win for Nets fans: the beloved burger-and-fries joint Shake Shack announced Tuesday that it will open its second Brooklyn location — this one right across the street from the Barclays Center. Comments (1).

Reviews: January, 2013

Don’t call it a fake-off: Bakers compete in vegan bake-off

Dining: It may be a vegan contest, but expect the competition to be bloodthirsty. Comments (11).

Water Table: full steam ahead

Dining: The Water Table, a dinner boat that aspiring restaurateur Kelli Farwell plans to dock off of Greenpoint, is going full steam ahead despite falling short of her $60,000 fundraising goal. Comments (2).

All the ingredients for a five-star meal

Dining: This Bushwick gourmet start-up takes the shopping out of cooking to help foodies cook like a Top Chef. Comments (1).

It’s the house special

Dining: New restaurant Battersby is fine dining in the living room. Comment.

Lime flight: Red Hook pie shop moving due to Sandy

Dining: But Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies isn’t going far. Comments (1).

Club fed: Willypoint Food Co-op will bring organic fare to North Brooklyn

Dining: Let there be organic lentils! Comments (7).

Gowanus gets a culinary dream team

Dining: The staff is eager-to-please when you arrive — for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks. Comments (2).

Cookbook for Hook: Buy these recipes and help a storm-battered neighborhood

Dining: Chew the right thing! Comment.