December, 2011

Pizza the action! Alfred Ng, legendary intern, leaves us with a slice

Podcast: Say goodbye to The Brooklyn Paper’s longest-serving intern, Alfred Ng, in this teary, pizza-filled video tribute. With video … Comments (1).

Call her the ‘Safe Sex’ Easter Bunny!

Brooklyn Angle: Heights woman has started making gift baskets — of condoms! With video … Comments (5).

October, 2011

Uke lovers unite! Musician hosts sing-along at Freddy’s bar

Nightlife: Grab a beer, some sheet music and gather ’round for a big evening dedicated to a tiny instrument. Comments (1).

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September, 2011

Play about nightmares taps into timeless fears

Theater: The Irondale Center hosts the award-winning “Nightmare Story” — just in time for Halloween. Comment.

Na zdaroviye! Brooklyn finally has its own vodka

Dining: Our top-shelf story about Brooklyn Republic Vodka. Yes, we tasted it, too. Comments (4).

Post-concert open-air drug market in Williamsburg!

Williamsburg: A Widespread Panic concert ends — and the streets around East River State Park become an “orgy” of nitrous oxide abuse. Comments (46).

Jane’s Carousel opens today!

Bridge ‘Park’: And we have exclusive video from the inaugural ride! With video … Comments (6).

So, did Stephen Brown really win ‘Journalist of the Year’?

Podcast: It was announced in January, yet the doubts persist. This video will make the case definitively. With video … Comment.

August, 2011

The abject horror (we are not exaggerating!) of Hurricane Irene

Podcast: Hurricane Irene hit Brooklyn with a one, two, three punch of anger, fury and resentment — but through it all, three heroic Brooklyn Paper reporters put themselves in the eye of the eye of the storm to bring you this historic report. With video … Comments (1).

Hurricane Irene — it’s getting really bad out there!

Podcast: Extreme weather correspondent George Shea brings you inside all the action. With video … Comments (12).

Our second ‘Stormtracker 2011’ video as the storm intensifies

Podcast: Join Gersh Kuntzman anchoring the weather center desk — plus extreme weather correspondent George Shea. With video … Comments (3).

Our first ‘Stormtracker 2011’ video from the iris of the eye of the storm

Podcast: Join Gersh Kuntzman in the anchor desk of The Brooklyn Paper’s “Stormtracker 2011” weatherwatch center, Hurricane Irene edition, as extreme weather correspondent George Shea joins from the field. With video … Comments (1).

The only preview of Sunday’s arm-wrestling championship you will ever need!

Event: Our reporter takes on the best grapplers in the world. How did he do? Watch the video! Update: This event has been canceled. Comment.

How hard could it be to hold a 1L mug of beer? Watch our video to find out

Podcast: On the eve of Der Schwarze Kölner’s annual beer-stein-holding contest, our own beer-stein-holding editor tried to win it all. He failed. Comments (1).

Is this the best toilet in America?

Podcast: Habana Outpost’s recycled rainwater loo goes for the gold. Comments (1).

June, 2011

Do the Cyclones hate the Yankees enough?

Ridin’ the Cyclones: This shocking video will surprise you. Comments (4).

May, 2011

Inside the ‘trial of the century’ verdict

Bay Ridge: Here’s how our reporters, editors and layout people got you the most important news of the day: Ralph Perfetto is guilty. With video … Comment.

GUILTY! Perfetto convicted in ‘trial of the century’

Bay Ridge: A Brooklyn jury has convicted former Bay Ridge District Leader Ralph Perfetto of unlawfully posing as an attorney to help a relative during a preliminary court hearing in 2008. He’s now facing a year in the slammer. With video … Comments (9).

Five Guys opens in Metrotech — this is a game-changer

Downtown: And this exclusive video will make your mouth water. With video … Comments (7).

April, 2011

Exclusive video: Park workers try a new approach to goose control

Park Slope: Join our heroic, hip-wader–wearing editor as he journeys into the lake in Prospect Park to seek a humane solution to the goose “problem.” Warning: This video features intense waterfowl anger, so parents are requested to watch this film with their children. With video … Comments (23).

Aging cheese, the Red Hook way

Red Hook: Red Hook is about to become the center of the cheese-eating world. With video … Comment.

Exclusive! Gersh drinks wine and eats cheese!

Red Hook: Join our booze-loving, cheese-liking editor as he journeys to Red Hook, where the Manhattan-based Saxelby Cheesemongers have set up an aging “cave.” But how will these fancy cheeses stand up to Kuntzman’s $9 Montelpulciano? Find out in this exclusive video. With video … Comment.

Horrific rape attempt captured on video

Park Slope: Outraged 16th Street residents say cops have done nothing to investigate a vicious month-old sexual assault on their block — even though the entire harrowing ordeal was caught on video. With video … Comments (7).

Horrific attempted rape video emerges — parental advisory

Park Slope: A surveillance camera on 16th Street captured the horrific attempted rape on March 20. This video has a strong parental advisory. With video … Comments (2).

March, 2011

City hits our editor with a $1,300 fine — inevitable video ensues

Park Slope: Watch what happens when the Department of Transportation tells Editor Gersh Kuntzman that his pristine — pristine! — sidewalk needs to be replaced. First in what will likely be a long, drawn-out series. With video … Comments (7).

Live from New York! Jimmy Fallon loves the Long Island University Blackbirds

Podcast: The late night funnyman has thrown his considerable weight behind LIU in its underdog fight against North Carolina in Friday’s NCAA Tourney opener. Comment.

A tribute to reporter Andy Campbell

Podcast: It seems like only yesterday we were telling reporter Andy Campbell, “Welcome to The Brooklyn Paper. Now, work harder.” Alas, after just a year, Campbell has been hired by our sister paper, The New York Post. As such, here’s our loving, somewhat frustrated, tribute to the man we’ll always know as “the Dude.” Comments (7).

Here’s our exclusive video of Steve Levin’s 11-year-old Honda

The Greatest Story Ever: You saw our coverage of the theft of Councilman Steve Levin’s 11-year-old Honda Civic. Now, take a tour of this bitchin’ set of wheels in this exclusive video. With video … Comments (5).

UFOs over Williamsburg? Man captures lights, action on camera

The Greatest Story Ever: See the video and judge for yourself. Comments (5).

Born to be mild! Levin’s stolen 11-year-old Honda is returned!

Greenpoint: Reunited — and it feels so good! With video … Comments (6).

EXCLUSIVE: Watch the feds’ goose-control video now!

Podcast: Now you, too, can get in the goose-management business, thanks to this new “How to” video from wildlife officials at the U.S. Department of Agriculture! Comments (2).

February, 2011

Road rage! Lookout, cyclists — there’s an ambulance in the bike lane!

Mean Streets: An ambulance driver who abandoned traffic-choked Prospect Park West to use the controversial bike lane as a shortcut was hardly a lone rogue. Comments (54).

The Brooklyn Paper enshrined in history!

Podcast: No one covers Brooklyn like The Brooklyn Paper — so when the city announced that it was planting a time capsule in Greenpoint, our print edition was naturally included. And as you can see in this exclusive video, we really have an honored place in history (the operative word being “place,” not “history”). With video … Comments (1).

Wait a minute — there’s video of Gersh eating dog food?

Brooklyn Angle: Go with it. This is what he does. With video … Comments (7).

Fort Greene restaurant heats up as the weather gets cold

Dining: When the temperature drops, so does the price of Chez Oskar’s spiked cider! With video … Comments (4).

January, 2011

Where have you gone, Vince Lombardi? A borough turns its lonely eyes to you (woo woo woo)

Podcast: Our exclusive NFL Films-style tribute video reveals the shocking truth about the legendary coach and native Brooklynite. With video … Comment.

Can Gersh Kuntzman learn to ‘chilax’? Watch him try!

Bedford-Stuyvesant: It’s an exclusive video from the Colador Cafe, which bills itself as Brooklyn’s “chilaxin” place. But can Kuntzman learn to chilax? Find out in this exclusive video. With video … Comments (2).

Pants on fire! Bottomless subway ride heats up the rails

Event: Our inside look at the 10th annual (legal!) pantless commute. With video … Comments (2).

Join our pants-free staff!

Event: Senior Reporter Andy Campbell and new scribe Natalie O’Neill dropped their drawers and joined the annual No-Pants Subway Ride, while Gersh Kuntzman anchored the action from the Community Newspaper Group building in Downtown Brooklyn. With video … Comment.

Hear his defeaning onion rings!

Podcast: We went to Morton’s for a burger and ended up having our eardrums blown out by the crispiness of the onion rings! Hear it for yourself in this priceless one-minute video (advisory: turn your volume DOWN!). With video … Comment.