Police Blotter


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Week of Sept. 18 – Sept. 24 (See map view)

Vanderbilt Avenue and Lafayette Avenue
Myrtle Avenue and Ashland Place
DeKalb Avenue and South Elliott Place
Prince Street and Flatbush Avenue Extension
DeKalb Avenue and Flatbush Avenue Extension

Week of July 10 – July 16 (See map view)

402 Washington Ave.
11th Avenue and 65th Street
60 Carlton Ave.
625 Atlantic Ave.
383 Fifth Ave.

Week of May 1 – May 7 (See map view)

468 Vanderbilt Ave.

Week of April 4 – April 10 (See map view)

Flatbush Avenue and Eastern Parkway
Humboldt Street and Montrose Avenue
Montrose Avenue and Lorimer Street
S. First Street and Kent Avenue
575 Scholes St.
8123 Flatlands Avenue
Avenue X and Stuart Street
10410 Foster Avenue

Results 1–30 of 30.

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