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Atlantic Yards

December, 2009

Rejection! Court turns down Yards foes in suit over MTA’s sweetheart deal

Atlantic Yards: A state court has once again rebuffed an effort to throw a wrench in Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards machine, rejecting a lawsuit that accused the MTA of improperly selling its Vanderbilt rail yard by not seeking new bids after reopening the original 2005 deal with the developer this summer. Comments (10)

Bonds away! Ratner’s tax-free bonds are snapped up fast

Atlantic Yards: Bruce Ratner scored roughly half the money he’ll need for his Atlantic Yards arena in a matter of hours yesterday, selling out $511 million in tax-free bonds that were snapped up by investors thanks to their high interest rate and investors’ faith in the project. Comments (4)

Goodbye blue Monday — Ratner’s tax-free bonds may go on sale within days

Atlantic Yards: Get ’em while they’re hot! The tax-exempt bonds that are critical to financing the Atlantic Yards arena are set to go on the market next week — and they’re expected to sell faster than you can say “land grab.” Comments (7)

Bonds away! Bruce’s bond rating means sale of notes is imminent

Atlantic Yards: Attention investors! Now that the key bond-rating agencies have signed off on the financing for Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards arena, $500 million in tax-free notes are poised to go on the market any day now. Comments (8)

Can’t tell a Baa3 from an Aaa? Let the Explainer explain it all to you

The Explainer: The state is about to issue bonds to pay for the Atlantic Yards. But what’s it all mean? We asked The Explainer. Comments (2)

ESDC to Paper: Drop dead! State denies our FOIL request

Atlantic Yards: State officials have offered an odd excuse for not revealing how they determined the value of Daniel Goldstein’s apartment in the Atlantic Yards footprint: They can’t talk right now because they’re probably going to be sued again. Comments (6)

November, 2009

Rejection! State’s highest court turns aside anti-Yards case

Atlantic Yards: The state’s highest court has ruled against a group of landowners and tenants inside the Atlantic Yards footprint, a major victory for developer Bruce Ratner and state officials who had been sued on the grounds that they had abused their power of eminent domain. Comments (24)

Dog pile on Ratner — another Yards suit is filed

Atlantic Yards: A welter of community groups and politicians joined the legal pile-on on Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project on Thursday, claiming in a lawsuit that the state shirked its duties by approving major modifications to the project over the summer without a review of the environmental consequences. Comments (16)

Is the state playing lowball with Daniel Goldstein?

Atlantic Yards: State officials have finally put a price on Daniel Goldstein’s opposition to the Atlantic Yards project — it’s going to cost the activist $80,000. Comments (34)

October, 2009

New state-Ratner deal has ‘clause’ for concern

Atlantic Yards: Has the state let the developer off the hook on his affordable housing promise? Comments (6)

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Editorial: State must keep Ratner on hook for affordable housing

Editorial: Our editorial board offers yet another example of how state officials have failed to serve the public as they keep kowtowing to Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner. Comments (1)

State’s highest court hears Yards case

Atlantic Yards: If the seven judges of New York State’s highest court have any sympathy towards a small group of landowners suing to block the condemnation of their properties so Bruce Ratner can build a basketball arena, they had a funny way of showing it on Wednesday. Comment

New Yards suit — one day before the old Yards suit

Atlantic Yards: One day before a climactic court hearing that could clear a major legal barrier for Bruce Ratner, opponents of the developer’s residential, retail, office and arena mega-project filed another lawsuit this week, this time challenging the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s mid-summer “sweetheart” renegotiation with Ratner. Comments (16)

September, 2009

It’s official! Russian billionaire buys Nets and invests in Atlantic Yards

Atlantic Yards: He couldn’t say nyet to the Nets! Comments (9)

Who is this shadowy Russian oligarch?

Atlantic Yards: The billionaire bachelor who might rescue Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project made his fortune in the mines and spends his time at play. Comments (3)

Roofus’s take on the Atlantic Yards planning process

Atlantic Yards: Here’s our cartoonist’s take on the latest Atlantic Yards development. Comments (1)

Like the new Yards arena? That’s too bad, because it will change when the economy improves

Atlantic Yards: Enjoy the new renderings of the Barclays Center while you can — because if the economy gets back on track, the look of the rippling steel building will be altered radically to include new buildings, including one atop the arena’s signature entrance way. Comments (12)

Report: Yards arena is a money pit

Atlantic Yards: The basketball arena at the core of the Atlantic Yards mega-project is actually a money pit that will cost city taxpayers nearly $40 million more over the next 30 years than they will get back in revenues, according to a new report issued last week. Comments (13)

No waffling from Roofus: Yards redesign falls short

Atlantic Yards: Our cartoonist thinks the new Atlantic Yards arena is no better than other versions. Comments (3)

THIS JUST IN! New Atlantic Yards arena designs are here!

Atlantic Yards: The “hanger” design has been abandoned in favor of something a lot more bold. Comments (13)

August, 2009

Bloomy’s F train plan has one big flaw

Atlantic Yards: Our cartoonist Cristian Fleming sees the one main problem in Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign-year promise to fix the F train. Comments (1)

July, 2009

City sidewalk, busy sidewalk! Street pedestrian walkway is now a car lane!

Mean Streets: Critics are calling it “Ratner Road,” but it was city workers who turned a Pacific Street sidewalk into a lane of car traffic. Comments (2)

Atlantic antics! A week of Yards hearings did little to change things

Atlantic Yards: They’ve said it before — and they said it again. Comments (9)

A tale of two Yards at hearing

Vox Pop: Both sides of the Atlantic Yards saga — mostly construction workers in favor and neighbors of the project footprint in opposition — were out in force at Wednesday’s hearing in Downtown. Here’s what our sharp-earred reporter heard. Comments (3)

Atlantic Yards is still a mess

Atlantic Yards: Our cartoonist offers his take on this week’s hearings. Comments (1)

Atlantic antics! Yards hearing goes haywire!

Atlantic Yards: Last night’s public hearing about the recent changes to the Atlantic Yards proposal that gave would-be developer Bruce Ratner sweeter terms degenerated into mayhem as supporters and opponents shouted at each other and the state panel overseeing the stalled megaproject. Comments (17)

Our readers debate: Who is to blame for trash in the park?

Letters: Our online readers are going nuts about the filth in Prospect Park Comments (5)

Web readers ask: What’s so bad about street food vendors

Letters: Our online story about a Bay Ridge group’s efforts to ban food vending (“Sh-WAR-ma! Ridge group seeks city ban on food vendors,” June 26) received an astounding number of comments. Here’s a fair synopsis. Comment

One wrench in Ratner’s plans

Atlantic Yards: Our cartoonist Cristian Fleming offers his take on the latest Atlantic Yards court battle. Comments (2)

State’s highest court sees some ‘appeal’ in Yards eminent domain case

Atlantic Yards: In a twist that could be disastrous for Bruce Ratner, New York’s highest court surprised many and agreed to hear an appeal that the state has illegally used its power of eminent domain to spearhead the embattled $4.9-billion Atlantic Yards project. Comments (11)

June, 2009

BAILOUT! State cuts new deal to save stalled ‘Atlantic Yards’

Atlantic Yards: State officials threw Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner two lifelines this week in an effort to salvage the bare bones of his original 16-skyscraper office, residential and basketball arena complex. Comments (19)

It is a bailout

Editorial: Our editorial board believes that this week’s moves by two state agencies comprises a bailout of Bruce Ratner. Comments (3)

Next stop! Barclays Station

Atlantic Yards: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has agreed to name two subway stations for Bruce Ratner’s stalled Atlantic Yards arena. Comments (7)

How did Barclays sign that naming-rights deal?

Atlantic Yards: Our cartoonist has an idea. Comment

MTA full board rubber-stamps Ratner bailout

Atlantic Yards: As expected, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved a massive public bailout of the struggling Atlantic Yards project today, changing the project’s financing to save developer Bruce Ratner hundreds of millions of dollars. Comments (5)

Another bailout! This time, ESDC lets Ratner off the hook

Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards, as you know it, is dead. Here’s why. Comments (2)

So here’s the deal: Ratner to get huge break from MTA

Atlantic Yards: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority will move ahead with a massive public bailout of the struggling Atlantic Yards project, changing the project’s financing to save developer Bruce Ratner hundreds of millions of dollars. Comments (14)

Stand clear of the closing deal! Pols seek delay on MTA’s new Yards pact

Atlantic Yards: A coalition of Brooklyn politicians has asked the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to postpone Wednesday’s vote to renegotiate a deal with Bruce Ratner for control of railyards at the center of his Atlantic Yards project. Comments (3)

Web readers ask: What WAS that pro-arena editorial?

Letters: Our readers react. Negatively, in case you were wondering. Comments (8)

Yards foes ‘suit’ up for another appeal

Atlantic Yards: Nine property owners inside the Atlantic Yards footprint moved last week to appeal last month’s Appellate Division ruling that said the state could use eminent domain to seize privately owned land for the controversial arena and skyscraper proposal. Comments (18)

Gehry or not, Brooklyn needs this arena

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board restates its longtime support for the Atlantic Yards arena. Comments (58)

So, Daniel, how was YOUR weekend?

Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards’ biggest foe, Daniel Goldstein, headed to Cleveland this weekend to confront development company officials in the wake of the firing of architect Frank Gehry. Comments (25)

Bruce to Gehry: You’re fired

Atlantic Yards: Chronic financial problems at Atlantic Yards have caused another casualty on the embattled project — Frank Gehry’s ambitious design for both the arena and the rest of the 16-building project has been scrapped for a cheaper and widely criticized blueprint. Comments (11)

LIRR chief: Sweeter MTA deal for Ratner could get Yards back on track

Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner is poised to receive new, generous terms from the MTA that supporters say could jumpstart his stalled mega-project even as a new report revealed that the cit y would actually lose money on the basketball arena at the heart of the $4-billion housing and office complex. Comments (16)

May, 2009

Bloomy to Bruce: Enough already

Atlantic Yards: Rejected! Hizzoner tells the Atlantic Yards developer that no more public money is forthcoming. Comments (10)

Nothing but net: Ratner wins a big one!

Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner won an important court victory against nine property owners inside the project’s footprint who had argued that the state Constitution bars the use of eminent domain for any development that includes luxury housing. Comments (9)

April, 2009

Project stalled, but Ratner is still buying Yard land

Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards builder Bruce Ratner gave his long-delayed mega-development a rare sign of life when he purchased a new parcel in the project’s footprint for the first time in over two years. Comment

March, 2009

Gehry says he was ‘misconstrued’ over predicting Yards demise

Atlantic Yards: Starchitect Frank Gehry quickly recanted — sort of — a statement he made earlier in the week that the Atlantic Yards project is dead. Comment

Tish: Follow the money

Atlantic Yards: Councilwoman Letitia James has found a Brooklyn angle on the nation’s populist outrage against AIG, calling on the British bank Barclays to not use the billions in taxpayer funds funneled to it by the insurance giant on its $400-million naming rights deal at the proposed Atlantic Yards arena. Comments (4)

Picking up the pieces at Atlantic Yards

Atlantic Yards: The massive Atlantic Yards development project inspires rage in some and hope in others — but in Guy Ambrosino, it inspires a twisted art installment. Comment

February, 2009

Breaking news! Ratner wins a big Yards case

Atlantic Yards: One of the state’s highest courts has given Bruce Ratner a big court win. Comments (12)

Lawsuit asks Ratner: So, how much profit will you make on Atlantic Yards?

Atlantic Yards: A key case against Atlantic Yards may turn on this simple question: Does Bruce Ratner’s expect profits overshadow a “minor” public benefit of Atlantic Yards? Comments (13)


Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards ombudsman Forrest Taylor faced down an inquisitive public on Wednesday night — but many left the meeting feeling that the project’s troubleshooter had nothing to offer. Comments (2)

Some real news — though not from the ombudsman: There will be a hearing!

Atlantic Yards: Some real news — though not from the ombudsman Comment

Build the arena — with fed money!

Editorial: Our editorial board says that the federal stimulus package has changed the equation and it’s now time to build the Atlantic Yards arena on Washington’s dime. A rare signed editorial by Publisher Ed Weintrob! Comments (58)

January, 2009

City budget whiz says Bruce’s Yards deal needs retooling

Atlantic Yards: Add another voice to the chorus of city officials who say that the city should renegotiate its deal with developer Bruce Ratner, whose Atlantic Yards mega-project is in jeopardy due to the economic crisis. Comment

All drawn out

Atlantic Yards: Our cartoonist Cristian Fleming offers his take on the mayor’s Coney Island plan. Comment

Bait and switch

Editorial: Our editorial board says that the new calls to cut costs at Atlantic Yards are par for the course for developer Bruce Ratner: promise the stars, shoot for the moon, get state officials to approve the clouds, then build a project that barely gets off the ground. Comments (5)

All drawn out

Atlantic Yards: Now, Atlantic Yards cheerleader Marty Markowitz falls prey to our cartoonist Cristian Fleming’s rapier pen. Comment

Marty: Atlantic Yards no longer ‘economically feasible’

Atlantic Yards: Borough President Markowitz, one of Bruce Ratner’s staunchest allies, dropped a bombshell on Tuesday, saying that the $1-billion basketball arena at the heart of Atlantic Yards is no longer “economically feasible” and that Ratner and state officials need to give the expensive design “a second look” so that the structure can actually get built. Comments (11)