Atlantic Yards

December, 2011

Brooklyn man to be the voice of the Barclays Center

Atlantic Yards: The Brooklyn Nets show that it is serious about its first name. Comments (7)

Barclays Center traffic changes screwed Boerum Hill, residents say

Mean Streets: The city’s efforts to tinker with the traffic flow around the Barclays Center to reduce congestion near the under-construction arena have not only failed, area residents say — they’ve actually made things worse on Third Avenue in Boerum Hill. Comments (35)

November, 2011

Unions save Bruce with big pay cut to get Yards going

Construction Update: Union workers are coming to Bruce Ratner’s rescue — again! — agreeing to take massive pay cuts to pave the way for the first residential building at Atlantic Yards, a cut-rate, pre-fabricated tower to rise next to the Barclays Center. Comments (25)

Unions, aesthetes dunked as Ratner plans pre-fab building at Yards

Atlantic Yards: Bruce Ratner will build the tallest modular buildings in the world at his Prospect Heights mega-project, cutting labor costs and reducing architural panache. Comments (58)

BREAKING: Ratner’s pre-fab tower!

Atlantic Yards: Is it pre-fabulous or not? You decide — we’ve got the pictures. Comments (24)

Bait and switch? Ratner sued over ‘sham’ job-training program

Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner set up a “sham” job-training program that ended up screwing workers out of promised union positions on his $5-billion mega-project, a bombshell lawsuit charged on Tuesday. Comments (5)

‘Betrayed’ workers to sue Ratner today

Construction Update: A group of unemployed construction workers is suing Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner to recover lost wages for jobs that they claim they were promised but never received at the $5-billion Prospect Heights megaproject. Comments (12)

October, 2011

Yessss! Hundreds compete to be Nets announcer

Atlantic Yards: Many tried out, but few were chosen for next week’s finals in hopes of being the voice of the Brooklyn Nets. Comments (3)

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September, 2011

Ice try! Ratner now says he wants Islanders at Barclays Center

Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner said he’s “hoping” that the New York Islanders will move to the Barclays Center once the struggling team’s lease at the Nassau Coliseum expires in 2015 — a reversal of his longtime claim that the Prospect Heights arena would be too small to host pro hockey games. Comments (21)

August, 2011

Ratner finally moves ahead with residential Yards tower

Construction Update: Developer Bruce Ratner moved forward this week with the construction of the first of his long-stalled residential buildings in the Atlantic Yards mega-project, filing city paperwork to begin a 33-story building adjacent to the Barclays Center. Comments (12)

Bruce Ratner — taking on rats!

Construction Update: Prospect Heights residents will get free heavy-duty trash cans. Comment

July, 2011

Workers to Ratner: Hey, where are the jobs?

Atlantic Yards: Local workers who once championed the Atlantic Yards project have turned their back on developer Forest City Ratner — vowing to protest every two weeks until they get what they were promised: thousands of jobs. Comments (23)

Separate and unequal at the Barclays Center

Atlantic Yards: High rollers at the Barclays Center will get their own VIP entrance — with a concierge desk and a sleek chandelier — when the $800-million arena opens in Prospect Heights next fall. Comments (13)

Rats on the run at Atlantic Yards?

Atlantic Yards: Rat-plagued residents of Prospect Heights will get relief from the rodent infestation caused by the Atlantic Yards project — courtesy of the developer himself. Comments (5)

June, 2011

Rats! Atlantic Yards site is full of rodents

Atlantic Yards: Neighbors of the Atlantic Yards project say that freakish, cat-sized rats coming from the construction site are invading their homes, gnawing on their cars, eating through garbage cans, and climbing up their legs. Comments (8)

Accident injures two and damages cars at Atlantic Yards

Atlantic Yards: Brooklynites have slung a lot of mud at Bruce Ratner’s controversial Atlantic Yards Project over the years. On Tuesday, the project returned the favor. Comments (5)

Nets start planting roots in Brooklyn (we mean that literally)

Atlantic Yards: The team promises to plant 300 trees in the area around the controversial Barclays Center. Comments (9)

See the Atlantic Yards docu-ganda tomorrow!

Atlantic Yards: Starring Daniel Goldstein, Bruce Ratner and, in a tragic role, democracy. Comments (25)

May, 2011

The Flatbush Two Step! Major street changes coming to Barclays Center area

Mean Streets: Get ready to dance the Flatbush-to-Fourth Two-Step — whether you like it or not. Comments (44)

Take the train to the game — and then inside

Construction Update: The Nets and the MTA are trying to work out a deal to get you to — and in — the Barclays Center with a MetroCard. Comments (18)

Mega-party space to rise across from Barclays Center

Atlantic Yards: And guess who’ll profit from it? One of Bruce Ratner’s old opponents! Comments (2)

Buzzer beater! Ratner workers will toil longer, and on Saturdays, to get arena done

Construction Update: And on the seventh day, Bruce Ratner won’t rest. Comments (1)

April, 2011

Slopers fight Barclays bar war on second front

Atlantic Yards: Now they’re targeting the Players Gastropub, slated to open across the street from the rising arena. Comments (17)

Save the date! Barclays Center to open on Sept. 28, 2012

Atlantic Yards: After years of false starts, economic malaise, local protests, lawsuits and atrocious basketball, New Jersey Nets officials finally unveiled some positive team news on Monday: The Barclays Center will be open on Sept. 28, 2012. Comments (18)

Ticket master! Rev. Daughtry will control ‘free’ Nets seats

Atlantic Yards: Want Nets tickets? You’ll have to make a higher calling. Comments (12)

Selloff! Ratner hawks half of his malls to raise $ for A’Yards

Atlantic Yards: Cash-strapped developer Bruce Ratner is selling half his stake in two of the borough’s largest shopping centers as he struggles to begin his $4.9-billion Atlantic Yards project across the street. Comments (4)

Exclusive slideshow: Inside the Barclays Center

Construction Update: Our photographer, Paul Martinka, takes you inside the construction of the world’s most expensive basketball arena rising right now near the corner of Atlantic and Flatbush avenues. Watch this exclusive slideshow now. Comments (11)

March, 2011

Nets are selling tickets — to Brooklyn games

Atlantic Yards: The New Jersey Nets started selling tickets on Wednesday for its games in Brooklyn — the first tangible evidence that the Barclays Center arena is on schedule for its 2012 tipoff. Comments (1)

New Jersey Nets start selling tickets for games — in Brooklyn

Atlantic Yards: This just in: The Nets are offering season tickets to their 2012 games at the Barclays Center. Comments (11)

EXCLUSIVE: Barclays Center will be nest for the Blackbirds

Atlantic Yards: The Blackbirds are looking to nest with the Nets. Comments (6)

Union sundown! Ratner risks losing labor support with prefab tower

Construction Update: Developer Bruce Ratner has yet to birth a building at the Atlantic Yards site, but he’s already causing labor pains. Comments (9)

Ratner’s Kruger connection! Bruce had dealings with arrested senator

Atlantic Yards: The biggest developer in the borough — whose Atlantic Yards project is the biggest in Brooklyn history — is now linked to the biggest pay-to-play story in years. Comments (6)

Web war over Prime 6! Online petitions reveal racism, fear-mongering, ignorance

Brooklyn Is Angry: The debate over a new music venue in Park Slope has devolved into an online petition feud that pits a woman who claims hip-hop is linked to “elevated crime rates” against neighbors who want her to take her intolerance and “move to the Hamptons.” Comments (9)

Another old-man bar bites the dust as O’Connor’s gets pre-Nets makeover

Atlantic Yards: Fifth Avenue’s beloved old-man bar, O’Connor’s, will get a makeover and expansion just in time for the Barclays Center to open a couple blocks away — but the owner says his loyalties are to longtime customers, not the thousands of sports fans who will fill the arena next year. Comments (6)

Slopers are too late to stop Yards-area bar

Brooklyn Is Angry: First came the fight over Atlantic Yards — now comes the fight over all the bars it will attract. Residents stormed a community board hearing on Monday night to protest a liquor license for Prime 6 — but it turns out that the bar already has the booze permit. Oops. Comments (22)

February, 2011

Slopers will rally tomorrow night against sports bar near Barclays Center

Brooklyn Is Angry: First came the fight over Atlantic Yards — now comes the fight over all the bars it will attract, as residents will storm a Community Board 6 hearing on Monday night to protest a liquor license for Prime 6 NYC. Comments (40)

Hold the shovels! Ratner backtracks on residential construction schedule

Construction Update: Developers of the Atlantic Yards project were caught red-faced last week when one of the development company’s officials said that construction of the project’s first residential building would begin this year — but then had to admit that no financing has been lined up. Comments (7)

January, 2011

Nets coach is second-to-last in the standings, but standing tall with God

Atlantic Yards: Avery Johnson gives a sermon in Crown Heights. Comments (1)