Atlantic Yards

December, 2013

Box fort: Atlantic Yards tower gets first building blocks

Atlantic Yards: The second phase of construction on the first and only Atlantic Yards tower now being built is like a game of Jenga in reverse. Comments (9).

November, 2013

Brooklyn needs cheap digs at Atlantic Yards, not fast cash for Ratner: Officials

Atlantic Yards: A band of politicians and civic groups is calling on the state to stop developer Forest City Ratner from selling off the majority of the Atlantic Yards development until the company fast-tracks the construction of below-market-rate housing. Comments (20).

September, 2013

Art landed! Massive sculpture appears outside Barclays Center and Brooklynites hardly notice

Atlantic Yards: What if an asteroid landed outside the Barclays Center and no one noticed? Comments (12).

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August, 2013

Wondering what the Atlantic Yards sale means? The Explainer explains

The Explainer: Wondering how Burce Ratner’s company could sell most of a 16-building development and keep the reins? Confused about who might buy something like that and what they would get out of it? Don’t know an equity stake from a T-bone? Comments (2).

Atlantic Yards goes public! Ratner puts a major chunk of the project on the chopping block, but vows to keep control

Construction Update: Developer Forest City Ratner is shopping around a major chunk of the controversial Atlantic Yards development, but the company says that the project will continue as planned no matter what. Comments (22).

MTV’s moon man lands at the Barclays Center on Aug. 25, bringing street closures, police checkpoints, and a whole lot of celebrities

Atlantic Yards: Brooklyn stand up — and get ready for detours. Comments (12).

MTVs Video Music Awards will bring talent by the truckload to Barclays

Atlantic Yards: One of music’s biggest nights is on its way to Brooklyn and the list of talent is as long as the expected traffic jams. Comment.

May, 2013

Hey Bruce! Build! Mayoral wannabes push Ratner on housing

Atlantic Yards: The next mayoral administration could put Forest City Ratner under the axe for failing to build housing on the Atlantic Yards development site. Comments (15).

March, 2013

Atlantic Yards foes: Finish this project sooner rather than even later

Atlantic Yards: Atlantic Yards critics and supporters have finally found something they can agree on: Forest City Ratner needs to get the job done already. Comments (7).

February, 2013

De-Forest City Ratner! Barclays builder wants to chop down 20 trees on Pacific Street

Atlantic Yards: Forest City Ratner isn’t living up to its name on Pacific Street. Comments (4).