Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’

December, 2010

Praise Jehovah? Squadron ‘no housing’ plan appears to move forward

Bridge ‘Park’: Could the Jehovah’s Witnesses save the soul of Brooklyn Bridge Park? Comments (12)

Housing in the park continues to look likely

Politicrasher: News analysis: Good ideas are few for avoiding housing in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (11)

Booze with a view! Pier 6 to get fancy restaurant

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park is about to give The River Café a run for its money. Comments (2)

November, 2010

Bridge to Pier 1 is approved

Bridge ‘Park’: The long-awaited footbridge linking Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 and Brooklyn Heights is officially a go. Comment

St. Ann’s Warehouse to restore Tobacco Warehouse

Bridge ‘Park’: The St. Ann’s Warehouse theater company — the world-renowned troupe based in Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO for 21 years — will take over and renovate the vacant Tobacco Warehouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park, converting it into a $15-million mixed-use performance hall and plaza, officials announced on Wednesday amid charges that the selection process was corrupt. Comments (4)

Foes scream at Regina: ‘Myer, Myer, pants on fire!’

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park officials have brushed aside a demand by local elected officials to allow public scrutiny of a raft of proposals to turn the old Tobacco Warehouse into an arts and community center. Comments (4)

October, 2010

Regina Myer’s art attack in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Bridge Park officials slapped themselves on the wrist this week after they errantly tried to kick a couple of permit-wielding art vendors out of the waterfront development. Comments (7)

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August, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park bike path to open next week

Bridge ‘Park’: The once-industrial waterfront between Old Fulton Street in DUMBO and Atlantic Avenue has finally been transformed into a long-awaited bike and pedestrian path in Brooklyn Bridge Park, offering all-new waterfront views and, more importantly, a buffer between cyclists and their motorized nemeses. Comments (7)

Still not a park! New city board has only two open space pros

Bridge ‘Park’: News analysis: The new board overseeing Brooklyn Bridge Park is filled with political hacks, real-estate flacks and the rest of the establishment pack. Comments (12)

July, 2010

Movie noise in the Heights? What movie noise in the Heights?

Bridge ‘Park’: Our analysis shows that there’s not a problem — despite complaints from sound-sensitive Heights residents. Comments (5)

Today, you can start your wining at Brooklyn Bridge Park!

Bridge ‘Park’: Public boozing in Brooklyn Bridge Park becomes a reality today, as the café on Pier 1 gets to make use of its newly acquired beer and wine license. Comments (2)

Roofus: So much noise that you can’t hear the noise

Bridge ‘Park’: Our cartoonist offers his take on complaints in Brooklyn Heights that Brooklyn Bridge Park’s popular “Movies with a View” series is too loud. Comments (1)

Heights residents complain of noise from Park movie series

Bridge ‘Park’: Even a park is too loud for Brooklyn Heights residents! Comments (17)

‘Bridge’ project! New culture series kicks off on Saturday at Pier 1

Bridge ‘Park’: With all that robust lawn space at Brooklyn Bridge Park, a concert series was the logical next step. Comments (1)

June, 2010

Ice creamed! Blue Marble’s frosty debut on Pier 1 is delayed

Bridge ‘Park’: No wonder this kid is so PO’d. Comments (1)

Pier 1’s ‘danger domes’ are cordoned off

Meadows of Shame: The hot metal play domes that caused such a ruckus when they scalded children during the opening days of the Pier 1 section of Brooklyn Bridge Park earlier this month, have been placed off limits. Comments (1)

Wild wet fun at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: Plus our exclusive video shot today! With video … Comments (2)

Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 opens this weekend!

Bridge ‘Park’: The long-awaited Pier 6 of Brooklyn Bridge Park — the waterfront park’s main attraction for kids — will open on Saturday. Comments (2)

Claws out! Lobster Pound guys stick it to Brooklyn Bridge Park!

Bridge ‘Park’: It looks like Brooklyn is taking back the concessions at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (3)

May, 2010

Jane’s Carousel is good news for Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’

Editorial: Kids of all ages got some good news this week when the developers of Brooklyn Bridge Park accepted Jane Walentas’s gift of her restored 1920s-era carousel for a spot in what is currently Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park. Comments (7)

‘Jane’s Carousel’ closer to a grand entrance in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: A 1920s-era carousel donated to Brooklyn Bridge Park may soon be as iconic as the River Café or the bridge itself, after architects revealed big plans for the attraction on Monday night. Comments (3)

Pier 6 is without peer thanks to amazing kid attractions

Bridge ‘Park’: It might just be the coolest place to bring your kids for free. Comments (2)

Squibb Park work underway in the Heights

Bridge ‘Park’: Brooklyn Heights’ next big makeover is underway — the resurrection of the long-defunct Squibb Park into a gateway to the new Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (2)

Duck! Lookout for this avian inhabitant at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: This is the quack that will echo throughout history. Comment

Bklyn Bridge Park is half Manhattan! Two of four concessionaires are from the outer borough

Bridge ‘Park’: The operators of Brooklyn Bridge Park have announced the four concessionaires who will be serving food and drink on Pier 1 — and two of them are from Manhattan! Comment

April, 2010

Roofus: Other hazards for kids

Bridge ‘Park’: Our cartoonist read about the broiling hot metal domes in Brooklyn Bridge Park — and thought of other hazards that park planners might consider. Comment

Critics: City’s Brooklyn Bridge Park will still include housing

Bridge ‘Park’: Meet the new operating “entity” for Brooklyn Bridge Park — same as the old operating “entity” for Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (3)

Lawn and order! Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 grass finally opens

Bridge ‘Park’: Pier 1 is now officially usable! Comments (5)

Do over! Bridge Park planners admit playground goof

Bridge ‘Park’: We blew it on the last park, but the next one will be awesome. Comments (11)

Hungry at Brooklyn Bridge Park? How about some ice cream and lobster?

Bridge ‘Park’: Ice cream and lobster rolls could be an integral part of Brooklyn Bridge Park this summer. Comment

BREAKING: Brooklyn Bridge Park’s big cover up!

Bridge ‘Park’: It’s a beautiful day at Brooklyn Bridge Park — unless you’re a kid playing on blazing-hot metal playground equipment! Comments (14)

What a relief! Toilets will be installed in Brooklyn Bridge Park soon

Bridge ‘Park’: It looks like the facilities at Pier 1 of Brooklyn Bridge Park won’t be piss-poor after all! Comments (1)

March, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 — A user’s guide

Bridge ‘Park’: To get the 411 on Brooklyn’s newest park, don’t call 311 — just click on the link above! Comments (7)

Brooklyn Bridge bark! No dogs allowed in park portion opened today!

Bridge ‘Park’: It’s the greatest thing to happen to Brooklyn open space lovers since Prospect Park was built in the Civil War era — but it’s not so great for their dogs! Comments (26)

Brooklyn Bridge Park to open on Monday!

Bridge ‘Park’: On Monday, Brooklyn finally gets a chance to park it on the stoop. Comments (4)

Sunset sippin’ looks like a go at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: Public boozehounds rejoice — Brooklyn Bridge Park will have an outdoor wine bar and plaza if everything goes according to plan, development officials revealed on Monday night. Comments (7)

Editorial: Bloomy’s takeover does not ensure a real Brooklyn Bridge Park

Editorial: Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement that the city will take over the construction of the unbuilt portions of Brooklyn Bridge Park has changed very little for the Brooklynites who will use this supposedly public park. Comments (6)

City seals deal to take over Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: The city on Wednesday officially took over development of — and funding for — Brooklyn Bridge Park, an agreement that supporters say “guarantees” that the waterfront development will indeed be completed. Comments (1)

February, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge Park delayed — again!

Bridge ‘Park’: The long-awaited first permanent section of Brooklyn Bridge Park has been delayed — again! — and will now open “in the spring,” Borough President Markowitz revealed in his “State of the Borough” address on Wednesday night. Comments (5)

January, 2010

Trolley trash! Workers tear up history near Brooklyn Bridge Park

Bridge ‘Park’: Fulton Ferry Landing preservationists are fuming that construction workers trashed a piece of history at the entrance to Brooklyn Bridge Park — set to open this month — that could have helped create a new trolley service. Comments (6)