The Downtown plan

November, 2009

The tallest building in the borough is NOT the ugliest!

Brooklyn Angle: Our columnist certainl thought it was — until he called the architect and had it all explained to him. Comments (9).

October, 2009

It’s plaza sweet on Schermerhorn Street

Mean Streets: Downtown is turning into a real walker’s wonderland. Comments (4).

Roofus: The lack of sparkle isn’t the only problem Downtown

Downtown plan: Our cartoonist, Cristian Fleming, thinks some community activists have too much time on their hands. Comment.

It’s a ‘Gold’ rush at Oro condos with 25-percent price slash

Downtown plan: The developer of Downtown’s first luxury condo tower channeled Crazy Eddie this week, with prices so low on his tough-to-sell units he’d like you to think he’s practically giving it all away! Comments (5).

Editorial: We’re still bullish on Downtown!

Editorial: This week’s news of a price slash at one of Downtown Brooklyn’s new luxury towers has been greeted by some as evidence that the city’s dream of creating an exciting, 24-7 residential neighborhood along Flatbush Avenue between Fulton Street and the Manhattan Bridge is a failure. Comment.

September, 2009

UPDATE: Federal $20-mil bailout for stalled D’town tower approved!

Downtown plan: A city panel approved a $20-million federal stimulus bailout for a stalled Downtown development on Tuesday, pushing ahead plans for a mall, residential units and office space where the Albee Square shopping center once stood. Comments (2).

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Foes and supports clash over $20-mil fed bailout for stalled D’town tower

Downtown plan: Call it the “Battle of the Bailout.” Comments (1).

August, 2009

Feds’ CityPoint bailout is a bad use of taxpayer dollars

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board thinks there are better ways to spend $20 million in federal stimulus money than to prop up a failed shopping mall in Downtown. Comments (5).

BAILOUT! Stalled Downtown tower get $20 million in federal aid

Downtown plan: A comatose Downtown development got the breath of life last week, in the form of a $20 million in tax-exempt federal stimulus bonds to jumpstart the stalled plan to construct housing, retail space, and offices at Albee Square. Comments (4).

July, 2009

Edifice complex as two towers compete to be the boro’s biggest

Downtown plan: Is this Downtown Brooklyn or Downtown Dubai?!? Comments (4).

The real skyscraper race Downtown

Downtown plan: Our cartoonist’s latest look at real estate. Comments (1).

May, 2009

Poor saps! City kills nine DeKalb Avenue trees

Downtown plan: There could be lots of lonely partridges on the first day of Christmas this year, because the city chopped down nine pears trees on DeKalb avenue last week. Comment.

Big accident at tallest building

Downtown plan: A worker fell and was badly injured at 111 Lawrence St., the Downtown tower that is slated to be Brooklyn’s tallest. Comment.

April, 2009

Gersh’s fruitless cookie search!

Downtown plan: As you know, The Brooklyn Paper is now happily ensconsed in our new Metrotech offices in Downtown Brooklyn — but watch the hilarity ensue when Editor Gersh Kuntzman tries to leave the compound for a cookie! It’s a romp through Downtown that you’ll see only at With video … Comments (4).

Biz group tells Manhattan to get down — Downtown Brooklyn, that is

Downtown plan: The burghers of Downtown Brooklyn unveiled an expensive new marketing campaign on Thursday to lure companies and residents by saying that the global financial meltdown is actually “the moment” for the borough’s central core. Comments (4).

Downtown tower keeps going and going and going…

Downtown plan: Workers haven’t even topped off at 111 Livingston St., slated to be the tallest building in Brooklyn. Comments (4).

March, 2009

Demolition on Duffield clears way for fourth hotel on block

Downtown plan: A historic Duffield Street home believed to be a hotbed of Abolitionist activity in the 19th century is being torn down, possibly to make way for the fourth hotel on the Downtown block. Comments (11).

January, 2009

D’town park moves forward

Downtown plan: The economy may be in trouble, but it hasn’t slowed down the city’s plans to build a Bryant Park–style park in Downtown. Comments (1).