DUMBO development

December, 2007

Falling down: Decrepit Empire Stores forces closure of waterfront park

DUMBO: State officials hurriedly closed Empire–Fulton Ferry State Park last week after getting a report that a Civil War–era warehouse was in imminent danger of collapse — the latest chapter in a long failure to develop the site. Comment.

Walentas again fights his neighbors over Dock Street apartment tower

DUMBO: DUMBO real-estate titan David Walentas’s latest plan to build an apartment complex next to the Brooklyn Bridge is once again meeting intense resistance from residents’ groups in DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights — despite a smaller design and new incentives from the developer. Comments (3).

DUMBO gets historic

DUMBO: DUMBO became Brooklyn’s 19th historic district on Tuesday — a designation that gives the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission veto power on any major alternations to buildings or new construction in the former manufacturing stronghold that is rapidly becoming a residential enclave. Comment.

November, 2007

Rallying for the union in Jay St.

DUMBO: Disgruntled non-union doormen, porters and maintenance workers took to the street in front of their DUMBO condo building to complain that they’re being cheated out of money and benefits by the company that runs the 33-story, all-luxury tower. But the president of the management company fired back this week, saying that his workers are paid the same — if not more — than union workers. Comments (1).

Historic Dumbo? City considers landmarking

DUMBO: DUMBO residents, civic organizations and the area’s most-prominent developer were unified in their support for recognizing the neighborhood as a historic district at a Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing on Tuesday. Comment.

September, 2007

Who’s your daddy? Los Papi’s will close to make room for more condos

DUMBO: Los Papi’s, the Spanish-American eatery that’s been dishing out rice and beans for nearly a quarter-century, will close to make way for a seven-story residential tower. Comments (1).

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August, 2007

Walentas vs. Goliaths

DUMBO: The neighborhood activists who successfully opposed DUMBO real-estate kingpin David Walentas’s 2003 plan for a residential tower near the Brooklyn Bridge have stepped up again to defeat his new proposal for the Dock Street site. Comments (1).

Yassky schools Walentas on plan

DUMBO: A Brooklyn Heights lawmaker has blown a spitball at DUMBO real-estate baron David Walentas’s controversial plan for an 18-story, 400-unit complex near the Brooklyn Bridge by demanding that the 300-seat school — which was included in the project to generate support for the entire plan — actually be built in the state’s Brooklyn Bridge Park development nearby. Comment.

June, 2007

Two Trees tries tower — again — on Water St.

DUMBO: Developer David Walentas has proposed to add another castle to his DUMBO fiefdom: a $200-million, 400-apartment, commercial and middle school project on Dock Street, between Water and Front streets — the same location where a similar Walentas proposal was defeated in 2004. Comment.

April, 2007

The ‘J’ majors in art

DUMBO: The J Condo is hosting an art competition for potential buyers. Comment.

March, 2007

Mr. Bloomberg, tear down this wall!

DUMBO: WEST DUMBO, March 13 — Allied forces announced today that the DUMBO Wall must come down. Comment.

February, 2007

DUMBO underwater!

DUMBO: DUMBO will be inundated in 50 years, thanks to global warming. But the high rents — not the high water — will be responsible for driving out all the artists, say some Pratt Institute students. Comment.

January, 2007

Wrecking balls: Neighbors say developer is demolishing a historic building in DUMBO

DUMBO: Neighborhood activists in DUMBO say a developer has begun demolishing a historic building on Water Street in hopes of finishing the job before the entire area gets landmark status. Comment.

Developer feeds hungry artists

DUMBO: Three artists will soon be elevated from “starving” to “working,” thanks to a developer with a soft spot for creative types. Comment.