Mean Streets

December, 2014

Fellow students, family members remember hit-and-run victim

Mean Streets: Mourners marched on Dec. 1 at a vigil to honor the high-school student who died recently in a hit-and-run crash in Kensington. Comment.

November, 2014

Jay-maker: Group wants overhaul of Downtown’s disaster street

Mean Streets: Brooklyn’s hairiest roadway for cyclists needs more signs, longer pedestrian crossing times, a two-way bike path, and a shelter area for pedestrians caught in the middle of Tillary Street, according to road-safety activists. Comments (11).

Pedestrian dead in Downtown hit-and-run

Mean Streets: A hit-and-run driver struck and killed a man on Flatbush Avenue Extension at DeKalb Avenue on Monday night, according to police. Comments (12).

Cyclists: Text-messaging-while-biking ban has g2g

Mean Streets: A southern Brooklyn pol’s bid to ban text-messaging while biking is a misguided attempt to score political points in the car-centric district and fundamentally misunderstands the dangers cyclists face, according to bike advocates. Comments (41).

Fourth Avenue hit and run leaves woman critical

Mean Streets: There is blood on the street in Park Slope. Comments (11).

Smush-wick: Cop car crushed under truck in cyclist crash

Mean Streets: A police car, a bicyclist, and a delivery truck driver were involved in a terrifying early-morning crash on Oct. 31 that left two officers and the cyclist injured, police said. Comments (5).

October, 2014

The blue bikes are coming! Greenpoint, Carroll Gardens, more getting Citi Bike

Mean Streets: Brooklyn is getting a bigger share of the city’s private bike-share program two years after Hurricane Sandy soaked much of the inventory intended for the borough. Comments (42).

Dump truck kills senior outside Barclays Center

Mean Streets: A dump-truck driver struck and killed an elderly woman near the Barclays Center on Monday afternoon, cops and FDNY officials said. Comments (9).

Two dead in motorcycle crash that sent them flying off Gowanus Expressway

Mean Streets: A nighttime group motorcycle ride turned tragic early this morning when a biker and passenger plunged from the Gowanus Expressway to their deaths, according to cops. Comments (15).

Search is on for suspect in deadly Gowanus hit-and-run

Mean Streets: Police are seeking a man who they say fled the scene of a fatal collision in Gowanus months ago. Comment.

Crash in Flatbush

Mean Streets: A 60-year-old pedestrian was critically injured on Oct. 11 when a driver hit him on Ocean Avenue in Flatbush, cops said. Comments (5).

Pedestrian killed in Dyker Heights

Mean Streets: A Dyker Heights woman died after a driver hit her near the intersection of 86th Street and 14th Avenue on Oct. 6, police said. Comments (5).

September, 2014

VIDEO: Steep learning curve for new Flatbush Avenue Extension jug handle

Mean Streets: Downtown drivers are getting a crash course in the new traffic pattern at Myrtle Avenue. Comments (7).

Cops: Truck driver hit cab into pedestrian

Mean Streets: A flatbed truck driver smashed a livery cab up a curb and into a woman on the sidewalk on Tuesday afternoon, according to police and an eyewitness. Comments (20).

VIDEO: Motorist mutiny on Flatbush as drivers flout left-turn ban

Mean Streets: Talk about a hard left. Comments (35).

August, 2014

Save our seniors! Beep wants crossing guards to help oldsters

Mean Streets: Borough President Adams says making crossing guards full time, and having them help seniors cross the street will save lives. Comments (14).

Sand trap makes for risky detour

Mean Streets: Daring riders are making a dangerous move — on to Belt Parkway. Comments (6).

Bike-riding 101: Two-wheel safety class for newbies amid NYPD crackdown

Mean Streets: The Police Department is in the middle of a two-week crackdown on bike riders, so we figured we would drop in on a class to teach newbie cyclists the rules of the road. Comments (25).

Signal ahead! Bikers should have been taught this in pre-school

Mean Streets: Our primer on bicyclists hand signals. Comments (2).

Gear up: This bicycle hardware is required by cops

Mean Streets: Police could ticket you if you don’t get your bike up to code. Comment.

Brake fast: Flatbush Avenue speed limit reduced to 25

Mean Streets: Brooklyn’s second-longest thoroughfare is getting the driver-pinching treatment this fall. Comments (36).

July, 2014

Park Slope’s top cop leaves to oversee road safety citywide

Mean Streets: He’s on the highway to a swell job. Comments (8).

Flatbush Avenue jaywalk ends in death

Mean Streets: A Staten Island woman died on Monday night when a driver hit her on Flatbush Avenue near the Prospect Park Zoo, police said. Comments (21).

June, 2014

W’burg board: One-way a no-go for Wallabout Street, for now

Mean Streets: The city wants to make the chaotic two-way route mono-directional, but the neighborhood’s Community Board 1 pushed back a vote on the plan, saying parking spaces must be saved. Comments (14).

Heavy pedal! Bike lane eyed for industrial Metropolitan Avenue

Mean Streets: A hairy road in industrial Williamsburg could be getting more bike-friendly. Comments (16).

Trash crash! Garbage truck slams into Bedford-Stuyvesant bodega

Mean Streets: A garbage truck slammed into a deli in Bedford-Stuyvesant early this morning, injuring seven. Comments (1).

Green light for bike-friendly Flushing

Mean Streets: The truck route is getting a two-wheeler friendly paint job from Classon Avenue to Queens, but don’t expect actual, separate bike lanes most of the way. Comments (17).

Cycling Bushwick DJ killed in crash

Mean Streets: Members of the electronic music and rap scenes are mourning a Bushwick DJ who was fatally struck by a driver while riding his bike on Tuesday. Comments (13).

Crash course! W’burg corner is collision central

Mean Streets: Workers at the aptly named Busy Corner Deli have a front-row view of the mayhem that plagues the intersection they say saw two smash-ups on Monday. Comments (8).

May, 2014

Sleepless in Brooklyn: Residents say noisy Bridge construction has gone on for too long

Mean Streets: City tells Brooklyn Bridge neighbors to suck it up for another year Comments (7).

April, 2014

City to lower McGuinness speed limit to 25

Mean Streets: A mile-long stretch of McGuinness Boulevard in Greenpoint will get the car-pinching treatment from the city, pols announced today. Comments (30).

MAP: Slope road-safety cops trail most of boro in tickets

Mean Streets: Figures show the 78th Precinct, which has made a point of making the streets less mean for cyclists and pedestrians, is writing many fewer citations than its counterparts — and that is just fine, say pro-car-pinching activists. Comments (2).

Turnoff! Police officer makes illegal turn on Flatbush Avenue

Mean Streets: This NYPD school safety officer needs to go back to driver’s ed. Comments (16).

MONDAY NIGHT: Sound off on road safety in Park Slope

Mean Streets: Park slope road safety activists are at it again. Comments (9).

Van-demonium! Cops crack down on dollar vans, activist group calls it racist

Mean Streets: Park Slope cops have been ticketing and seizing dollar vans since January, a move activists are calling a racially motivated blow against drivers trying to make a living. Comments (63).

Showdown at the BK corral! Williamsburg board snubs on-street bike parking

Mean Streets: A local panel is not letting any more Williamsburg and Greenpoint parking spaces get turned over to bike racks without a fight. Comments (84).

HIt-and-run driver kills cyclist in Bushwick

Mean Streets: A hit-and-run driver slammed into a bicyclist in Bushwick on Wednesday morning, killing him on impact, cops said. Comments (12).

City to lower Atlantic Avenue speed limit to 25 miles per hour

Mean Streets: Brooklyn’s Avenue of Death and Destruction is getting the go-slow treatment. Comments (7).

MAP: Atlantic Avenue less fatal, more brutal

Mean Streets: Atlantic Avenue is less deadly but even more destructive than it was nearly a decade ago, when The Brooklyn Paper first dubbed it “The Avenue of Death and Destruction,” and the city is finally taking notice. Comments (10).

March, 2014

TUESDAY NIGHT: Sound off on road safety at town hall meeting

Mean Streets: Officials are inviting Brooklynites to tell them where streets are the diciest for pedestrians and cyclists and how to make them safer. Comments (11).

Safe and signed: Fake 20-mile-per-hour speed limits for Fort Greene, Park Slope, and Greenpoint

Mean Streets: Call them the Department of Transformation. Comments (36).

Stop. Go. Kent Avenue.

Mean Streets: Fast-moving Kent Avenue is a tragedy waiting to happen, say neighbors who are pushing the city to install stoplights along the thoroughfare near East River State Park. Comments (28).

Downtown cops vow to give double-parkers the full-court press

Mean Streets: Officers are gearing up for a crackdown on Jay Street, Court Street, and Flatbush Avenue. Comments (26).

Cops: Don’t walk, seriously

Mean Streets: Brooklyn cops are taking Mayor DeBlasio’s pledge to make the roads safer to heart — by ticketing jaywalkers. Comments (28).

Activists: ‘Wall off the Jay Street bike lanes’

Mean Streets: Road warriors and Downtown residents say separating the Jay Street bike lanes from the rest of the road will make Brooklyn’s scariest route for two-wheelers better for everybody. Comments (30).

Crossing guards are our vested interest

Mean Streets: Park Slope cops are checking up on neighborhood crossing guards so we figured we would get their take on the audit and what it takes to keep the streets safe. Comments (1).

Breaking away! Slope police are ‘number one’ in reckless driving tickets

Mean Streets: Park Slope cops are way out in front in the race to crack down on drivers as part of the mayor’s road safety initiative. Comments (52).

Double trouble! Slope cops turn focus to ticketing drivers parked in bike lanes

Mean Streets: The 78th Precinct is at it again, this time singling out scofflaw motorists who treat bike lanes like their own personal rest areas. Comments (46).

W’burg bus death prompts demands for sped-up traffic calming

Mean Streets: A college student’s death beneath the wheels of a bus should serve as a wake-up call to Mayor DeBlasio to implement his proposed driver-slowing measures immediately, politicians said on Sunday. Comments (20).

February, 2014

Walk this way! Park Slope cops to audit crossing guards

Mean Streets: Park Slope crossing guards had better be on guard because local police are going to be checking up on their stop-sign-wielding techniques, officers announced at a meeting this week. Comments (6).

Killings-burg! Williamsburg leads city in car-crash deaths

Mean Streets: Enter the neighborhood at your own risk. Comments (25).

Save the data: Crash-stat-crunching prof got a hand from fellow computer whiz

Mean Streets: When Pratt Institute professor Ben Wellington went searching for NYPD crash stats, he did not go to the source. Comment.

Double perk-ing! Cop blocks Greenpoint bike lane for a pick-me-up

Mean Streets: He missed a spot. Comments (38).

Bond issue: City wants bike lane for Bond Street in Boerum Hill

Mean Streets: A city plan to paint an 18-block-long bike lane along Bond Street in Boerum Hill got the thumbs up from members of a local panel last week. Comments (17).

Driver in Fort Greene child-death crash facing murder rap

Mean Streets: Brooklyn’s top prosecutor did something unusual in this deadly driving case. He charged the motorist with a crime. Comments (11).

Panel calls for car crackdown in Sunset Park, Windsor Terrace

Mean Streets: Call it cop envy. Comments (19).

Traffic calming vs. traffic causing

Mean Streets: Two local panels are at loggerheads over a plan to slow down cars on the streets of Clinton Hill and Bedford-Stuyvesant. Comments (10).

Motorist killed 80-year-old lady in Williamsburg: Cops

Mean Streets: A driver mowed down an elderly woman in Williamsburg as she was crossing the street on Tuesday afternoon, killing her, police said. Comments (6).

Bus, livery-cab crash bangs up straphangers at busy Downtown corner

Mean Streets: Ten people were injured, two seriously, when a livery cab driver smashed into a bus at the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Flatbush Avenue Extension shortly after noon on Feb. 4. Comments (12).

Cyclist critical after Washington Avenue crash

Mean Streets: A cyclist is in bad shape after a driver hit him near the Brooklyn Museum on Sunday, cops said. Comments (23).

I’m walkin’ here! Activists say cops should give bikes the car treatment

Mean Streets: The city is ramping up its war on cars, lowering speed limits, narrowing streets, and, last week, staging a sting operation on drivers turning into crosswalks, but some activists say scofflaw cyclists need policing, too. Comments (57).

Whose streets? Our streets! Bushwick pol wants Brooklyn to rule its own roads

Mean Streets: The ability to lower city speed limits should not be hamstrung by state bureaucracy, state Sen. Martin Dilan argues, and he has the bill to back it up. Comments (5).

January, 2014

NEXT TUESDAY: Meeting to discuss possible failure of Boerum Hill slow zone

Mean Streets: Boerum Hill intersections are still dangerous enough that it merits a public hearing a year and a half after the city lowered the speed limit throughout the brownstone enclave. Comments (18).

Yield to the shield! Park Slope police stage crosswalk sting operation

Mean Streets: Cops in Park Slope are doing something seldom attempted by the New York Police Department — enforcing traffic laws. Comments (27).

Traffic calming coming to Clinton Hill

Mean Streets: Clinton Hill drivers will soon be hitting the brakes. Comments (15).

City putting the squeeze on Kent lead-foots

Mean Streets: The city wants to make a dent in speeding on Kent Avenue. Comments (13).

Zero tolerance: Grieving Slope parents say they’ll hold DeBlasio to his promise to end crash deaths

Mean Streets: Street safety advocates and Park Slopers descended upon Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s Jan. 1 inauguration ceremony to remind the freshly-minted executive that he promised to bring traffic deaths in the city down to zero by 2024. Comments (33).

December, 2013

McGuinness pedestrian death stokes calls to make the street safer

Mean Streets: Two vehicles killed a woman trying to cross McGuinness Boulevard in Greenpoint on Sunday night and leaders and activists are ramping up the push to slow the busy road. Comments (16).