Cleaning Our Waterways

December, 2011

City blocks Whole Foods until (get this) the grocer proves it won’t mess up the Gowanus

Cleaning Our Waterways: A city panel has denied Whole Foods permission to build on the banks of the Gowanus Canal, and demanded that the green grocer return with more evidence that its mega-store would not harm the environment. Comments (29)

November, 2011

Are tree pits a ‘quick fix’ for Gowanus stink?

Cleaning Our Waterways: No — the just-installed, $16,000 “bioswales” can’t retain enough water to keep the poop out of the canal. Comments (3)

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August, 2011

Latest big dreams for Gowanus revealed!

Cleaning Our Waterways: Amsterdam in Brooklyn? Maybe someday. Comments (6)

June, 2011

A parade for the Gowanus? Look, this is Brooklyn

Cleaning Our Waterways: Leave it up to Brooklyn’s party animals to celebrate the centennial of the Gowanus Canal’s “flushing tunnel,” a bit of infrastructure that has been about as much use as a handbrake on a canoe. Comments (1)

EPA releases list of the Gowanus Canal’s ‘Dirty Seven’

Cleaning Our Waterways: The feds have rounded up the usual suspects as part of the Superfund effort. Comments (3)

April, 2011

Sludge of art! Feds hand over Gowanus toxins for museum exhibit

Cleaning Our Waterways: Add “museum quality” to the list of adjectives for the gunk at the bottom of the fetid Gowanus Canal. Comments (2)

Stinkbusters! City hopes to retain water to cure Gowanus smell

Cleaning Our Waterways: The city’s top environmental boss turned salesman last week, trumpeting a low-tech plan that he believes will stanch the stink in the Gowanus Canal. Comments (4)

Oh, ship! Vessel at the bottom of the Gowanus could be WW II boat

Cleaning Our Waterways: A World War II vessel resting on the bottom of the Gowanus Canal could be the first archeologically important relic awaiting liberation from the polluted waterway, officials said this week. Comment

February, 2011

Architects compete to spruce up the canal zone

Cleaning Our Waterways: Pig — meet lipstick. Comments (2)

Groan depot! Bus lot polluted Gowanus for years

Cleaning Our Waterways: The owner of a commercial bus depot along the Gowanus Canal dumped trash and motor oil into the already toxic waterway — and now he’s going to pay for the damage, state officials said this week. Comments (5)

Oh, ship! Vessel found at the bottom of the Gowanus

Cleaning Our Waterways: The Gowanus Canal is filthy — filthy with a rare archeological trove, that is. Comments (7)

THIS JUST IN: Feds finally state what we all know — the Gowanus is a cancer-causing toilet

Cleaning Our Waterways: And if you’re eating any crabs from the canal, you’d better stop now. Comments (2)

January, 2011

‘Walk’ this way! City to expand Newtown Creek nature path

Cleaning Our Waterways: Greenpoint’s four-year-old Newtown Creek Nature Walk will nearly double in size thanks to new city funding. Comment

Green dreams in Greenpoint — Locals choose projects to get $7M in state cash

Cleaning Our Waterways: Greenpoint has spoken — and it wants new wetlands, more trees and a new boathouse along the Newtown Creek. Comments (1)