Cleaning Our Waterways

December, 2012

Levy metal! Scrappers fined for dumping into Gowanus

Cleaning Our Waterways: A scrap metal company paid an $85,000 fine for treating the already-polluted Gowanus Canal like a trash bin. Comments (4)

October, 2012

Mudslinging muckrakers! Dirt balls could clean Gowanus, eco-activists say

Cleaning Our Waterways: Throwing mud into the Gowanus Canal is the secret to cleaning the dirty waterway, environmental activists say. Comments (14)

March, 2012

City: Flowers not sewers will keep waste out of boro’s waterways

Cleaning Our Waterways: The city is rolling the dice on an untested plan to stop human waste from flowing into Brooklyn’s most polluted waterways thanks to a new agreement with the state that delays a required overhaul of the borough’s inadequate sewer system. Comments (10)

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February, 2012

City: Sewer pipe sensors will give real-time data on Gowanus Canal stink

Cleaning Our Waterways: The city says it will finally figure out just how much noxious-smelling sewage is pouring into the Gowanus Canal. Comments (1)

Sludge parks for Gowanus

Cleaning Our Waterways: The filthiest part of Brooklyn’s most putrid waterway could become the foundation for new parkland in Gowanus and Red Hook. Comments (13)

January, 2012

City’s solution to raw sewage problem: Dam it!

Cleaning Our Waterways: The city hopes inflatable dams will keep millions of gallons of raw sewage from pouring into Brooklyn’s waterways, offering a potential remedy to an environmental woe that raises a stink everywhere from the Newtown Creek to the Gowanus Canal. Comments (2)

Feds: Gowanus clean-up is useless if city doesn’t cut the crap

Cleaning Our Waterways: The Gowanus Canal will remain filthy even after a costly federal cleanup so long as the city continues to allow raw sewage to spew into the polluted waterway, local watchdogs and the Environmental Protection Agency allege. Comments (8)