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December, 2010

Let the kids grow up already

The Dad: Our columnist’s New Year’s resolution is to let his kids grow up Comments (2).

Merry Christmas from our mom columnist

Fearless Parenting: And she’s fed up with the holiday food police! Comments (2).

His daughter finds her way in the world

The Dad: Our dad columnist deals with a headstrong 15-year-old — who’s often right! Comment.

‘Whitham’ sampler — learning not to yell

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist takes you inside a session on “No Yell Parenting.” Good luck with that. Comments (1).

November, 2010

What happens when your kids can’t stand your company anymore?

The Dad: Our dad columnist finds out this week. Comment.

Baby, you’re a rich man!

Fearless Parenting: It’s easier to talk about sex than about money. Comments (5).

Crises are not just for middle age

The Dad: Our dad columnist runs the marathon and realizes that his daughters are looking for their own challenges. But boxing? We’ll see... Comments (1).

Let’s hear it for the Tooth Fairy!

Fearless Parenting: Kids need myths — and so do parents. Comments (2).

Needing the company of men

The Dad: Our columnist admits it: He needs to hang out with his pals sometimes! Comment.

October, 2010

Can we all just stop judging?

Fearless Parenting: Our mom columnist is sick of all of us thinking we know her — or the “first-rate” family next door. Comments (24).

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He’s not agnostic about his daughters’ faith

The Dad: Our parenting columnist drags his kids to religious services — but is it for their own good, or his? Comments (4).

Will Mommy divorce Daddy?

Fearless Parenting: Our mom columnist doesn’t like how her husband gets frustrated at the kids — but is that enough of a reason to get a divorce? Comments (284).

September, 2010

What if the kids hate you?

Fearless Parenting: Our mom columnist deals with the ultimate insult. Comments (3).

Kids must run a muck

Fearless Parenting: Yes, the headline is a pun — but it is true that kids need to get down and dirty, our columnist says. Comments (6).

Have no fear says our new parenting columnist

Fearless Parenting: Fortunately or unfortunately, no one can tell you what you need to do as a parent. There is no one-size-fits-all advice that one can disseminate exactly accurately like the number of hours of sleep or the amount of food one needs. As parents, we are each different in our own ways and those differences, combined with a confusing host of genetic chromosomes, means that each of our children is going to need something different. Comments (2).

August, 2010

Farewell to Smartmom! Columnist leaves kid at college — and moves on

Smartmom: After nearly 250 columns, Smartmom ends her run. Comments (16).

Mario’s the ‘Word’ as magician brings Keaton-eque approach

Parenting: This is more than just kid’s stuff. Comments (1).

May, 2010

It’s Smartmom minus one as Teen Spirit leaves the nest

Smartmom: We all saw it coming, but now that Teen Spirit is leaving for college, Smartmom is a weepy mess. But remember what Nietzsche said. She’ll be fine (as long as she doesn’t die). Comments (3).

Broken ankle teaches Smartmom a valuable lesson

Smartmom: Finally, she learns to slow down. Comments (6).

Smartmom is still working at being a working mom

Smartmom: But what of the children? Exactly. Comments (4).

Are you an ‘edgy mom’?

Smartmom: Take Smartmom’s annual quiz. Comments (8).

April, 2010

For Teen Spirit, Gap Year University made him a man

Smartmom: Smartmom is relieved that Teen Spirit will not be attending Gap Year University next year. And it’s not because he had a bad experience at GYU. Not at all: it was great year and his coursework in the school of life included work at a warehouse in Red Hook, babysitting for a local boy, a road trip to the SXSW music festival in Austin, three days in New Orleans and (starting soon) more work at a warehouse in Red Hook. Comments (2).

Smartmom is suspicious of OSFO — but she’s only meeting a friend!

Smartmom: The Oh So Feisty One slips out of the house early one morning — and Smartmom is suspicious. Comments (3).

Smartmom and Diaper Diva — a sisterhood of the stationary coffee

Smartmom: These two tell each other everything (and it’s non-judgemental, mostly). Comments (1).

March, 2010

Teen Spirit learns the lesson of the road

Smartmom: Teen Spirit heads for Austin with his pals, and Smartmom is miffed — but she gets over it in this extra special edition of Smartmom. Comments (4).

Crazy Lady is on the warpath in Teen Spirit’s room

Smartmom: What’s wrong with a little cleaning while he’s on a road trip? Comments (11).

Smartmom has a new persona: Crazy Lady

Smartmom: Her family is driving her mad, so why not, right? Comments (7).

Dooley has no ‘Butts’ about this book

Dooley Noted: You gotta love “The Butt Book” by Artie Bennett. Comments (5).

Nannygate in Slope! The hand that rocks the cradle is off-the-books

Parenting: Moms and Dads in Park Slope are guilty of Nannygate. Comments (35).

One Park Slope nanny speaks!

Parenting: I moved here from Trinidad 21 years ago. I’ve lived in Brooklyn the whole time. The family I work for now has one baby whom I watch full time, everyday. Comments (8).

Diaper Diva tries to avoid the camp crimp

Smartmom: Smartmom talks her twin sister through the toughest job she’ll have love: Being camp counselor to her 5-year-old this summer. Comments (2).

Smartmom hands the baton to Diaper Diva (symbolically!)

Smartmom: No, Smartmom hasn’t given up her title, but she is realizing that her twin sister is just as smart a mom (if not more so) than she is. Ouch! Comments (4).

February, 2010

Smartmom’s girl has her own Olympic moment

Smartmom: OK, so she didn’t win the gold, but the Oh So Feisty One makes Smartmom and Hepcat proud. Comment.

Smartmom recalls the worst — and best — Valentine’s Day

Smartmom: Teen Spirit was almost born four months too early — and therein lays a great Valentine’s story. Comments (1).

Valentine’s Day is coming up — and Smartmom is nervous

Smartmom: Smartmom worries whether she — or her marriage — can stand up to the Valentine’s Day pressures. Comments (1).

Smartmom loves her TV families

Smartmom: Smartmom and Hepcat bond as a family while watching the small-screen version. Comments (1).

January, 2010

Smartmom craves another baby — but Teen Spirit suffices

Smartmom: Smartmom and Hepcat drove out to Ditmas Park last Saturday night to hear Bad Teeth, Teen Spirit’s band, at Vox Pop. Comments (1).

Smartmom resolves that this year is going to be different

Smartmom: Smartmom is making a list of ways to improve herself (and even getting her column in on time). But come on, this is Smartmom! There’s no way she pulls this off (especially the thing about her deadlines!). Comments (3).

Have an affair or not? Here’s Smartmom’s take

Smartmom: Everyone is talking about the Park Slope Parents poster who thinks her husband is about to have an affair. But is it such a big deal? Yes and no, our Smartmom says. Comments (13).

Teen Spirit’s first ‘semester’ at Gap Year University

Smartmom: With all of Teen Spirit’s high school friends back in town on their winter breaks from college, it’s a good time to review how doing Smartmom’s boy is doing. Comments (10).

December, 2009

Smartmom weighs in on the decade that changed parenting forever

Smartmom: In this, her last column of 2009, Smartmom takes a look back at the stories and trends that put Brooklyn on the parenting map during the 0’s, the decade that sounds like a breakfast cereal. Our borough was clearly the hotbed. Comments (4).