December, 2009

Bikes in buildings? Don’t hold your breath

Editorial: Our editorial board has some real problems with the city’s new “Bikes in Buildings” law. Comments (2)

DeBlasio caught in the act

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper has put incoming Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio on notice, thanks to his quite-un-public effort to help a Carroll Gardens school last week. Comments (10)

The city was wrong to remove the Bedford Avenue bike lane

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board — which has been both the staunchest supporter and the harshest critic of bike lanes — opposes the city’s move to eliminate a popular path on Bedford Avenue. Comments (13)

November, 2009

Council sick day bill needs treatment

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board generally supports workers rights, but the Council needs to go back to the drafting table and fix its flawed paid sick day bill. Comments (1)

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Gay marriage now

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board supports gay marriage. Now, if the state Senate would only do something. Comments (10)

Mike — fix this already

Editorial: Congratulations, Mr. Mayor. Now, get to work. Comments (8)

October, 2009

Editorial: Let’s go — gulp — Yanks!

Editorial: Our editorial board weighs in on the Issue of Our Time: What is a Met fan to do with a Yankees-Phillies World Series? Bite the bullet and root for the team from the Bronx. Comments (1)

Editorial: State must keep Ratner on hook for affordable housing

Editorial: Our editorial board offers yet another example of how state officials have failed to serve the public as they keep kowtowing to Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner. Comments (1)

Editorial: Yes to wine, no to whine

Editorial: Our editorial board offers its take about why Wednesday night’s vote in favor of a new bar in Williamsburg is a good thing for the neighborhood. Comments (1)

Editorial: We’re still bullish on Downtown!

Editorial: This week’s news of a price slash at one of Downtown Brooklyn’s new luxury towers has been greeted by some as evidence that the city’s dream of creating an exciting, 24-7 residential neighborhood along Flatbush Avenue between Fulton Street and the Manhattan Bridge is a failure. Comment

September, 2009

Our pick: Mike Bloomberg for mayor

Editorial: The Community Newspaper Group, which includes The Brooklyn Paper, heartily endorses Mayor Mike. Comments (15)

Editorial: Here’s how to beat those crazies from Kansas

Editorial: Don’t descend to their level. Throw a Brooklyn party instead. Comments (4)

Editorial: Anti-Obama hate missive wounds us all

Editorial: All of Brooklyn is also avictim of the repugnant anti-Obama fliers that cascaded from a Downtown skyscraper on Wednesday. Comments (12)

Get engaged! Next Tuesday’s election is important, you know

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board scolds readers to eat their vegetables — namely, to read up on the issues and vote in Tuesday’s primaries. Comment

For comptroller, David Yassky

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board picks Councilman David Yassky, over three rivals for city comptroller. Comments (4)

Siegel is the only bulldog in the bunch for public advocate

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board picks civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel for public advocate. Comments (2)

Dems should pick Heyer for the 39th District

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board endorses John Heyer for the Democratic nomination to succeed Councilman Bill DeBlasio. Comments (17)

Evan Thies, a real reformer for the 33rd District.

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board endorses Evan Thies, a former aide to Councilman David Yassky, for the Democratic nomination to represent Greenpoint, Williamsburg, DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights and the rest of the sprawling 33rd District. Comments (2)

Incumbent James deserves re-election in the 35th District

Editorial: In the 35th District, The Brooklyn Paper editorial board endorses Letitia James for the Democratic nomination for her Fort Greene-Clinton Hill-Prospect Heights seat. Comments (12)

August, 2009

This time, Joe Sitt has screwed up

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board, which has long championed Joe Sitt’s plan for Coney Island, makes a strong break with the developer after he locked out his own amusement park in the middle of the summer. Comments (3)

Feds’ CityPoint bailout is a bad use of taxpayer dollars

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board thinks there are better ways to spend $20 million in federal stimulus money than to prop up a failed shopping mall in Downtown. Comments (5)

A pol’s kid goes to school — it is an issue!

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board weighs in on the controversy over a candidate’s decision to send his child to a private school. Comments (1)

Why we’re steamed

Editorial: Members of the Brooklyn Paper editorial board offer a tossed salad of things that are making them mad this summer. And who doesn’t love a tossed salad in the summer? Comment

July, 2009

Pick up your trash!

Meadows of Shame: In the wake of Sunday’s trash-filled party in Prospect Park, The Brooklyn Paper editorial board reminds readers that the park is for everyone — and everyone should pick up his damn trash afterwards! Comments (2)

Our editorial board speaks: Save Breukelen now!

Editorial: Our editorial board speaks: The world must cry out against this historic outrage. Comments (1)

Big news! The Brooklyn Paper says yes on Superfund!

Cleaning Our Waterways: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board has heard the entire debate and makes its decision: We support the federal Superfund designation of the Gowanus Canal. Comments (3)

Save the food vendors!

Editorial: Our editorial board believes that licensed street food vendors are a valuable part of our urban life. Comments (8)

June, 2009

It is a bailout

Editorial: Our editorial board believes that this week’s moves by two state agencies comprises a bailout of Bruce Ratner. Comments (3)

City needs to solve bike lane problem

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board, which supports cycling, still has a problem with some parts of the city’s bike lane policy. Comments (36)

Gehry or not, Brooklyn needs this arena

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board restates its longtime support for the Atlantic Yards arena. Comments (58)

Paper: Stop the BID bid

Editorial: Our editorial board backs a group of rogue merchants on Fulton Street who are fighting a new business improvement district in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. Comments (3)

May, 2009

Get on board with the new ‘Brooklyn Local’

Editorial: Our editorial board urges riders to make sure the MTA knows how important the newly expanded G-train service is to Brooklynites. Comments (3)

Why parking permits are not the answer

Editorial: Our editorial board has serious qualms about residential parking permits. Comments (14)

Paper: Here’s how to fix the Mean Streets

Editorial: The editorial board offers one solution for calming Brooklyn’s Mean Streets: car-free hours on some streets. Comment

More ‘Park’ malarkey

Editorial: The editorial board smells another rat in the latest cutbacks at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comment

April, 2009

Superfund answers are lacking

Editorial: There remain many unanswered questions about the federal plan to make the Gowanus Canal a Superfund site. Comments (9)

Bread and circuses at Coney

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board sees a bright summer at Coney Island — but lingering problems once the tent stakes are pulled up. Comments (2)

Superfund hype

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper questions federal intervention in cleaning up the Gowanus Canal. Comments (3)

Let DUMBO thrive

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper comes out in favor of a residential rezoning. Comments (10)

More Coney baloney

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper restates its position: Mayor Bloomberg is peddling Coney baloney! Comment

March, 2009

Squadron’s ‘Park’ plan

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board is cautiously optimistic about a state Senator’s plan to eliminate housing inside Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (1)

No to MTA bailout

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board calls for no increases in revenue for the inept MTA until the transit agency is reformed. Comments (17)

DiBrienza must quit

Editorial: In light of a scandal, our editorial board calls on Steve DiBrienza to abandon his race for his old City Council seat. Comments (9)

Koval’s departure

Editorial: Our editorial board sees a much bigger story to Marianna Koval’s resignation from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy. The story: There is no park. Comments (2)

February, 2009

Don’t fear the Big Box

Editorial: Our editorial board sees the success of the Red Hook Ikea as another reason to cheer for big box retail. Comments (5)

Protect freedom of speech

Editorial: Our editorial board is sick of politicians making it harder for newspapers to distribute their editions. Comments (2)

Build the arena — with fed money!

Editorial: Our editorial board says that the federal stimulus package has changed the equation and it’s now time to build the Atlantic Yards arena on Washington’s dime. A rare signed editorial by Publisher Ed Weintrob! Comments (58)

January, 2009

Yes on Dock Street

Editorial: Our editorial board reiterates its support for Jed Walentas’s Dock Street proposal. Comments (17)

Make ‘park’ a real park

Editorial: Our editorial board calls for the Brooklyn Bridge Park development to be scrapped and reconceived as a real public park. Comments (8)

Bait and switch

Editorial: Our editorial board says that the new calls to cut costs at Atlantic Yards are par for the course for developer Bruce Ratner: promise the stars, shoot for the moon, get state officials to approve the clouds, then build a project that barely gets off the ground. Comments (5)