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November, 2007

This ‘Admiral’ is demoted

Greene Acres: A widely unpublicized public hearing on Dec. 11 may be your last chance to save the historic houses of the Admirals Row at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Comments (1).

It’s not easy being green

Greene Acres: Our columnist delves into the high-priced produce at Fresh Garden, a new organic bodega. Comments (2).

Doing the Fulton shuffle

Greene Acres: Our columnist looks at why so many Fulton Street stores are closing. Comment.

October, 2007

Bicycle rider reads riot act

Greene Acres: Our columnist — a biker — gets angry about the bike-lane controversy in Fort Greene. Comments (1).

‘Model’ landlord is tenant-tough

Greene Acres: Our columnist finds that the Pratt Area Community Council doesn’t always practice what it preaches. Comments (2).

Mega profits change nabe

Greene Acres: A community meeting shows the danger of greed. Comment.

Taking a bite out of dentists

Greene Acres: Our columnist hopes that the dentists will remain in their old haunts at the Williamsburgh Savings Bank tower. Comment.

September, 2007

These 3 guys need space

Greene Acres: The three founders of a nearly finished Fort Greene music venue and art gallery that the city intends to raze to make way for a new home for a Manhattan dance group in the BAM Cultural District need to find a new home of their own — now. Comment.

Good ol’ days? Not so much

Greene Acres: Our columnist goes to a lecture by some old ladies and discovers that the so-called “good old days” weren’t so great. Comments (2).

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Myrtle Avenue finally rises

Greene Acres: Our columnist sees hope rising from the ashes. Comments (2).

Live from the top of Brooklyn

Greene Acres: Our columnist solves the mystery of the tall radio tower atop Brooklyn Tech HS. Comments (1).

August, 2007

Dancespace fever in Fort Greene

Greene Acres: A local developer is back in the mix to help develop the BAM Cultural District — and that’s good news. Comment.

Six degrees of renovation

Greene Acres: It’s taken six years for the city to build a community center in the Ingersoll Houses. Comment.

Whitman’s not falling just yet

Greene Acres: Our columnist check’s into the rumored sale by the city of the Ingersoll housing project. Comment.

Sixteen reasons why tower’s too big

Greene Acres: The city earned some brownie points in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill this week, quashing a developer’s plans to build a 16-story tower on a four-story block. Comment.

July, 2007

She can’t go home again

Greene Acres: Our columnist’s old Fort Greene digs — the $750 three-bedroom apartment that she called home a mere four years ago — was one of’s “condos of the day” last week. Naturally, she tried to go home again. Comment.

Crying in my tofu chicken

Greene Acres: Mobay, purveyor of the finest veggie-chicken roti from Fort Greene to Montego Bay, is dead. Our columnist mourns. Comment.

Thou shalt not make a noise

Greene Acres: The city finally takes on God. Comments (1).

June, 2007

Wrong way on Carlton Avenue

Greene Acres: Our columnist discovers that the city’s best-laid plans sometimes don’t get finished. Comment.

Don’t let the bedbugs bite

Greene Acres: The bedbug invasion has come to Fort Greene. Comment.

Educators must learn a lesson

Greene Acres: Our columnist wonders why Department of Education officials can’t learn the simplest lesson of schooling: talk to the parents! Comment.

Brewing up for a coffee war

Greene Acres: Our columnist gets embedded in the coffee war. Comment.

Tripping the park — unfantastic

Greene Acres: The sidewalk on one edge of Fort Greene Park is sinking — and our columnist goes deep to figure it out. Comment.

May, 2007

Tales from the Fort Greene crypt

Greene Acres: Our columnist tells a great Memorial Day story about America’s real hero soldiers. Comment.

Whose park is it anyway?

Greene Acres: What could be bad about an all-day festival in Fort Greene Park? Just ask the community board! Comment.

This ‘Angel’ is still broken

Greene Acres: The Broken Angel may finally have met its demise, thanks to a recent court ruling. Comment.

School teaches art of the deal

Greene Acres: A Brooklyn school has taught some developers a lesson in real estate, beating out more than a dozen competitors for a prized piece of land in central Clinton Hill that could have supported at least six floors of luxury housing. Comment.

April, 2007

Too much green in Ft. Greene

Greene Acres: Luxury units in the Forte condos - Fort Greene’s first new residential skyscraper - officially went on the market last week, putting the punctuation mark on the neighborhood’s complete transformation into Brooklyn’s own Upper West Side. Comment.

Offer adds up to mulch

Greene Acres: Win a free composter … and a free lesson on how to use it! Comment.

In Clinton Hill, skin is in

Greene Acres: A plastic surgery clinic’s naked pictures raise more than just eyebrows. Comment.

Luxury condos no ‘state’ secret

Greene Acres: Elected officials rail against a plan to sell a state-owned office building at 55 Hanson Place. Comment.

March, 2007

Liquors story is a boozy romp

Greene Acres: A sordid tale from the former owner of Liquors restaurant in Fort Greene. Comments (2).

Inside the beast of the belly

Greene Acres: In the midst of a Health Department crackdown, our column dives into a restaurant that was once called one of the city’s dirtiest. Comment.

Putting Walt in a time vault

Greene Acres: Our columnist finds Walt Whitman’s former home. Why is it not protected? Comments (9).

A sour mail-female relationship

Greene Acres: Fort Greene and Clinton Hill join the race to complain about the Postal Service. Comment.

February, 2007

Everybody in the pool (not)

Greene Acres: Our columnist tries to figure out why Long Island University hasn’t opened its nice new gym to the pool-starved public — as promised. Comment.

Money just waiting to be spent

Greene Acres: Our columnist tries to figure out why Fort Greene Park declines, even though money is available to fix it. Comment.

Class struggles in Fort Greene

Greene Acres: Our columnist looks at the real-estate listings and finds trouble on the way. Comment.

Cheesy future for Myrtle Avenue

Greene Acres: Does Murder Avenue need a cheese shop? Our columnist tries to find out. Comment.

January, 2007

Doing the Fort Greene shuffle

Greene Acres: Our columnist tries to get across the intersection of Lafayette Avenue, Fort Greene Place and Fulton Street. And, believe it or not, she makes it! Comment.

In Ft. Greene, the eye candy is wearable

Greene Acres: Our columnist ponders two eternal questions: Why are there so many very-high-end fashion stores in this neighborhood and does that $358 sweater come in mauve? Comment.

Babies storm Fort Greene

Greene Acres: In their insatiable desire to devour all of Brownstone Brooklyn, the Babies are infiltrating Fort Greene. Comment.