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The Search, by Mike McLaughlin

September, 2008

It’s true — ignorance is bliss

The Search: Our columnist learns the most important life lesson after a break-up: stop trying to learn important life lessons after a break-up. Comments (1).

OK, maybe brunch ain’t so bad

The Search: Our columnist admits that some brunches are OK. Comments (1).

Naked brunch

The Search: Our dumped columnist finds a silver lining in the cloud of romantic despair: He’s done with brunch, baby! Comments (6).

Mike’s shopping for a bed

The Search: This week, our senior reporter shops (optimistically, we believe) for a bed. With video … Comments (3).

August, 2008

One search down, another on the rocks

The Search: Our columnist’s search for love and a place to live has achieved at least one success: He now has a roof over his head. Comment.

Mike’s Search

The Search: The search leads to an apartment. But what about love? That, friends, is the tougher question. With video … Comments (3).

Boss Kuntzman stymies Mike’s ‘Search’

The Search: Our columnist’s search for love and an apartment (not necessarily in that order!) is already butting up against his boss’s demands for copy. Watch as award-winning Editor Gersh Kuntzman and award-nominated Senior Reporter Mike McLaughlin battle it out. With video … Comments (3).

Keith Richards — my mentor

The Search: Our columnist — newly dumped and homeless — begins his quest to solve both problems in our new weekly feature. Comment.

Mike’s Search

The Search: Join our senior reporter as he looks for love — and a place to live — in today’s Brooklyn. Fasten your seatbelts, readers, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! With video … Comments (7).