The Dad

December, 2011

Hey, kid, get over it! A very special Christmas column

The Dad: Our Dad teaches his kids how to deal with disappointment (and there’ll be a lot — they’re his kids, after all!). Comments (2).

Good dads see ‘Twilight’ movies

The Dad: If it’s Sunday, that means our columnist got his story in early this week! And a good thing, too, because this one has the key to being a great dad! Comments (2).

November, 2011

If you love something, let it fly alone

The Dad: Our columnist lets his 13-year-old fly to Grandma’s house without him. They both learned a valuable lesson. Comments (1).

To be a great dad, fail sometimes

The Dad: Our columnist learns that when he makes mistakes, his daughters learn. Comments (4).

The column of magic and loss

The Dad: Our columnist thinks about how his daughters will remember him (at least they can!). Comments (2).

October, 2011

Should we tattle on each others’ kids?

The Dad: Our columnist is pleased that all his parent friends don’t tattle on each others’ kids. Or is he? Comment.

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He wants his daughters to have sex!

The Dad: Not yet, silly, but when they’re ready. To help, he’s giving them answers to complicated questions — the opposite of what the “abstinence only” movement advocates. Comments (2).

September, 2011

Hey, kids, P.S. he loves you

The Dad: Our columnist learns the most important lesson from 9-11: Tell your kids that you love them. Comment.

Dealing with Irene like a ’50s TV dad

The Dad: Sometimes father really does know best. Comment.

August, 2011

Divorce cracks his secure foundation

The Dad: A close family of our columnist splits up — and who knows what will happen next? Comments (3).

Let’s not turn our kids into fear-filled zombies!

The Dad: Our columnist realizes that bad things happen in the world, but his job is to suppress his own fear and let his kids explore the world. Comment.

July, 2011

Dad sends his ‘love’ letters

The Dad: Our columnist is a serial correspondent with his girls at camp — which naturally means he’s the better parent, right? Comments (1).

Because I said so

The Dad: Our columnist is proud of the decisions he’s made for his girls, and the decisions he let them make for themselves. He’s just not sure where to draw the line between the two. Comment.

June, 2011

The passage of time is not a Kodak moment

The Dad: Our columnist realizes that he’s missing stuff that he can’t even remember missing. Comments (1).

Stop trying to impress your kids!

The Dad: If being a dad is a constant expedition then Father’s Day is the annual return to Base Camp. My children profess their love for me, hand me cards, make me some food and I’m refreshed and recharged for the next foray into the unknown jungles of parenthood. Comments (1).

May, 2011

Defending the PS 29 vandals — and their parents

The Dad: Here it is — The Dad’s most-controversial column ever. With parents calling for the heads of the spoiled brats who torched the PS 29 playground, our columnist finds a way to defend them. Let’s keep those cards and letters coming, folks! Comments (11).

The new sports heroes — major league dads

The Dad: Our columnist hits a home run on the controversy of the day: Should Major League Baseball players get — and take — their paternity leave during the season. Comments (1).

A Mother’s Day ode — for better or worse

The Dad: Our columnist draws the short straw — the Mother’s Day column — and learns what, exactly, he owes his mom. Comment.

April, 2011

On Passover, he is truly a man in full

The Dad: Why is this night different from all other nights? Because on this night, our parenting columnist is a real father. Comments (1).

Raising Cubs fans links daughters to Dad’s past

The Dad: Baseball season offers this reminder: Our columnist is not a New Yorker, even if his daughters are. Comments (4).

March, 2011

Caffeine — the new gateway drug?

The Dad: Our columnist confronts every parent’s fear: that his 16-year-old is addicted to coffee. Comments (24).

Want greatness from your kids? Believe in them

The Dad: Our columnist learns a lesson on in parenting from the brutal attack on CBS News reporter Lara Logan. And it’s not the one you might think. Comments (4).

February, 2011

Our columnist’s secret: Vacations are Daddy’s little helper

The Dad: It’s school vacation, and I’m away with the kids skiing, having a blast, hanging with friends from breakfast until we all collapse at night. My wife wanted to come, planned to, but stayed behind because of work. Comment.

Dealing with his teenager’s cleavage

The Dad: Our columnist knows he’s getting old — but there really is too much sex in our culture right now, right? Comments (8).

January, 2011

Tiger Mom vs. Ostrich Dad

The Dad: Our columnist takes on Amy Chua and her “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.” Comments (7).

Keeping up with his ‘Modern Family’

The Dad: Our columnist confronts his daughters’ Facebook addictions. Comment.