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The Play’s the Thing, with Ed Shakespeare

September, 2008

Our prof doles out the grades

Play’s the Thing: Our columnist doles out his end-of-season awards. Comment.

It’s down to the wire

Play’s the Thing: The Cyclones make their push for the playoffs. Comment.

August, 2008

Baseball in any language

Play’s the Thing: In his greatest column to date, the Bard explains what Sesame Street has been teaching us for years — people that play together, speak English and Spanish together. Comments (1).

Cyclones take two of three from Yanks! They’re back in it!

Cyclones: The Cyclones are surging and are back in contention, thanks to taking two of three from the first-place Yanks. Comment.

The Oisk wins again

Play’s the Thing: Our columnist at Carl Erskine Day at Keyspan Park. Comments (1).

Who’s not on first (second or third)?

Play’s the Thing: Our Bard explains why the Cyclones are in second place: injuries! Comment.

The Bard’s report cards continue — this time, it’s the pitchers

Play’s the Thing: At the midpoint of their 76-game season, the Cyclones’ record stood at a weak 18–20 and the team was in last place in the McNamara Division. Last week, I gave the starters their first-half grades. Now, it’s time to look at the pitching staff. Make no mistake — I’ve got out my ruler! Comment.

July, 2008

The midseason report card

Play’s the Thing: The Bard of Brooklyn Baseball offers his assessment of the 18-20 Cyclones. Cover your eyes; this could get ugly! Comment.

When pigs fly

Play’s the Thing: Our columnist bemoans Walter O’Malley’s induction into the Hall of Fame on Sunday. Comments (1).

Nobody asked him, but…

Play’s the Thing: Every so often noted New York sportswriter Jimmy Cannon used to entitle his column “Nobody asked me, but…,” and Cannon would give a compilation of opinions on a variety of issues. Comment.

Three’s company at third

Play’s the Thing: Fans using merely literal vision see only one person at third base when the Cyclones are in the field, but those baseball aficionados gifted with more figurative sight can see three persons at the hot corner for Brooklyn — Zach Lutz, and standing behind him, his parents. Comment.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Play’s the Thing: The Bard of Brooklyn Baseball continues his look at the 2008 Cyclones by deconstructing the pitching staff. Comment.

June, 2008

Bard to you: Who’s on 1st

Play’s the Thing: Our columnist takes you through the Cyclones’ infield. Comment.

A tale of two boroughs

Play’s the Thing: Queens and Brooklyn are rivals on the diamond, but for Cyclones fans, this is the best of times. Comment.