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The Play’s the Thing, with Ed Shakespeare

November, 2005

Power of restraint

Play’s the Thing: Walk past the new Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese monument outside Keyspan Park in Coney Island, and you’ll see a moment frozen in time. Comment.

September, 2005

Now for the 2005 Clonies

Play’s the Thing: There is nothing like a Clonie Award — the annual end-of-season award presented by The Brooklyn Papers to a deserving Cyclone or a personage associated with Brooklyn baseball. Comment.

Where did the time go?

Play’s the Thing: Just the other night, the Cyclones were losing 2-1. Edgar Rodriguez was up for Brooklyn with two out, bases empty, in the bottom of the ninth. The packed crowd was hoping for a miracle. They got one. Rodriguez hit the ball deep into the night, over the fence. Comment.

Where’s the Class of 2001?

Play’s the Thing: Mike Jacobs’ record-breaking debut with the New York Mets brings back memories of other members of the inaugural Brooklyn Cyclones, which shared the league championship in 2001. Comment.

August, 2005

Fusselle keeps ‘head’ in the game

Play’s the Thing: There were 2,501 Warner Fusselles at Keyspan Park on Sunday — two in the Catbird Seat and the remainder distributed about the yard, from the left field corner, to behind home plate, and on out to the bleachers. Comment.

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How Podres changed NY baseball

Play’s the Thing: There’s was a lot of baseball — past, present and future — going on in Downtown Brooklyn the past week. Oh, sure, the games were being played out at Keyspan, but the pitcher who won the biggest game in Brooklyn history was in town, and, to borrow a line from Brooklyn-born playwright Arthur Miller, attention must be paid. Comment.

Jon Malo seeks save of his life

Play’s the Thing: Brooklyn Papers Cyclones Coverage Comment.

Cyclones half-time report

Play’s the Thing: Brooklyn Papers Cyclones Coverage AUGUST 6 , 2005 ISSUE Comment.

July, 2005

After all the years, Dodgers champs

Play’s the Thing: Brooklyn Papers Cyclones Coverage JULY 30, 2005 ISSUE Comments (2).

Welcome home to ‘Oisk’ & da ‘bums

Play’s the Thing: Brooklyn Papers Cyclones Coverage JULY 23, 2005 ISSUE Comment.

This week, talk about ‘Todays’

Play’s the Thing: Brooklyn Papers Cyclones Coverage Comment.

And now you know the names

Play’s the Thing: The Cyclones are, as of this writing, a first-place ball club, and that’s great. But as a Clones follower, you probably can’t tell one Brooklyn player from another without a scorecard this early in the season. Comment.

June, 2005

Looking back after 50 years

Play’s the Thing: It was 3:45 pm on Oct. 4, 1955, when the Dodgers’ Johnny Podres threw the pitch that the Yankees’ Elston Howard bounced to short. Pee Wee Reese caught the ball and threw to first base where Gil Hodges grabbed the low throw to give Brooklyn its first — and only — World Series championship. Comment.