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The Play’s the Thing, with Ed Shakespeare

September, 2006

This is the Clones year that was

Play’s the Thing: Let’s stop with all the kvetching already! The 2006 Cyclone season is over, and now Brooklyn fans might take a cue from former Mayor Ed Koch and ask, “So how are we doin’?” Comment.

Berrios pitches in with hurlers

Play’s the Thing: Brooklyn’s Professor of Pitching — Hector Berrios — spends his most effective hours toiling out-of-sight before games in the right-field bullpen, teaching his pupils in one-on-one sessions. Comment.

Two gentlemen from Anderson

Play’s the Thing: This is a tale of two pitchers — Carl Erskine and Grady Hinchman — two gentlemen from the central Indiana town of Anderson who came to Brooklyn and wound up competing against Yankees, one in numerous World Series and the other, two generations later, in the New York-Penn League playoff race. Comment.

August, 2006

Behind the scenes with Shakespeare

Play’s the Thing: It used to be called “Inside Baseball” — the subtle strategy behind the plays — before baseball too often became a game of waiting for three-run homers. Comment.

July, 2006

Buck O’Neil is in my own Hall of Fame

Play’s the Thing: Buck O’Neil is in a special Hall of Fame. But it’s not the one in Cooperstown. Born in 1911 — he’s almost 95 years old — he came to Keyspan Park on Tuesday where the Cyclones were set to play the Mahoning Valley Scrappers. Comment.

Clones take their show on the road

Play’s the Thing: Just when it looked as though things couldn’t get worse for the 7–13 Cyclones, the team headed out on a six-game road trip to the distant cities of Williamsport, Penn., and Burlington, Vt. Comment.

Brass tries to shakeup the lineup

Play’s the Thing: My first column of the year reviewed the Cyclones’ position players in a format modeled on the famous Abbott and Costello routine, Who’s On First? Comment.

We let you know Who is on first

Play’s the Thing: The Cyclones 2006 campaign has been underway for more than a week, and fans coming to Keyspan Park won’t recognize the team from last season. Comment.

June, 2006

Who says nice guys finish last?

Play’s the Thing: Amaxim credited to Leo Durocher, former manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, is “Nice guys finish last.” Comment.