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The Play’s the Thing, with Ed Shakespeare

September, 2007

Dark, quiet and sleepy ballgame

Play’s the Thing: The Bard of Brooklyn baseball mourns the passing of the Cyclones’ 2007 season. Comment.

Nobody asked me, but…

Play’s the Thing: The bard gives us a catch-all column of his likes and dislikes about the Cyclones, Keyspan Park and life on the road. Comment.

Pitching should lift Clones

Play’s the Thing: The Bard of Brooklyn baseball sizes up the coming playoff clash between the Cyclones and the Staten Island Yankees. Good news: He’s predicting a win! Comments (1).

August, 2007

Our Bard roots for the Yanks

Play’s the Thing: Our columnist explains why it’s OK to root for the Staten Island Yankees. One word: playoffs! Comment.

Jackie’s legend lives on

Play’s the Thing: Our columnist recalls Jackie Robinson on his day at Keyspan Park. Comments (1).

Three days in the bus leagues

Play’s the Thing: The Bard of Brooklyn Baseball follows a Cyclone around town — and beyond. Comment.

Cyclones mid-year report card

Play’s the Thing: Brooklyn’s Bard of Baseball rates the Cyclones at the half-way point of their season. Comment.

July, 2007

The fire in Big Newk still burns

Play’s the Thing: The Bard of Brooklyn baseball visits with Dodger great, Don Newcombe. Comment.

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Recalling Danny Garcia

Play’s the Thing: Danny Garcia is up on the wall at Keyspan Park, and up against the wall in his career. A reflection on the topsy-turvy world of the Cyclones’ first major-leaguer. Comments (1).

The plot thickens

Play’s the Thing: Our columnist recalls 1951, when the Giants stole — literally, stole — the pennant from the Dodgers Comment.

June, 2007

And now, Who’s on First?

Play’s the Thing: Here’s our columnist’s annual Cyclones edition of the old “Who’s On First” routine. Comment.

May, 2007

A nod to the Pod

Play’s the Thing: Cyclones’ tickets went on sale this week — and Dodger great Johnny Podres was there! Comment.