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North Brooklyn archive


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Evicted artists return from ‘matzoh brawl’

Williamsburg: After three months of sleeping on their friends’ couches, the evicted artists of 475 Kent Ave. are finally back to doing what they do best: putting on an art show. Comment

Not a drop to drink

Williamsburg: The Gowanus Canal has the promise of big-bucks development, the star power of its own movie, “Lavender Lake,” and is eligible to be on the National Register for Historic Places, but Newtown Creek is finally ready to surpass its rival as in the malodorous spotlight. Comment

Houses for hipsters

Williamsburg: Buying homes isn’t just for the stuffy, old and rich anymore. But if you’re young, artsy, cool and fashionable — in short, a hipster — you still need help. One broker is offering it — in bars! Comment

Twisted his leg

Williamsburg: A hoodlum turned his victim into a contortionist on March 21, twisting a 54-year-old man’s leg until it broke — but the injured man got one measure of relief when his alleged tormentor was later collared. Plus all the crime news from Williamsburg and Greenpoint’s 94th Precinct. Comment


Williamsburg: A man in a business suit stealthily snatched more than $13,000 of photo equipment from a photographer during an April 1 shoot at a wedding hall on Ross Street. Plus all the crime news from Williamsburg and Bushwick’s 90th Precinct. Comment

NABBED! Burglars caught in the act on Flushing Avenue

Williamsburg: Cops interrupted the burglary of a Flushing Avenue sneaker store on April 1, arresting one half of a criminal team that was suspected of robbing the shop of $40,000 of merchandise in January. Comment

Path to victory in Billyburg

Williamsburg: Pedal-pushers in Williamsburg and Greenpoint are taking a victory lap to celebrate the approval of a bike path that would convert a dangerous truck route along Kent Avenue into a safe haven for cyclists. Comment