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Mayor Bill de Blasio and his family aren’t the only ones leaving Brooklyn. Read more

Image via Brooklyn Public Library email blastAll right, they’ve probably been there for a while considering librarians are usually pretty badass and also that the BPL tweets way more than  Read more

The Kentile Floors Sign’s proverbial bed is still warm and the nostalgia mafia has already found a way to cash in. Boundless Brooklyn, a model shop and “certified Brookln Made  Read more

Metropolitan Diary: Returning to his old Bensonhurst neighborhood, a man tried to have his picture taken practicing his schoolyard pitching. Read more

Green-Wood Cemetery honored the Battle of Brooklyn, fought in 1776, with re-enactments, a parade and a ceremony on Sunday. Read more

A scene from the Friday afternoon rush, as New Yorkers head into one of the last weekends of August. Read more

Are you sick of the Ice Bucket Challenge? Or are you now part of the backlash to the backlash of the crazy viral movement to raise money (it’s already raised  Read more

Image via dadventures.comPark Slope: Where all the women are [fill in the blank*], the men are [fill in the blank*] and the children are above average but are also such  Read more

FOR SALE: 1995 Honda Accord

Cheapest Car for sale (with pictures) in Park Slope. $1300 feels like a lot of money for 20 year old piece of shit with 211,000 miles  Read more

A slide show from the past week in New York City and the region includes images from a fire in Manhattan and the Ice Bucket Challenge in Brooklyn. Read more

Well, folks, it’s getting to the tail end of a glorious summer, packed with great events and gorgeous weather. I implore you not to waste these waning days of outdoor  Read more

Hey Coney Island, get out those organic artisan hot dogs and kale-laced sauerkraut on gluten free buns, make sure you don’t serve anything from Eden Organics, and make sure you  Read more

Despite technically taking place across the river, “When Harry Met Sally…” exemplifies the yuppie romantic comedy many hope to live out in Brooklyn: on again/off again hook ups, dinner parties,  Read more

Image via DNAInfo/Serena DaiBack in July, Daily Intelligencer posted about a Park Slope condo that was enticing buyers with the promise of a free Tesla. Now comes word from DNAInfo  Read more

Martin Kleinman grew up in the Bronx. In 1985, he decided to move to Brooklyn — a decision not lauded by his grandmother. Read more

What you need to know in New York for Monday: New York jurors hear about bombings in Israel, more-than-fair weather, and a labor deal for the Metropolitan Opera. Read more

The police responded to reports of a possible explosive device at the Louis Pink Houses in the East New York neighborhood on Saturday, evacuating some residents. Read more

FREE: Dog Grooming Lessons

“If my dog had a face like you I’d shave its butt and teach it to walk backwards.” This is an old insult that can now be  Read more

Back in December 2013 FIPS reported that the owner of Park Slope’s so-stereotypically-Park-Slope-it’s-ridiculous maternity and nursing retailer, Boing Boing, had had just about enough of your ingratitude, thank you very  Read more

Metropolitan Diary: A writer stopped off at the bodega in her old neighborhood and reminisced about her wilder, carefree former life. Read more


UPDATE: Leroy found a home! Hooray!

Ok, dog lovers: cozy up to your cinema screens and take a look at this sweet little guy...Leroy!

FIPS reader (and dog walker & trainer! Hire  Read more

Today is my birthday. I don’t expect a gift—although I wouldn’t turn it away. Hell, I don’t even expect you to care that it’s my birthday—but as it is my  Read more

Photo via Seamless

How much would you pay for a margarita? Back in my day, we’d congregate at El Sombrero in the LES & blow our paychecks on crack margaritas. I  Read more


If you’ve been to Union Hall recently, have you noticed a guy, sitting by himself, drawing on a napkin? If so, you just might have spotted The Napkin Killa! Imagine,  Read more

 Photo via Daily Mail via Twitter via Hipsters

Dust Devil: A small whirlwind or air vortex over land, visible as a column of dust and debris. --New Oxford American Dictionary

Honestly, I thought a Dust Devil was that  Read more

Heard it from a friend who (lives in Turner Towers, and)...heard it from a friend who (works in a another place of business on the block and)...heard it from the  Read more

Image via is producing a pretty fucking smart upcoming event:

What: Speed Dating for Moms—get matched up with your next BFF

Where: The Bell House; 149 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215

When: Wednesday, October 22, in the evening

Why: Because  Read more


COMMUNITY – Stray cat strut!

Meowwwwww. I don’t bother chasing mice around. I slink down the alley looking for a fight. Howling to the moonlight on a hot summer night. I  Read more

In case you spent all week gathering your survival kit for the impending Ebola outbreak, here’s a roundup of juicy FIPS news that graced the pages of our blog this  Read more

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