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Photo credit: Enid Alvarez/New York Daily NewsThis just in from a FIPS reader:

I was walking my dog through the Nethermead [last night] after 9PM, when they have off leash dog hours,  Read more

Well, this makes a whole lot more sense. As it turns out, Lice Busters is NOT moving into the ginormous space left by Sweet Melissa’s, but rather they will take  Read more

Metropolitan Diary: An Independence Day crowd at the Brooklyn Promenade got less congested as complainers left early, not realizing that they had been watching the wrong show. Read more

No, they’re not, really. Did you just think for a moment you might be picked to hug Robert Pattinson, or that the casting notes for Star Wars Episode VII included  Read more

What you need to know for Wednesday: Brooklynites favor a new drug policy, a sunny day, and a hip-hop festival. Read more


A while back, FIPS asked this same question about a laptop and an open purse. I would place an unattended laptop and purse in the other room at Starbucks in  Read more

Firefighters on Tuesday attended the Staten Island wake of Lt. Gordon Matthew Ambelas, 40, who died in a Brooklyn fire Saturday. Read more

See that picture above? It’s a salad. A scrumptious, orgasmic salad. Prosciutto-wrapped Romaine with cheese, figs, and thick balsamic goodness. I could have licked the plate, and for me that  Read more


I was equally giddy with anticipation and awash in the heebie-fucking-jeebies upon arriving at the newly opened Morbid Anatomy Museum at 424 Third Avenue in Brooklyn. 

The Morbid Anatomy Museum is  Read more

Late last week, we heard through the grapevine that the former Sweet Melissa’s location across from PS321 was finally going to reopen as...Lice Busters. [Cue deflating balloon sound] A friend  Read more

Metropolitan Diary: A poetic tribute to short skirts, roller coasters, walks on the beach and even Con Edison brownouts. Read more

Images via The Real Deal

It seems like every day brings the death of another long-time Park Slope institution. With this new Throwback Thursday column, the old-timer FIPS writers are going  Read more

Oh say can you see...the monumental shit I have for you this time around? As this is perhaps the most important week of national pride, I want you to get  Read more

This holiday week, City Room is digging up articles from The New York Times archives that tell tales of city summers past. Today’s installment is about the history of air-conditioning.  Read more

Metropolitan Diary: A look back at a child’s search for monarchs and painted ladies in the weedy vacant lots all over the borough. Read more

We’re bringing the blotter to you a day early this week in honor of the holiday weekend. Enjoy!

COMMUNITY: Classical Guitar Lessons

This person has been posting every goddamn day trying to  Read more

I know, I know, summer officially started a week and a half ago, but since my kids were in school until last Thursday, and I spent the last two weeks  Read more

It can get tough out there, separating the chaff from the wheat. Or in this case, the products actually made in Brooklyn from the tchotchke just trying to cash in  Read more

Image via tractor-beam.comIn case you’ve been in or around the Grand Army Plaza on recent weekends, you may have noticed a man in front of the Brooklyn Public Library painting  Read more

Image via dremlandrollerrink.comProving there is no end to the voracious appetite for quirky, retro, low-impact activities in Brooklyn, make way for “Lola Star’s Dreamland Roller Disco” in Prospect Park. “I  Read more

A friend o’FIPS wrote in to vent frustration after a recent trip to Target and back via car service:

A few weeks ago, I took a car service from 2nd Street  Read more

Soon to be former Brooklyn Net, Andray Blatche, gave our favorite borough the middle finger via Instagram on Saturday night. For the sake of accuracy/attorneys: He didn’t literally post a middle finger;  Read more

Aghast at the “prospect” that common folk (like those without yards, money, etc) might want to participate in the Great American Pastime ™ of BBQ’ing, a select group of nearby  Read more

What you need to know for Monday: polishing a station’s metal, clouds and sun, and a move to ban grilling in Prospect Park. Read more

The Sol Goldman Pool at the Red Hook Recreation Center in Brooklyn opened for the season on Friday. Read more

In case you spent all week trolling vrbo for a sweet rental on the Cape because holy shit it’s summer and you have made zero vacation plans, here’s a round  Read more

Metropolitan Diary: A group of middle schoolers ordering food in Brooklyn, and coming up short, learned that generosity sometimes comes with a surly face. Read more

There was the time when the particle-accelerating Superconducting Super Collider didn’t work out. It was 1993 & Congress & Clinton were scared of science & thus decided to stop the  Read more

It seems like every day brings the death of another long-time Park Slope institution. With this new Throwback Thursday column, the old-timer FIPS writers are going to get all fucking  Read more

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