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CompStat reports are produced by the New York Police Department on a weekly basis. We summarize the week’s statistics for the 61st Precinct reports every Friday. The 61st Precinct is  Read more

Court Tree Collective, the small gallery/event space at 371 Court Street between Carroll Street and First Place, has been hosting quite a few interesting events since they opened their door  Read more

Ski homes these days are not all chalets made of stone and timber according to Curbed Ski, which just mapped the top ten “architecturally surprising” properties for sale in ski  Read more

Bitter strife! Critical discord! Trompe-l’oeil marble patterns! Two advisory board members of the American Friends of Chartres Cathedral have responded to Martin Filler’s thoroughgoing denunciation of the Chartres Cathedral restoration  Read more

All photos courtesy of Philippe Chiambaretta Architecte An architecture firm in Paris has converted a midcentury printing plant in the Marais into their new headquarters. Preserving the building’s gabled roof  Read more

One of the protesters who was allegedly part of a group that assaulted two police officers during the Millions March NYC on the Brooklyn Bridge last weekend has turned himself  Read more

Interested in getting more of that Curbed life (read: beautiful homes and gorgeous design news) happening in your social streams? Do check out Curbed’s Pinterest page, a trove of beautiful,  Read more

Officials are investigating a three-alarm fire that ripped through a commercial building near Luna Park in Coney Island last night. The blaze started at a grocery store at 2900 Stillwell  Read more

Roller hockey players want the parks department to body-check a planned overhaul of a playground in Kensington that erases the park’s hockey rink. Read more. Read more

A Message from Empire State Development (ESD) regarding the April 30th public hearing on the Atlantic Yards Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement:

On March 28, 2014, the Board of

Directors  Read more

PUBLIC HEARING on Atlantic Yards

Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Wednesday, April 30

5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Long Island University

Room HS 107

75 DeKalb Avenue

This Wednesday, April 30th starting at 5:30 the Empire  Read more

A group of elementary school kids had a blast on Wednesday evening at the McCarren Park ice rink, where they tried out new, handicap-accessible ice sleds. Read more. Read more

Rumors spoke of a bidding war that Beyoncé and Jay Z were winning, over a 23,000-square-foot spec home in Beverly Hills. Now, it would seem that they have taken our  Read more

Calatrava presents his World Trade Center transit hub design—Photo by Virginie Lefour/AFP/Getty Images In a feature for Co.Design, writer Karrie Jacobs attempts to demystify Santiago Calatrava, the Spanish starchitect known  Read more

Photo via Realtor via Curbed NOLA · “Architecturally surprising” ski homes for sale. · Martha Stewart makes a “Gingerbread Abbey.” · Mediterranean Revival overloads on faux finishes. · A documentary  Read more

Photo by Steven Katz // Instagram: @_katztagram Morning Mug is our daily showcase of photographs from our readers. If you have a photograph that you’d like to see featured, send  Read more

It's all about the frame, right? So the article from Quartz, The Chinese Government Is Building Affordable Housing in Brooklyn (repurposed on fellow Atlantic site CityLab), was a particularly sheep-like framing of  Read more

The New York Times yesterday had an intriguing article, With Electric Jackhammers, Plans to Quiet an Earsplitting City Sound:While most contractors still rely on the clangorous pneumatic drills driven by compressed  Read more

- De Blasio fights for the right to mass arrest peaceful protesters. [Gothamist]- Parade will bring Appalachian dancing to Flatbush Avenue. [Brooklyn Paper]- More details about the Brooklyn man  Read more

A Brooklyn resident writes that Queens deserves the title. Read more

Run DMC at Barclays, a holiday party for Harry Potter fans, a carol-free Christmas Eve, and other great things to see and do in Brooklyn, Dec. 19–25. Read more. Read more

Play along with radios, bicycle bells, and kalimbas. Read more. Read more

As a result of a precedent-setting decision, Tranquilina Alvillar will soon be able to return to the Brooklyn apartment she was made to leave three years ago. Read more


According to a posting in the December 18 edition of the Brooklyn Spectator, the City Department of Sanitation is now registering emergency snow removal laborers at its district garages in  Read more


Eliot Spitzer’s Spitzer Engineering is bringing two 18 and 22-story towers to a waterfront parcel in Williamsburg, according to building permits the firm filed with the city today. The pair  Read more


Breaking news! The McDonald’s at 3540 Nostrand Avenue no longer has balls. The fast food restaurant cleared out the ball pit recently, according to super-tipster Robert Fernandez, who sent in  Read more


Below you’ll find weekend subway service changes for the B, Q, and F lines in Brooklyn. Check back Monday to see what’s happening next week. Changes via Through Friday:  Read more


Owners of some of the city’s subsidized apartments will find it easier to make their way out of one of the city’s most widely-used affordable housing programs, due to the  Read more


Last week we wrote about a few Christmas tree delivery services around New York, and asked you to share where... Read More… Read More

The post Where to Get a Tree  Read more

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