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Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014

Carmine comes out strong against violence

Sunday Screech: The Screecher says there’s a better way to work out your frustrations — on the dancefloor! Comment.

Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014

Page master: Our expert guide to the Brooklyn Book Festival

Books: Book this in to your schedule now! Comments (2).

What to read this week

Books: Neighborhood booksellers give their recommendations for great new summer reading. Comment.

Police seek Gowanus groper, would-be home invader

Gowanus: Cops are after a braces-wearing, teen scoundrel who they say tried to push his way into a woman’s Gowanus Houses apartment and groped her this summer. Comment.

Friday, Sept. 19, 2014

NYU ditches LICH deal

Hospitals in Crisis: Late last night New York University backed out of its role as a medical partner in the redevelopment scheme aimed at turning the former Long Island College Hospital campus into luxury housing with a healtchare component, throwing the whole sale into question. Comments (3).

Brooklyn Scots on the rocks after independence vote fails

Politics: Last night, three thousand miles away from Scotland, Scottish ex-pats and Americans of Scottish descent gathered at Brooklyn bars to toss back pints and watch the poll results flow in. Comments (1).

Where to GO this week!

Nightlife: See famous authors at the Brooklyn Book Festival, sample brews at Blocktoberfest, catch a funky film screening, and other things to do in Brooklyn Sept. 19–25. Comment.

Live poets society meets at Bay Ridge bar

Nightlife: A poetry club in Bay Ridge? Get outta here! Comments (1).

Wheeling and dealing: Pro-business group deploys roving consulting van

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is now offering house calls for small businesses. Comment.

Drama on the high seas in Red Hook

Theater: A roving band of seafaring actors has embarked on a string of performances of its show “Hacked: The Treasure of the Empire” at Gowanus Bay Terminal — aboard a 98-feet-long tall ship. Comments (3).

Quaker growth: Brooklyn Friends School expands Downtown

Downtown: This circle of friends is getting bigger. Comment.

Cops on patrol for pair rolling stolen goods in suitcase

Fort Greene: A pair of burglars stole a bunch of gadgets from a Fort Greene apartment on Sept. 14, then, apparently having difficulty carrying them, broke into a second pad on the same block and grabbed a wheeled suitcase to cart them off, police reported. Comment.

Bay Ridge brings the heat this weekend!

Bay Ridge Nights: Cool weather is moving in, but the nightlife meteorologists over at report that Bay Ridge is still heating up! Comment.

Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014

Broken homes: Ridgites fight to stop illegal conversions

Bay Ridge: Bay Ridge residents and politicians are scrambling to stop greedy property owners from illegally carving up one-family homes into multi-family flophouses. Comments (20).

Nursery crimes! MC Frontalot has a twisted take on fairy tales

Music: And they all lived rap-pily ever after. Comment.

Days of awe-some! P’Slope rabbi hopes to make high holy days hip

Boerum Hill: The high holy days are going hipster. Comment.

Cosmos soccer clinic out of this world

Park Slope: Slope kids kicked for the stars this week at a soccer tutorial hosted by the Long Island pro team the New York Cosmos. Comments (1).

Money talks: Startups seek social shakeup via online currencies

Circuit Lord: The bottom line at these social networking companies is that they look beyond the bottom line. Comment.

The Brooklyn Paper: Dealing with contractions

Page 1: It’s been the editor’s dilemma since Guttenberg invented the printing press: how to ensure ‘it is not” is properly shortened. Sure, we could demand “it’s not,” but that invariably gets turned into “its not,” which everyone knows is wrong (unless we put a “k” before “not). So how about “it isn’t?” That seems more reasonable. We’ll go with that. But what about the first word of this paragraph? Does it mean “it is” or “it has?” We’ll leave that to you, dear reader, to help ensure you keep hustlin’, Brooklyn. Comments (1).

Teaching the lessons of Ray Rice to my teens

The Dad: This week, the Dad has a teachable moment. Comments (1).