2011: Canarsie’s year of living dangerously

Bad beginnings

Champagne bottles weren’t the only things popping in Canarsie on New Year’s Day. Guns were, too. Here’s what happened:

• A thug used a man for target practice during an angry exchange at the corner of Avenue L and E. 84th Street. The victim was nearing the corner at 12:25 am when he got into an argument with the gunman, who left him with a non-life threatening wound.

• A 22-year-old man was arrested after he opened fire on a couple on Avenue J.

The victims were between E. 82nd and E. 83rd streets at 5:40 am when the unhinged gunman let loose a barrage of bullets — but hit no one. He was later arrested, charged with attempted murder.

Shot on E. 92nd Street

A gun-toting goon wounded a man on E. 92nd Street during a fearsome Jan. 3 exchange.

Police were told that the two men were arguing between Avenues J and K at 10 pm when the victim was shot. His wounds were not severe, officials explained — adding that the shooting appeared to be an “isolated incident.”

Cops are asking anyone with information regarding this incident to come forward.

Calls can be made to the 69th Precinct at (718) 257-6211. All calls will be kept confidential.

Cabbie robbed

It was an un-fare start to 2011: A thug robbed a cabbie of his cash as he was being driven through Canarsie New Year’s morning.

The cabbie told police that he was rolling toward the corner of E. 83rd Street and Avenue K at 6:10 am when the 34-year-old thief punched him in the face and made off with $50.

But he didn’t have any time to spend his loot — cops caught up with him a short time later and charged him with robbery.

Busted for boozin’

Talk about wanting to keep the party going! A New Year’s Day reveler was arrested on drunk driving charges when he was caught imbibing while he was on his way home from a party.

Cops pulled the 33-year-old motorist at the corner of Foster Avenue and E. 80th Street at 6:30 am and quickly realized that he was drunk.

That’s when he laid a confession on the cops — claiming that he was driving and drinking a beer before catching the peace keeper’s attention.

New Year’s panty raid

A thief looking ahead to a sexy 2011 decided to start things early on Jan. 1 when he stole an assortment of bras and panties from the Victoria Secret inside the Kings Plaza Mall.

Workers told police that the 45-year-old thief entered the store at 12:42 pm and was later caught trying to put 10 bras and 31 pairs of panties into a bag.

Cops caught up with him a short time later, charging him with petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

NYPD smash

A boozing motorist with amazingly bad luck was thrown in the drunk tank on Jan. 2 after he crashed into a police car while speeding along the Belt Parkway.

Police said that the 30-year-old motorist was speeding over the Mill Basin Bridge at 3:45 am when he sideswiped the police cruiser, causing extensive damage to his 1996 Acura RL.

Cops pulled the man over, learning rather quickly that he was three sheets to the wind.

When they asked him why he decided to drive, the answer was simple and stupid at the same time: “How else am I supposed to get home?” he said.

Purse grab

A thug jumped a 61-year-old woman on Flatlands Avenue on Dec. 26, taking her purse.

The victim was approaching E. 54th Street at 12:30 am when the suspect grabbed her mouth and robbed her.

Rooftop renegades

Thieves tunnelled into the Glenwood Mini Mart on Dec. 21, taking $700.

Workers said someone cut into the roof of the store, which is located near Kings Highway, at about 3 am, damaging the ceiling.

Devilish crime

Thieves broke into a Utica Avenue church — on Christmas!

The suspects damaged a window to get into the house of worship at 5:30 pm, looting $117 from a back office, congregants told police.

Cell spree

Four thieves converged on a Ralph Avenue cellphone store on Dec. 16 — taking an assortment of pricey communication devices.

The criminal quartet entered the store, which is between Avenues K and L, at 6:30 pm and immediately began emptying display cases, employees told police.

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