Bandit loots cash register

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Brick House 

A bandit stole a cash register from an 18th Avenue store with $150 cash in it on Feb. 1. 

Police said the crook threw a brick through the front door of the store between 67th and 68th streets to enter around 8 pm before swiping the cash. 

Not so safe

Thieves ransacked a 19th Avenue store and stole the safe containing $1,500 on Feb. 4. 

Police said they responded to a commercial alarm at the store between 85th and 86th streets around 3 am and found a hole in the ceiling and the space in disarray. 

Cat food burglar

Shoplifters swiped four cases of cat food from a 86th street pet store on Jan 31. 

A store employee told police he approached the pilferers outside of the store between W. 13th Street and Stillwell Avenue and they flashed a knife around 6:50 pm and fled with the $168 worth of kibble.