Baddie attacks straphanger with a stick during robbery


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Subway robbery 

A brute hit a man with a stick and stole his wallet near 63rd Street on May 10.

The victim told police that the robber entered the N train at the 20th Avenue station at  11 am and hit the victim with a wooden stick, before stealing $25 and his backpack.

Perfume purloiner

A bandit nabbed more than $1000 worth of perfume from an 86th Street pharmacy on May 9.

An employee told police that the burglar walked into the pharmacy between Bay 40th and Bay 41st streets at noon and snagged many bottles of perfume before running off.

Laundry room looter

A thief nabbed cash from a laundry room’s change machine at a 21st Avenue apartment building on May 5. 

A resident told police that the burglar entered the building on the corner of 76th Street at 8:45 pm, cut open the cash machine with a grinder, and removed the change before fleeing northbound on foot.