Man socks roommate during fight


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Violent intervention

A man broke his roommate’s jaw during an argument about the roommate’s drinking habits inside an 81st Street apartment on March 10.

The 63-year-old victim told police that the 49-year-old attacker socked him in the face several times during their dispute in their apartment between New Utrecht and Eighth Avenue at 7:55 am, breaking the victim’s jaw.


A man slashed his acquaintance’s face inside his 20th Avenue apartment on March 27.

The victim told police that his drunk friend walked into his room in his apartment on the corner of 67th Street just after midnight and slashed the left side of his face and neck with a large knife, before trying to cut his abdomen, where he left only a superficial cut.  

Smooth criminals

Three looters swiped $6,000 worth of lotion and home goods from a Kings Highway pharmacy on March 20.

An employee told police that three crooks entered the pharmacy on the corner of W. 11th Street at 11 pm and placed 93 bottles of Olay moisturizer, 43 bottles of L’Oreal cream, and other home goods into bags before running off.

Violent robbery

Cops arrested a man for allegedly choking a teenager and stealing his money on W. Sixth Street on March 25.

The 17-year-old victim told police that the suspect walked up to him and punched him in the face by the corner of Avenue O at 9:30 pm and then put him in a headlock, causing him to lose consciousness. The defendant then took $500 from the victim’s pocket and fled, according to authorities.

Not so classy

A klepto allegedly stole a woman’s designer glasses from a 21st Street apartment on March 21.

The victim told police that the suspect — who is an associate of a person whom the victim cares for — nabbed the victim’s purse at around 8 pm while she was at the apartment of the person she looks after located by Bay Ridge Avenue. The suspect returned the victim’s purse when confronted, but the victim realized that her Tom Ford glasses were gone, she said.