Home invader ransacks apartment

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Remote chance

A thief stole only a TV remote from a Bay 16th Street apartment when he ransacked an apartment on Aug. 20. 

The victim told police a bandit entered his between 86th Street and Benson Avenue through a side window when he had not been home around 4 pm and also left a cigarette but when leaving through the front door.  

Shower woes

A home invader broke into a W. 8th Street apartment and stole $600 while its inhabitant was in the shower on Aug. 15. 

The victim told police he heard noise while he was in the shower at his apartment between Avenues O and P and got out around 11:30 pm to find the prowler fleeing through the front door. 

Money Mayhem 

A fiend tried to steal $150 from the cash register of a Bay Parkway store but an employee wrestled it away on Aug. 19. 

The employee told police the good-for-nothing came behind the counter of the shop between 63rd and 64th streets around 11 am and pushed her against a wall after she wrestled the money away before fleeing.