Man assaulted in Atlantic Avenue mall


Park Slope


Some brute assaulted a guy in an Atlantic Avenue mall on Jan. 21.

Surveillance footage shows the criminal punching the victim in the mouth inside the shopping center near Flatbush Avenue at around 4:50 pm, causing a cut in the victim’s lip. 

Dine and dash!

Three knuckleheads ripped off a Fifth Avenue restaurant on Jan. 25.

An employee told police that the drunken trio ran up a tab of $317 dollars in the restaurant near President Street at around 10:30 pm, downing four pitchers of margaritas and six shots of tequila and several dishes of food — before sneaking out and fleeing in a taxi. 


Some thief robbed a woman in Atlantic Avenue government office on Jan. 21.

The victim told police that she left her headphones on the counter inside the office near Fort Greene Place at around 6 pm, when the pilferer swiped them. 


Some rascals vandalized a Third Avenue warehouse on Jan. 18.

The property owner told police that the scoundrels broke into the warehouse near First Street at around noon and spray painted on the heavy equipment that was in storage.