Jerk punches emergency room doctor

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Emergency room smackdown

A jerk allegedly hit an emergency room doctor in the back at the Brooklyn Hospital Center on Dekalb Avenue on Oct. 21.

Police said the doc was treating the brute just after 12 pm when he wound up and punched him in the back, causing pain. The punchy patient was already in police custody at the time, and the doctor later decided he wanted to press charges.

Packed pack

A sneak stole a backpack full of sneakers and cash from an unlocked car parked on Clermont Avenue on Oct. 18.

The victim said he left the vehicle near Myrtle Avenue for about an hour at 9:45 am. While he was gone, a filcher opened the car door and nabbed a red backpack with a pair of Nike Air Max Sneakers, a Trinidad and Tobago passport, and $2,000 in cash

Open window

A pilferer stole a handbag from an open car window on Lafayette Avenue on Oct. 18.

The victim told police she left her car parked near St. Felix Street at about 11 am, without realizing she had left the front passenger-side window open. Sometime between then and when she got back to the car just after 2 pm, someone reached into the open window and grabbed her cream-and-blue striped handbag with her work ID, an expired drivers license, a debit card, and a Medicare card. She cancelled the debit card before any purchases could be made.

T-mobile trickster

A punk stole someone’s identity to open a T-Mobile account in 2019, and the theft was only discovered and reported to police on Oct. 21.

Police said the victim realized a stranger had been wracking up more than $200 in charges on an account opened with the company in his name. Police are investigating.

After-curfew theft

A lout stole money and cards from a man sleeping outside on Auburn Place in the early hours of Oct. 22.

The victim told police he had missed his curfew at the Auburn Family Residence near N. Portland Avenue, and was fell asleep while sitting on the steps outside. He woke up just after 2am to find someone had stolen $80 in cash, a CashApp card, a prepaid debit card, and his veteran’s ID. He cancelled both cards after realizing they had been lifted.

Stolen e-bike

A delivery worker was dropping off food on Adelphi Street when someone hopped on his electric bicycle and rode away on Oct. 22.

Police said the victim had left the bike on the sidewalk for just a few minutes at 8:30 pm, but it was enough time for the lawbreaker to steal the bike and ride off toward Fulton Street. The victim still has the key, but cops couldn’t find the bike or the thief during a search of the neighborhood.

Night out interrupted

A woman was trying to enjoy an evening out on Fulton Street when a brazen purse-snatcher grabbed her handbag and ran off on Oct. 22.

The victim was sitting outside with a friend at about 9 pm with her purse behind her, police said, when the thief grabbed the bag, which contained her phone, wallet, house and car keys, and license, and ran down Oxford Street. The woman chased after him but couldn’t catch up. 

Snapped lock

A bike lock wasn’t enough to stop one bandit from stealing an electric bicycle from a delivery worker on Fulton Street on Oct. 23.

The victim said she locked the bicycle outside near St. James Place while making a delivery nearby. Though she was gone for only about ten minutes, a thief clipped her lock and rode away toward Grand Avenue. Police said the victim could not see the thief’s face, but did see him leaving the scene on her bike.

Ford escaped

A worm stole a 2007 Ford that was parked on Navy Street on sometime between Oct. 20 and 22.

Police said the victim parked her car at the corner of Tillary Street at 11 pm on Oct. 20 and left it until about 10 am on the 22, when she discovered it was gone. The victim said she has all the keys to the car, and police had last recorded the car’s license plate on Oct. 21 in the spot where she had parked it.