Armed villain highjack’s man’s car


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill


A gun-toting reprobate highjacked a guy’s car on Adelphi Street on May 13.
The victim told police that, while sitting in his vehicle between Park and Myrtle avenues at 10:10 am, the lawbreaker got in from the passenger door and told him, “Get out or I’m going to shoot you,” while pointing a silver gun at him.
The victim got out and the pirate drove off, according to police reports.


Some brute smacked a guy with a bat at a Fulton Street liquor store on May 10.
The victim told cops that, at Saint Felix Street at 7:30 pm, the villain swung the stick at his hand.


A wretch hit a guy with a brick at Fleet Walk on May 12.
The victim told police that, near Tillary and Prince streets at 9 am, the brute hit his wrist with the cinder block.

Crypto crook

Some shyster blackmailed a Myrtle Avenue man for $8,500 on May 11.
The victim told cops that, near Emerson Place at 10:30 am, the conman called him saying he was being investigated for fraudulently sending money abroad and buying properties in Texas, and that he could be arrested for that.
The hoaxer then told him to withdraw the cash and deposit it in crypto currencies, which the victim did because he was afraid of getting in trouble with the law, he told the authorities.


Thieves looted a man’s car on Adelphi Street on the night of May 14.
The victim told police that, between Lafayette and Greene avenues and between 6 pm–11:30 am the next morning the rustlers bagged a wallet and cash from the parked vehicle.

Lobby loot

A package pirate raided a woman’s Saint Felix Street vestibule on May 15.
The victim told cops that, between Fulton Street and Dekalb Avenue at 8:50 pm, while she was traveling back from out of state, the villains took more than $2,300-worth of delivered goods.