Cops cuff wine-hauling shoplifter


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Caught red-handed

Cops collared a guy they say stole wine from a 910 Fulton Street grocery store on May 8.

An employee told police that, at Washington Avenue around 11 pm, the suspect allegedly took the booze and threatened the worker when he tried to stop him.

Officers saw the suspect leaving the store and arrested him on felony robbery charges, according to police reports.

Cut it out!

A reprobate slashed a woman outside a Flatbush Avenue Ext. chain store on May 8.

The victim told cops that, at Fulton Street at 1:30 pm, she got into a war of words with her attacker, who then pulled out a pocket knife and slashed her left arm, before fleeing on Flatbush Avenue Ext. toward Atlantic Avenue.

The victim went to Methodist Hospital for treatment of her cut wounds, according to the authorities.

Backseat bandit

Some looter raided a man’s company car parked on Adelphi Street on May 7.

The victim told police that, at Willoughby Avenue and between 10:15-10:45 am, the sneak thief stole a tablet, navigation system, and two bags.

Bad boy!

A dognapper snatched a woman’s designer pooch on Carlton Avenue on May 5.

The victim told police that, between Willoughby and Myrtle avenues at 12:35 pm, the nogoodnik grabbed her Maltipoo pup from her arm and fled toward Willoughby Avenue.

Rogue rental

A criminal stole a woman’s Citi Bike on Fulton Street on May 7.

The victim told cops that when she got off her blue rental bike between S. Oxford Street and S. Portland Avenue at 6:20 pm, the quick-thinking knave shoved her away, hopped on the two-wheeler, and pedaled off.


Some ne’er-do-well nabbed a man’s electric scooter on Park Avenue between May 7-9.

The victim told cops he left the two-wheeler parked near Clermont Avenue at 8 am, and when he came back two days later at 9:30 am it was gone.