Punk steals cash from subway rider

88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

All aboard

A punk made off with $100 in cash from an unsuspecting straphanger on Aug. 17.

The victim was waiting for the 4 train at the Nevins Street station when a man approached him from behind, threatened him with a knife, and asked for his wallet, police said. When the victim refused to hand it over, the bandit pushed him to the ground, prompting the victim to give up the wallet.

The thief took out two $50 bills, tossed the wallet back, and took off. 

A stick-up

A would-be robber got bold on Aug. 18 when he walked into a Chase Bank on Myrtle Avenue demanding money.

A teller told police the man entered the bank at the corner of Vanderbilt Avenue, walked up to the window, and said “Give me all the hundreds and fifties or I’ll kill you.” The teller turned away from the window, and the goon ran out of the bank and down Myrtle Avenue. Cops couldn’t find any sign of him when they searched the area.

Street fight

A good samaritan trying to break up a fight on Oxford Street got robbed in the process on Aug. 20.

Police said the victim was trying to keep the peace near Atlantic Avenue when one of the fighting bruisers allegedly pulled a gun, then stole the victim’s iPhone and wallet, including his driver’s license and credit card, before fleeing.

The crook was later arrested for an unrelated incident, when cops found the stolen wallet full of the victim’s cards.

Guilty conscience 

A rogue couldn’t even deny he’d cause harm after he hit someone on the back of the head on Aug. 18 on Prince Street.

Police said the man allegedly used a hard object to hit the back of the victim’s head, causing a laceration. When officers were called to the scene at the corner of Tillary Street, the ruffian immediately admitted to the smack.

Cops cuffed him on assault charges.

Unfair target

A man was shot in the arm on Monument Walk by an unseen gunman on Aug. 21.

The victim was walking through Ingersoll Houses near Navy Street when he was shot in the arm, police said. He ran for cover and heard about ten more shots before cops arrived on the scene.

First responders brought the victim to the Brooklyn Hospital Center while officers searched the scene, coming up with shell casings but no suspect.

Not locked up

A pilferer walked right into a Waverly Avenue apartment and walked out with a new computer on Aug. 15.

The victim said the door to their apartment building at the corner of Atlantic Avenue was unlocked, as was the door to the apartment itself, when a man walked in, picked up a 2017 Macbook Pro from the kitchen counter, and walked right back out.

Could have just called

One sneak abandoned all courtesy when they broke into a Lafayette Avenue apartment and stole an iPhone on Aug. 18.

The victim said the thief walked into their apartment building near Carlton Avenue, jimmied open the front door to the apartment itself, and grabbed a black iPhone sitting on the kitchen table.


A lawbreaker broke into Izzy Rose bar on Greene Avenue in the early hours of Aug. 22 and stole the safe.

The victim said camera footage showed the ne’er-do-well smashing the front window of the bar, hopping in, and leaving with the safe in his arms. The safe was empty at the time and was not of particular value, police said. 

Cash on the menu

A rogue kept the momentum going on Aug. 22 when he broke into another Green Avenue restaurant, Tarachi, and stole their cash register.

The victim told police he saw a man break the front window at around 4 a.m., walk into the restaurant, and walk out with the register, which contained about $300 in cash.