Alleged bike thief busted

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens–Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Huffy times

Police arrested a 45-year-old accused of stealing a Huffy bicycle on Clinton Street on Dec. 2.

A witness called the cops and said he spotted a man cutting a metal cable securing the bike to another two-wheeler between Atlantic Avenue and Pacific streets at around 6:35 am.

Graffiti bust

Cops cuffed a 35-year-old suspected of scribbling a tag on a fire department call box at the corner of Union and State streets on Dec. 2.

Investigators say the scribbler penned the word “Ronald” on the utility box at around 4:35 am — and they claim they found the suspect in possession of a black permanent marker that matched the tag in color, according to documents from the District Attorney’s office.

— Ben Muessig