Another Hasidic man beaten in hate crime

Hasidic teacher brutalized in possible hate crime
Community Newspaper Group / Aaron Short

Police arrested two teenage suspects for beating up a Hasidic man on Monday night — and charged them for a similar bias attack against a Yeshiva teacher on the same South Williamsburg street a week ago.

The two juvenile offenders were caught near Harrison Avenue and Walton Street after allegedly punching 45-year-old Moshe Guttman in the face in an echo of the earlier crime.

Two Shomrim patrol officers, Hershy Deutsch and Max Masri, were being hailed as heroes this week for chasing the perps to Varet Street and holding them until officers from the 90th Precinct took the suspects into custody at 11:30 pm.

Cops said that the 14- and 15-year-old suspects confessed to the crime of beating Guttman, who had been visiting Williamsburg for a family Hanukkah party.

The assault occurred less than a block away from where three thugs brutally beat Yeshiva teacher Joel Weinberger, 26, only 10 days ago. In that case, witnesses heard one of the assailants shouting an anti-Semitic slur before the gang beat the teacher, causing severe internal bleeding and a broken jaw, which required extensive reconstruction surgery on his face. He is currently recuperating from his wounds at home with his family.

Community leaders believe the perps singled out Weinberger and the new victim because they were Jewish.

“Hasidic Jews and women are easy targets,” said community activist Isaac Abraham. “I just hope these criminals will be charged as adults in both state and federal court for bias.”