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Approach the bench: $3K gets you one in Fort Greene Park

Fort Greene Park may get three-dozen new benches — but don’t start plopping down in celebration just yet. The park only gets the goods if people “sponsor” the benches by coughing up $3,000 a pop.

Following on the heels of its wealthier cousins, the Fort Greene Park Conservancy will install new park benches if locals dig deep and honor the beloved benchwarmers in their lives.

But unlike those much larger parks, which have a seemingly endless supply of space in which to place new benches, the Parks Department has identified only enough room for 37 new benches.

“The locations are limited. [so] we anticipate they will go fast,” read an announcement in the Fort Greene Park Conservancy’s newsletter.

So if you’re willing to fork over three large to sponsor an entire, eight-foot-long, 1939 New York World’s Fair replica bench, or less than half that for a mere half of a bench, you’d best act now.

If it’s any enticement, you’ll be joining the ranks of the novelist Richard Wright, who already has a bench dedicated to his memory near the Martyrs Memorial. Wright is believed to have written his classic novel “Native Son” in the park.

The difference — other than the fact that you’ve never written such a seminal novel — is that no one in Wright’s family paid for the bench. It was paid for by local fans.

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