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Armed to the teeth

A cache of bullets was recovered from an East 89th Street home after a 24−year−old resident allegedly took potshots at a couple passing by his second−floor window and then refused to surrender when the NYPD came calling.

The tense afternoon standoff was one of two unrelated incidents in which armored and heavily armed police officers from the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit swooped down on homes in Canarsie May 28, officials said. In an earlier incident, an armed man refused to surrender after he barricaded himself inside his home with a gun and a baby, officials said.

In the shooting incident, police said that they were called to the East 89th Street home near Glenwood Road just before 4 p.m. Horrified witnesses told police that suspect Bryan Outram allegedly fired three to four shots at a man and a woman passing by his second−floor window. No one was hit or injured, officials said.

When cops were called to the scene, Outram refused to come outside, cops said.

ESU officers and NYPD hostage negotiators were called to the scene, and started convincing Outram to surrender. He ultimately gave up about four hours later, officials said.

Prosecutors said that when police finally went into the house, they recovered the Ruger pistol he had allegedly used in the shooting, as well as shell casings from the first−floor landing under the window he had fired from. Cops also found a stash of marijuana as well as 24 rounds of .9−mm ammunition and rounds of various other calibers, police alleged. Investigators also found handcuffs and an NYPD−issue jacket and belt, although Outram wasn’t affiliated with the police department.

Sources alleged that bullets were found all over the house, including on top of the washing machine in the basement, where Outram was found, and up in the attic. The marijuana was found in a safe, officials said.

Hostage negotiators were certainly working overtime in Canarsie Thursday, police said. In an unrelated incident, an ESU team was dispatched to East 99th Street near Avenue K, where an armed, unhinged man barricaded himself inside his apartment with his girlfriend and their one−year−old child.

Police said that they were called to the home at 2:30 pm while the suspect and his girlfriend argued over the gun.

When cops arrived, the suspect hid, refusing to come out or release the so−called hostages.

After an hour and a half waiting game, the unidentified male surrendered, police said. No injuries were reported.

Charges against the East 99th Street resident was pending as this paper went to press.

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