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Audi bashing

Sinister smash

A thug bashed in the rear window of a brand new 2011 Audi parked on Eastern Parkway on Jan. 28, but took nothing.

The owner told police that he parked his red luxury vehicle between Plaza Street East and Underhill Avenue at 10 pm. When he returned a short time later, its window was caved in.

The incident was hauntingly similar to a smashing spree against SUVs and luxury cars parked around Prospect Park last November.

Bullet boob

That’s gotta hurt: A 44-year-old St. James Place man was arrested on gun possession charges on Jan. 27 after he accidentally shot himself in the leg.

Police said the gun went off in the man’s waistband at 10:45 pm as he plopped down in a chair inside his apartment between Atlantic Avenue and Lefferts Place.

Half baked

A 50-year-old man caught smoking marijuana on Lincoln Place tried to avoid an arrest by swallowing his blunt on Jan. 29 — but he ended up in handcuffs anyway after he bragged about what he had done.

Cops were patrolling between Washington and Classon avenues at 1:15 pm when they saw the pothead puffing away.

But when they approached, the man popped his marijuana cigarette into his mouth and gulped it down.

“I ate it…I ate the marijuana blunt. You have no evidence because I ate it!” the man screamed at police.

The cops disagreed, arresting the man on their observations — and his apparent confession.

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