Back to school? Make it green with Waste Management’s tips

Back to school? Make it green with Waste Management’s tips
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Waste Management of New York is the biggest recycler in the whole world — so who better than our friends to offer some recycling tips to start off the school year green? These handy tips will not only help out the earth, but will keep the “green” in your wallet — where it belongs.

Tip 1: Check your hidden stash of school supplies from last year before you go on a spree. This will ensure you save materials as well as dollars.

Tip 2: Purchase recycled materials whenever possible. From recycled paper to environmentally friendly options such as biodegradable pencils, refillable pens and recycled notebooks. Biodegradable pencils? Who knew?

Tip 3: For the college-bound, consider used textbooks or even renting textbooks, the savings can be considerable and think of all those trees you save!

Tip 4: For all you brown-baggers, consider investing in a reusable lunch box, (where’s that Barbi and Ken lunch box when you need it?) with reusable plastic containers and cloth napkins. Waste Management told Standing O, “Just by eliminating daily wasted plastic and paper from a typical brown-bag lunch, your child could reduce 67 pounds of garbage a year.” Holy guacamole, SanitMan!

Tip 5: Lastly look for Box Tops — those products with the “Box Top for Education” logo helps your child’s school raise funds.

And remember, folks, let’s be careful out there.

Waste Management [123 Varick Ave. at Meserole Street in Williamsburg, (800) 633-9096].