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Bad reflection: Auto glass shopkeeper maces customer who attacked him

Glazier goons

A worker at a Ralph Avenue auto glass shop was arrested on Feb. 24 after macing an unruly customer.

The 58-year-old female customer was also arrested following the fracas at the store, which is between Foster Avenue and Preston Court. Witnesses told police that the two were arguing at 10:54 am when the woman punched the employee, throwing her car keys at his face.

The employee pulled out a can of mace in retaliation, spraying the woman in the eyes.

More glass houses

Two teens were taken into custody on Feb. 24 after attacking another teen with — of all things — the glass door to an Avenue U building.

The teens were arguing with their opponent inside the building, which is near Ralph Avenue, at 10:20 pm when the suspects kicked at the glass door, causing it to shatter.

They then picked up the shards and lunged at their opponent, leaving him with cuts and bruises to his hands.

Booze smash

A 29-year-old was arrested on drunk driving charges on Feb. 28 after he was caught in a booze-fueled car accident on Avenue L.

The motorist was arrested after his 2007 Cadillac collided with a 2001 Toyota near Schnectady Avenue at 4:14 am.

Jack jack

A 28-year-old locksmith was arrested on Feb. 22 for selling off the tools of his trade — tools that didn’t belong to him.

Owners of a Pop-A-Lock franchise said they dispatched the locksmith to a job on Brooklyn Avenue on Feb. 2 with two expensive tools — a cordless wrench gun and a two ton jack.

The locksmith came back a short time later without either tool. He claimed that he had lent the items to a friend, but it was later learned that he had sold the two ton jack.

Cops took him into custody on petit larceny charges.

Window smasher

A thug bashed in the front windshield of a car parked on Stuart Street on Feb. 23.

The owner of the 2006 Chevrolet parked the car between Avenue V and Whitney Avenue at 9 pm. The damage was discovered when the owner returned to the car at 9:30 the following morning.

Home invasion on U

A crew of thieves raided a Bergen Beach home on Feb. 15, taking an undisclosed amount of property.

The victims, two women, were inside their Avenue U home, which is near E. 69th Street, when the thieves forced their way inside during the daytime raid, holding them at bay as they rifled through their things.

Masked miscreants

Two masked vandals attacked a Gerritsen Avenue home on Feb. 18 — lobbing rocks at a woman’s glass door.

The woman, who lives between Avenues S and T, said that three panes of glass were shattered during the 3 am assault.

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