Blood-thirsty man stabs other man over parking spot

Brighton road rage

A blood-thirsty Brighton Beach man stabbed another man in the chest during a heated dispute over a parking spot on Aug. 22.

The victim was sitting in his Chevy truck around 5:48 pm near the corner of Brighton Beach Avenue and Brighton 11th Street when the hefty 40-year-old assailant asked him to move his car so he could fit into a tight parking spot.

The victim refused. Enraged, the man charged into a nearby deli, returning a short time later with a sharp object that he then jammed into his victim’s chest twice before leaving.

Responding paramedics rushed the victim to Lutheran Medical Center, where he was listed in stable condition after treatment.

Cops describe the attacker as a 5’11” white male with short black hair and a beard, believed to be well over 250 pounds.

Anyone with information regarding this man’s identity is urged to call police at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.

Coney slashing

Two thugs who packed their blades with their sunscreen attacked three Coney Island beachgoers during an Aug. 29 spat.

The victims told police they began arguing with the devilish duo Sunday afternoon as they frolicked among the waves.

The argument continued as they reached dry land near W. 12th Street and the Boardwalk, where the suspects pulled knives and lunged at their unarmed victims.

All three were wounded and rushed to Coney Island Hospital, where they were listed in stable condition after treatment.

Their assailants, ages 19 and 28, were immediately taken into custody and charged with assault.

Gassing up

Two thieves raided a Gravesend Neck Road gas station at gunpoint on Aug. 23, taking $500.

A worker at the station, which is between Ocean Avenue and E. 21st Street, told police that he was monitoring the pumps at 7:15 pm when someone came in, asking to use the bathroom.

Seconds later a second man — the one with the gun — came in, waving the pistol in his victim’s face.

“Money,” the thief ordered, as his accomplice left the bathroom and took the cash from the employee’s shirt pocket.

More gas grabs

Five days after the Gravesend Neck Road heist, a thief held up a 24-year-old at a station on 86th Street, police said.

The worker at the station, which is between Lake Street and McDonald Avenue, told police that the thief approached him at 11:30 pm, placing the gun to his throat.

“Give me the f–king money before I shoot you,” the thief demanded.

The victim handed over $500 to the thief, who left without saying another word.

Fiendish fashionista

A thief looking for a new wardrobe broke into a Shore Parkway home on Aug. 26, taking a $150 dress, a pair of women’s shoes and an assortment of jewelry.

A camera and a Russian passport were also removed from the home, which is between Nostrand Avenue and E. 29th Street, sometime after 7:45 am.

The thief forced open a side window to get inside, police said.

Beloved bait

A fiendish felon ordered a 17th Avenue woman to hand over her cash and valuables after threatening her child’s life on Aug. 25.

The victim said the thief, an acquaintance, was visiting her apartment between 74th and 75th streets at 8:50 pm when he said he would kill her son if she didn’t hand over her belongings.

The thief never got his hands on the property, however, and was arrested after fleeing the apartment, police said.

Scam artists

Two conniving women managed to snag $2,600 from a 27-year-old after driving him to distraction at a Bay Parkway bank.

The victim had just finished dealing with a teller inside the bank between 84th and 85th streets at 12:35 pm when the two women approached and began chatting him up.

As they kept his attention, one of the thieves snagged the money he had momentarily forgotten about and left on the counter.

Cop popper penned

A 25-year-old thief found himself in even more trouble with the law on Aug. 25 when he punched a cop detaining him on 17th Avenue, leaving the officer with a broken nose.

The officer was restraining the suspect for an earlier crime — which wasn’t disclosed — between 75th and 74th streets at 8:50 pm when he lashed out, striking him in the face, in a failed bid to escape.

16th Ave. steal

A thief broke into a 16th Avenue home on Aug. 28, taking $400 and an assortment of jewelry and electronics.

The 35-year-old victim said that she left her home between Benson and Bath avenues at 3:30 pm and returned a short time later to learn that someone had forced open the front door.

Grid grab

Thieves smashed their way into a National Grid vehicle on Aug. 24, taking a laptop computer and two phone chargers as it sat on Avenue P.

A worker for the utility company parked the car between West First and West Second streets at 2:20 pm.

He returned a short time later to discover someone had shattered the passenger side window and looted the cabin.

Wheel whisks

Two cars were found on cinder blocks in Bensonhurst last week. Here’s the rundown:

• Thieves removed all four tires and rims from a 2009 Honda Fit found sitting on 62nd Street on Aug. 24.

The car’s owner said he left his vehicle between 18th and 19th avenues at 5:30 pm. By the next morning, the wheels were gone.

• Someone swiped two tires and rims from a 2009 Nissan Maxima found parked near the corner of Bay Parkway and 74th Street on Aug. 23.

Its owner said he parked the vehicle at 10 pm. A few hours later, the vehicle was found resting on cinder blocks, he told police.

Livery loot

A thief held a knife to a livery cab driver’s neck on E. Fourth Street during an Aug. 15 skirmish.

The cabbie told police he picked up the passenger between Avenues U and V at 9:45 pm, and when the man jumped into the back of the cab, he held a knife to the cabbie’s neck and demanded his money and keys.

The thief got out of the cab with a small amount of money, then turned around and tossed the keys to the driver.

More cabbie crooks

Livery cab drivers had targets painted on their backs recently. Here’s the rundown:

• When a cabbie stopped at Kings Highway and W. Eigth Street on Aug. 20 to let two people out at 2:30 am, one of passengers reached over from the back of the seat and put the cabbie in a choke hold. The two then threatened to stab him with an ice pick as they robbed him of $60 and his car keys.

The thieves ran off, but one of them was caught a short time later and charged with robbery, police said.

• Then a man robbed a livery cab driver of $200 and a phone card after requesting to be dropped off at the exact same spot!

The cabbie picked his passenger up in Borough Park at around 4:30 am. The man said he wanted to go to the corner of Kings Highway and W. Eighth Street — but suddenly changed his mind and asked the victim to take him to W. Seventh Street and Highlawn Avenue.

Once they arrived, the man pulled a knife, demanding his cash and car keys, which he dropped on the ground as he made his escape.

Rubbed out

Two very relaxed thieves rubbed employees at an 18th Avenue massage parlor the wrong way on Aug. 17.

After getting de-stressed inside the shop, which is between 84th Street and New Utrecht Avenue, at 11:35 pm, the duo pulled guns, taking $3,000 from everyone inside, cops were told.

Boody booty

Thieves crept into David J. Boody Junior High School and removed 16 laptop computers, even though a video camera was positioned right outside the classroom where they were kept!

Despite their crackerjack security, no one learned that the computers were missing from the Avenue S school, which is between W. Fourth and W. Fifth streets, until Aug. 23. They were last seen on July 1, school administrators told police.

There was no word if the video camera recorded the theft.

A Department of Education spokeswoman said the police were investigating the theft..

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