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Brutal road rage assault from double-parker!

Road rage

A hot-headed motorist and his goons attacked another driver during a road rage incident at 73rd Street on Jan. 23.

The victim told cops that he was driving between Seventh Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway at around 8:30 pm when he saw a double-parked car. The victim thought he couldn’t get around the other vehicle, so he honked his horn. Then some unknown dude near the double-parked car smacked the victim’s car. Once the victim got out to confront the smacker, he was jumped by a few dudes, who broke his jaw during the beat-down.

Car break-in

Someone stole cards, gloves and laptop from a car parked on Ridge Boulevard near 82nd Street on Jan. 25. The victim told cops that he parked his ride at 2 am and returned eight hours later to find that his stuff was gone.

Jacket jack

An ice-cold thief mugged a 12-year-old kid for his jacket on Fourth Avenue on Jan. 24.

The pre-teen victim told cops that he was near 72nd Street at around 6 pm when a young thug approached him from behind, yelling, “Give me your jacket.”

The perp then pushed the kid, kicked him in the stomach and yanked off his Gap coat.

Double threat

Two weapon-wielding thugs mugged a guy in a Fifth Avenue lobby on Jan. 24.

The victim told cops that he was entering his building, which is between 81st and 82nd streets, at around 10:30 pm. He saw one of the perps outside the door and an accomplice waiting in the lobby. The lobby-dwelling perp then pulled the victim inside, threw him against the wall and threatened him with a large kitchen knife. The other thug walked in the building, took out his gun and pressed it to the victim’s temple. He demanded money, so the victim gave him $80. Finally, the two robbers fled.

Unlucky numbers

Someone stole lottery tickets and several pieces of pricey jewelry — including a $4,000 diamond engagement ring — from a Bay Ridge Avenue apartment on Jan. 28.

The formerly blinging victim told cops that he left his home, which is between Narrows Avenue and Colonial Road, at around 6:30 am and returned 12 hours later to find his front door broken and his accessories gone.

— Alex Rush

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