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Cabbie assaulted

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights

Cabbie clash

A thief pulled a knife on a cabbie during a rolling mugging on May 20.

The victim told police that he picked up his passenger at Shore Road and 82nd Street just before 11 pm, but the man was full of inconsistencies, first asking to go to 79th Street and Fifth Avenue, then claiming that he didn’t know where he wanted to go.

The thief finally settled on 78th Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues, where he flashed his knife.

“Give me your money or I’ll cut you,” he said.

The cabbie tried to escape, but the perp caught up with the hack after a brief chase, cutting the man’s hand and robbing him of $50.


A sticky-fingered thief grbbed a woman’s handbag at Bullshots on Fifth Avenue on May 15.

The victim said she was in the bar between 81st and 82nd streets at 4 am when someone snaked his hand into her purse while it hung off the side of her chair, taking her wallet and camera.

Return offender

A burglar who broke into an 83rd Street home two weeks ago was arrested on May 17 when he chose to make a repeat performance at the same address.

Police said that the 48-year-old thief forced his way into the home between Colonial Road and Ridge Boulevard just before 2:30 pm and took a fancy bike, but was foolish enough to get caught on the victim’s surveillance camera.

The victim kept the image and called police when he saw the man standing outside his address a week later.

Cool caper

A thief entered an 82nd Street home on March 19 after squirming through a window propped open by an air conditioner.

The 51-year-old victim said that he left his home between Third and Fourth avenues at 8 am to go to work. When he returned at 8:30 pm, he found that the air conditioner had been moved and the window was now wide open.

A laptop computer, two cameras and a wallet were missing from the apartment.

All wet

A thief broke into a basement of a Fort Hamilton Parkway building on May 17, taking a city water meter.

A 46-year-old owner of the building said that someone snapped the locks to a basement hatch in front of the building sometime after 10 am to access the meter, which was removed without difficulty.

It’s not the first time that thieves have targeted water meters. Several were taken from buildings along Avenue U in Sheepshead Bay earlier this month, police said.

— Thomas Tracy

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