Canarsie cops honored for key collars

Four of the 69th Precinct’s officers were honored as cops of the month during the most recent meeting of the precinct’s Community Council.

Homage was paid to P.O. Lutfi Dalipi, P.O. Yishin Park, P.O. Robert Orlando and P.O. Jovanni Jennings during the January get-together, which was held at the Hebrew Educational Society, 9502 Seaview Avenue.

Dalipi was named the January Cop of the Month because of a gun collar he made, working in conjunction with his lieutenant. In the incident, Dalipi recovered a loaded firearm, explained Captain Milt Marmara, the precinct’s commanding officer.

This was not his only achievement during January, Marmara went on. In addition, he said, Dalipi “arrested another individual who had committed two armed robberies of gas stations” in the area. The individual is also suspected of having done additional robberies in the area of East New York, Marmara told the group.

While they were unable to be present at the meeting, the Cops of the Month for November and December were also recognized for their efforts on behalf of the community.

The November Cops of the Month, Orlando and Jennings, were singled out for arresting four individuals armed with three guns and a machete who were burglarizing what Marmara described as “a drug house,” where, he added, police uncovered “roughly 30 pounds of marijuana.”

Despite the fact that the suspects were “shooting” inside the house, Marmara said, the two officers successfully “apprehended them without firing a single shot.”

Park, the Cop of the Month for December, snagged the recognition, said Marmara, for having “arrested three individuals who had just shot someone after a large bar fight.”

The officers received a stack of certificates from local elected officials recognizing their efforts. In addition, Dalipi, who was present during the meeting, received what Marmara smilingly referred to as“a strong handshake again” from his commanding officer.