Car looter caught in the act

Car burglar bust

A 17-year-old who police say was breaking into cars in Midwood was taken into custody on Oct. 9.

Cops nabbed the teen near the corner of Bedford Avenue and Avenue N just after 8:30 am with two navigation systems and three pairs of sunglasses — spoils from some of his previous break-ins, according to police.

Cellphone grab

Police arrested a 30-year-old man responsible for an Oct. 8 cellphone robbery on E. 18th Street.

The victim was between Albemarle Road and Church Avenue at 2:28 pm when the suspect jumped him — punching the young man in the face repeatedly as he took the phone off his waistband.

But he didn’t get far: cops caught up with the suspect a short time later, charging him with robbery and grand larceny.

Busted over time

A 53-year-old man was arrested inside the Sears on Beverly Road on Oct. 4 when he was caught swiping nine watches from store shelves.

Security guards at the department store between E. 22nd and E. 23rd streets stopped the would-be shoplifter as he tried to leave at 7:45 pm.

Dollar van devils

Cops arrested two men they say robbed at least three people on a dollar van rumbling through Kensington on Oct. 4.

The two thugs last held up a van passenger at 9:40 pm as the van passed the corner of Fort Hamilton Parkway and E. Fifth Street.

The victim told police that the suspects pulled a gun and demanded everything he had. After he gave them his cellphone, the suspects told the victim to disembark the van and run away.

— Thomas Tracy