Cellphone swipe

Cellphone swipe

A thief snagged a cell phone from a woman on July 28, but never got enough time to make a call.

The 27-year-old woman told police she was nearing the corner of Kings Highway and Utica Avenue just before 10:30 pm when the 22-year-old thug approached and demanded her cell phone.

The thug ran off with the phone, only to be arrested a short time later.

Tool taker

A hard hat hooligan broke into a van teeming with tools on July 26.

A worker for Dynamic Builder Corp. said the car was parked on Kings Highway near East 38th Street when someone broke in and made off with the tools.

Diamond swipe

A crafty crook made off with a pricey pair of diamond earrings after he switched the studs with cubic zirconiums, cops were told.

A worker at a Kings Plaza jewelry store, which is on Avenue U and Flatbush Avenue, believes the theft took place sometime after 9:30 am on July 19.

Shoplifters nabbed

Two teenage thieves were arrested on July 29 after they tried to swipe some clothes from a Kings Plaza department store.

Workers said the hooligans tried to exit the store with the clothes at 11:22 pm, but were nabbed by store security guards.

Ave. M break-in

A burglar forced his way into a home on Avenue M on July 18, taking an assortment of electronics from inside.

The 47-year-old homeowner between East 46th and East 47th streets told police the thief pried open a screened-in window sometime after 3 am.

Car looting

A car thief broke into an car parked on Ralph Avenue between Avenues K and L on July 26, taking some electronics and an assortment of clothes.

The thief cleaned out the car sometime after 10:45 am, the 39-year-old owner told police.

Van swipe

A thief looted a van parked on East 42nd Street on July 27, taking an assortment of pricey electronics.

The victim, an electrician by trade, told police that the van was parked between Avenues I and J when it was broken into sometime after 12 pm.

Bag grab

A thief followed a woman into her home on East 49th Street on July 21, swiping two bags he found inside.

The 24-year-old woman told police she had just entered the home, which is between Flatlands Avenue and Avenue L, at 10:25 am when the suspect jammed a hard object into her back as if it were a gun.

The man then forced the woman further into the home before he and an accomplice grabbed two bags and left, although it was unclear what was in the bags.

Carjacker sought

A gun-toting thug settled for a 2001 GMC Yukon when he couldn’t get any money from his victim on July 23.

The 25-year-old victim had just exited his vehicle after parking it on East 58th Street between Foster and Farragut roads at 2:12 am when the stranger pulled a gun on him, demanding his cash.

When the victim said he didn’t have any money, the thief demanded the keys to the car and drove off with it, police were told.

Wipe out graffiti

As the ongoing war against graffiti continues, cops are now offering a $500 reward to anyone with information that can lead them to vandals who are tagging up the community.

The hefty reward is part of the city’s push to rid New York of graffiti, which is one of the leading quality of life complaints brought to police.

Anyone with information about graffiti vandalism in their neighborhood is urged to contact either 311 or 911.

Boardwalk stab

A Queens resident was stabbed in the chest on July 26 after an argument with an unidentified male on the Reigelmann Boardwalk.

The victim told police he was arguing with the assailant on the pier near West 17th Street at 1:50 am when he was attacked.

His injuries, which were not determined to be life threatening, were treated at an area hospital.

Stray shot

A gunman let loose a barrage of bullets on West 33rd Street on July 28, striking a 14-year-old boy in the leg.

The victim told police he was near Neptune Avenue at 1:34 am when he heard several gunshots. Seconds later, he realized he had been hit with a stray bullet, a wound that was later treated at Lutheran Medical Center.

Cops were trying to determine if the teen had been targeted by the gunman as this paper went to press.

Gerritsen break-in

A thief was arrested on July 29 after he tried to break into a home on Gerritsen Avenue — as the owner of the home peered out his window!

Police said that the 23-year-old suspect was caught trying to force open the front door to the home, which is between Whitney and Allen avenues, at 11:30 am.

When the homeowner saw the guy trying to break in, he called police, who caught up with the thief, a Bevy Court resident, at the corner of Channel Avenue and Bevy Court.

Dock dunce

Cops are hoping to get their hooks into the thief who broke into a boat docked near Kingsborough Community College on July 28.

Educators from the New York Harbor School said the thief removed a $400 brass bell from the boat, which was floating off the college pier, sometime after 2 pm.

Bike snip

A free-wheeling thief made off with a $50 mountain bike locked up on Sheepshead Bay Road.

Cops were told that the bike was sitting near East 14th Street at 4 pm on July 29 when it was taken.

King cracker

Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar could have been suspects in this particular act of vandalism: A 20-year-old, who was later arrested, used a pipe to attack the drive-thru order box at the Burger King on Knapp Street and Avenue Y, on July 30 at 12:30 am.

GNC goon

A pumped-up perpetrator raided a GNC store on July 26, police said.

Workers at the store, which is located on 18th Avenue between 70th and 71st streets, said the thief came in at 10 am, flashed a knife secreted in his waistband and ordered a worker to open up the cash register.

He ran off with $100 from the till, harming no one.

Burglar bust

Two thieves were arrested on July 27 after they were seen trying to sneak into a 15th Avenue home.

Officials said that the suspects, ages 18 and 21, were tampering with the front door and front window to a home, which is between 70th and 71st streets, at 7:20 pm when cops grabbed them.

Apartment loot

A brazen thief crept into a 67th Street home on July 31 — while his victim’s roommate was inside!

Police were told that the roommate inside the home, which is between 17th and 18th avenues, didn’t hear a thing when the thief climbed up the fire escape and forced open a window sometime after 2 pm. The thief made off with $1,000 and some jewelry.

Hookah hooliganism

It was a high-flying bad time at a Bath Avenue hookah hang out on July 24 when a several patrons blew their stacks and attacked a 22-year-old man.

The victim told police that he was inside the Hookah Bar, which is located between Bay 14th Street and 17th Avenue, at 2:10 am when he got into an argument with a group of customers.

When the victim stepped outside the store for some air, the thugs followed and attacked, leaving him with a deep cut to his right arm.

The victim said he didn’t know who cut him during the free-for-all.

Tailor takeout

It was an ill fit: A thief broke into a Bay Ridge Parkway tailor shop on July 28, but didn’t take any clothing.

Instead, he helped himself to an assortment of electronics left inside Main Custom Tailor Inc., which is between 20th and 21st avenues, after it closed for the night at 8:15 pm.

Police believe the thief entered the store by breaking through a back room window.

Jumped and dragged

Two thugs attacked and then dragged a woman across Bay 19th Street during a violent purse snatching on August 1.

The 34-year-old victim told police she was smoking outside her friend’s house, which is between 86th Street and Benson Avenue, at 4:45 am when suspects stormed up and grabbed her bag.

The woman was dragged across the concrete during the struggle. When she finally released her purse, the thieves ran off to an awaiting SUV.

Train delay

Five teenage punks swiped a handbag from a woman on July 30, but only got as far as the nearest train station with their prize.

The victim was walking down 86th Street between Bay 29th Street and 22nd Avenue at 12:20 am when two males and three females attacked her, punching and kicking her until she relinquished her bag.

But a witness followed the thieves as they made their escape and called 911 when they ran into a train station on 86th Street and Bay Parkway.

Cops rounded up three of the thieves — and the stolen bag — at the station, officials said.

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